3 things to consider when relocating your New Orleans apartment

So, you are one of those people living in New Orleans and you aren’t changing it for another city. The rest can only be jealous about it. Why be jealous about living in New Orleans, somebody may ask. The reasons are numerous. Everybody has his/her personal feelings about New Orleans which are hard to describe by words. You found yours, and you are relocating your New Orleans apartment within the city. But there is nothing typical of New Orleans that sets the picture. It’s a fusion of costumes, beads, wigs, dance troops, marching bands. In one word, it’s a  parade town combined with excellent Creole cuisine, a lot of jazz and brass music.

Additionally, a range of good universities adds a lot to the quality of life of the city together with a dense concentration of biotech and medical districts.  New Orleans local movers could be of great help in this endeavor of yours so read on to find out what are three main things to consider when relocating within the same city.

modern living room with cushions a coffee table, sofa and some in pastel colours
Enjoy your new home and spirit of Nola – Do whatcha wanna

Relocating your New Orleans apartment – things to consider

There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from, exactly there are 13 districts and 72 neighborhoods in New Orleans. With a total of  383,997 residents, New Orleans, aka Nola is the most populous city in Louisiana. The trendiest neighborhoods according to residential movers New Orleans are as follow:

  • St Roch, 
  • Tremé, 
  • Algiers Point,
  • Warehouse District, 
  • St. Claude Avenue,
  •  Marigny, Bywater, 
  • Lower Garden 
  • District/Irish Channel, 
  • Carrollton/Riverbend, 
  • Freret, 
  • Mid-City/Bayou St John, 
  • Lakeview, 
  • French Quarter 

When considering which of these cool neighborhoods meet your needs, try to give yourself the answers to these questions. What am I looking for in my new neighborhood? Quiet or active area? Amenities within the walking distance? An amount of greenery around me? Older or newer architecture? Proximity to restaurants and shopping? Buddy-buddy community or reserved one? If you are moving with your family think about their needs and preferences. What schools are there, and so on.

man playing brass music
Rebirth Brass Band is the symbol of New Orleans and it embodies its spirit

Searching for an apartment

The second important step after finding the perfect neighborhood is to find the perfect apartment. Zippy Shell Louisiana has a lot of experience with moving and storing your belongings with ease, we are also very supportive of our clients so we are gladly sharing some tips for finding a new apartment quickly. As we see it, you should clear your calendar and allow ample time for the search. Go there in person or alternatively schedule a video tour. Let your rental agency do their job but don’t underestimate the power of your own network. Rely on your friends but also on social networks as you can join in a group of the preferred neighborhood and get inquires answered right from the ground. Always do your own search and explore alternative housing options just in case you cannot find what you are looking for on time. 

Decide what will your moving process be like

Thirdly, when you have the bird in your hand think about how you will organize your upcoming move. Logistics is important. Plan your move well, so you will save time, money, and avoid stress. Moreover, you will end up everything without cutting corners or settling for less.

Set  your budget

Setting a budget guarantees a safe and relaxed moving process for you and your family. Consider the costs of repairing or redecorating. Include moving costs as well. For example, moving within the same city is more affordable than moving across the country. Compare transport rates and moving quotes from different companies before making a decision. 

Set a moving date 

If possible, choose a day during the second half of a month. It would be best if you could perform your move between the 15th – 25th day of a month. Most people have to move on the last or the first days of a month because of rental and job-related agreements, some other requirements, etc. Avoid this peak period, also try to avoid moving at the weekends if you can.

Choose the right moving option for yourself 

At this time, you have to decide how you’re going to move. Should you do your moving as a DIY project hire a professional moving company when relocating your New Orleans apartment? How are you going to transport your belongings if you are doing the moving?  Renting a moving truck only is a great transportation option, but fees can be expensive, and you’ll need to invest the time for a drive or hire a driver, as well. Hiring full-service movers is the best option, and while this leaves stress and hassle away, it costs more. Portable moving containers  (PODs) are also an option, as they tend to be more affordable than professional moving companies, and super practical.

Consider downsizing your belongings

Purge in other to save some money on relocation costs. Now’s the perfect time to get rid of your possessions you haven’t put your finger on for a long time. Sell the bulky furniture you won’t be using anymore. Think twice if it is worth moving.  Select what’s coming with you, and get rid of the rest by selling it, donating it, or giving it away to friends. This purging will cut the cost of your moving and it is the chance to roll in some money to your moving funds. Lastly, proceed to pack, not an easy at all task but you can always get help and purchase packing supplies New Orleans.  

Relocating your New Orleans apartment
Making a decision about who you should trust with handling and taking care of your precious possessions can be a tricky call to make

Final words

All in all, relocating your New Orleans apartment won’t be an easy endeavor but it doesn’t have to be difficult either.  When the time comes to move, make a to-do list. Follow your plan and moving checklist to keep your sanity. Breath in, breath out, take small steps, cross out completed tasks, and finally enjoy your new apartment. We wish you to find your own personal New Orleans vibe so you can fully experience the message and motto of the Rebirth Brass Band and their song Do Whatcha Wanna.    

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