3 challenges of moving your business you should think about

Are you thinking about moving your business to a new location? Regardless of how long you’ve been running your business in one place; after a while, moving seems inevitable. As your business grows, its physical needs grow as well. And the space you’ve been using as your offices simply won’t fit after a while. Plus, it’s not just about the size of the space either; you might be thinking about relocating to a location that’s better suited for your customer base. Indeed, there are all kinds of reasons for business relocation. However, there are also some challenges of moving your business; and there’s practically no way to completely avoid them. However, if you select the right Lousiana moving and storage providers and you take all of the proper factors into account; you should have the least possible trouble moving to a new office space. And considering that, we’re going to explore some of your main obstacles on this path right here! 

The challenges of moving your business – the movers’ perspective

So, before getting into the details of the various challenges of moving your business, we’ll take a look at the process from the perspective of the movers. How often do these relocations happen? And what can the best commercial movers New Orleans has actually help you with during this process? So, according to some reports, almost 40% of all relocations in this area are business moves. That tells you one thing – companies around New Orleans definitely move around all the time, so you’d be doing nothing unprecedented. But also, that means that the corporate relocation work is thriving; providing companies like Zippy Shell Louisiana with plenty of experience with commercial relocations. 

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Only deal with quality commercial movers like Zippy Shell Louisiana!

Next up, you should know that companies perform commercial relocations during the summer. This is nothing strange, seeing as the weather conditions during the summer are more agreeable for moving than during any other season. Finally, you should know what movers usually do in these situations – and that’s moving office equipment like furniture, copiers, and computers.

As you can see, while movers can help you with a lot of the heavy lifting; there is still a huge management issue to deal with. You’ll need to minimize the issues presented by a corporate relocation as much as possible; which is why we’ll dive into the different things you need to keep in mind! 

Productivity issues

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, or what kind of office you currently have. One thing is still certain – one of the challenges of moving your business is the downtime your company will experience. Realistically, even with the help of movers; you will need a couple of days to pack, relocate, and unpack all of the stuff found in your office. And sure, if you pack your office equipment properly, you will have an easier time settling in your new commercial space. Plus, you can always hire movers and other technical workers to set up the entire office for you. However, there’s still one issue; your old office will be unusable for at least a day or two, and the same is true for the new one.

So, the question is – how do you make sure that you experience the least possible downtime? The first solution that might pop into your mind is just completing the relocation over a weekend. And that’s great. But, in order to do that, you will need to plan out everything well enough in advance. You’ll find that most of the people who move want to do so over the weekend; even if it’s residential relocation, you still wouldn’t want to take time off work for that. So, movers are pretty busy on the weekends and during public holidays; you’ll need to schedule your move weeks or months in advance. 

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Every day that your company is not working means financial losses!

Planning out space

When you’re getting ready for the challenges of moving your business, you need to think about what will happen when the move is done. More specifically; the process of setting up the new office will go far quicker if you’ve already got a floor plan in place. After all, you need to make sure that the new space is used to the max; not to mention everyone having a decent amount of room, or at least as much as they had in the old office.

Plus, you should have someone helping you with the logistics of all the telephone and electrical connections. The same goes for the smaller stuff, like putting in a couple of TVs, the location of your conference room, and the new file storage system. 

Creating a realistic budget

Finally, the last (but not least) among the challenges of moving your business to a new location is definitely your company finances. Indeed, you’ll have to set a realistic budget if you want your company to spend as least resources as possible on this; without sacrificing the security and quality of the move. Realistically, if you’re going to decide on a long-distance relocation of your company; you’ll need an even bigger budget. 

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Ensure that you’ve created a reasonably realistic moving budget!

And if you want to get new office equipment for the new commercial space – make sure not to overspend. Start by taking quotes from all of the most popular local vendors; but research their quality thoroughly first. Also, when you start crafting your moving budget, make sure that you think about the productivity expenses as well. After all, each business day that your offices are not functional will be a sunk cost; your budget should factor that in and reflect missed opportunities as well! 

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