3 ways to spend a day off in Bossier City

Welcome to Bossier City. A city in Bossier Parish, located in the northwestern region of Louisiana. According to the 2020 polls, there are around 63.000 residents living in the area. Bossier City is tightly connected to its sister city Shreveport, in an economic and social way. Moreover, Bossier City is the largest city in Louisiana that is not a Parish seat. If you are moving to the city, we advise you to hire professional movers to help you, like Louisiana moving and storage. That way, the moving company can relocate your belongings as you find out what to do to spend a day off in Bossier City. The city lies on the banks of the Red River and has a quite flat topography, unlike its sister city. The climate in the area is humid subtropical, meaning that the summers are hot and humid, while the winters are mild and short.

3 ways to spend a day off in Bossier City

Bossier City is mostly home to young professionals and families. Due to the above-average public schooling system, affordable housing, and the overall small-town feel it gives, the city is becoming a great place to live in. Moreover, the fact that it shares a lot of things with its sister city of Shreveport, the possibilities of what one can do double.

a family of five sitting on the grass in a park as one of many ways to spend a day off in Bossier City
Bossier City is a very family-friendly place with a plethora of activities you can enjoy

Because it has a sister city over the riverbank, residents of Bossier City often go back and forth to enjoy their free time. The city combines nature with modernity, fun family activities with shopping sprees, and beautiful city views. Today, as we discuss things you can do on your day off, we will talk about:

  • Visiting the waterfront
  • If you have a family, spend the day at Party Central
  • Visit the Red River Waterway

1. Visiting the waterfront

The Red River provides Bossier City with some amazing views and sightings. Moreover, on the Red River waterfront, one can find Louisiana Broadwalk Outlets. This is a project that first opened in November 2003. Later, in 2005 the rest of the Broadwalk opened and joined the casino district that is incorporated along the riverfront that is sprung for half a mile. This Broadwalk is the first lifestyle center to open in Louisiana and it offers outlet shopping, an entertainment district, as well as riverfront dining options. Furthermore, the intersection of bridges, neon lights, and rivers makes visiting the waterfront worth it. So, if you plan on moving here, consider renting storage units Bossier City services and get to know the area better on your own. Whether alone or with friends, taking a stroll down Louisiana Broadway will relax you for sure.

2. Spend the day at Party Central if you have a family

When you are going out with children you cannot simply enter a bar and enjoy a beverage. Now, because Bossier City is a family-friendly city, you can expect to find different entertainment options when it comes to family time. Furthermore, one of those options is visiting Party Central. Namely, this spot is known for hours and hours of family-friendly fun. For instance, inside the center, you can find various arcade games that your children will enjoy. If you have toddlers or younger kids, there is an area just for them.

a father carrying his daugher on his shoulder taking a selfie together
Party Central is a great place for parents to relax while their children play and have fun

When you finish, you can leave the center and explore the outside area of it. From go-kart racing, to rock climbing and mini-golf, to bungee trampolines, the Party Central is full of various activities for your family. So, if you are looking for a place to spend a day off in Bossier City with your family, look no further.

3. Spend a day off in Bossier City by visiting the Red River Waterway

If there is one thing the guide, Lousiana for newcomers should contain is visiting the Red River Waterway. When you get ready to go, just follow the Red River stream to the south and you will arrive at Lake Caroline in the Red River Waterway. Namely, this refuge is very important for the waterfowl, as well as wading and singing birds. Moreover, the refuge consists of around 50.000 acres of land and water of the Red River between Colfax, Louisiana, and Arkansas state lines. The Red River Waterway is located in the Red River Valley, which was forested by hardwood, cypress sloughs, and swamps. This serves as a great habitat for various wildlife in the area. As this is a relatively new refuge, the public use of areas is being increased on regular basis. If you are a nature lover spending your day off here will surely be worth it.

a small girl petting sheep in a zoo
Bossier City will provide lots of fun in different ways that you can enjoy every day of the year

Bossier City is a very versatile place to look for fun

If you are looking to spend a day off in Bossier City, you will surely not be lacking any choices. If you are new to the area, consider renting Louisiana storage units to ensure the safety of your belongings as you venture out to explore the city. Furthermore, because Bossier City is connected with Shreveport, you are practically living in two cities at once. Namely, just the two cities alone share over two dozen museums of different sorts. Besides that, you can choose from a large variety of different outdoor activities to enjoy. Whether you enjoy zip-lining, visiting the zoo, or spending time at the park, you will find your fun here. On the other hand, you can just spend your day off relaxing at your house. You are not in a rush, these things will not escape you. Bossier City, along with Shreveport, will always have the fun side to it. Moreover, it is just waiting for you to explore it.

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