5 items that require climate controlled storage

People are, generally speaking, not very fond of the idea of spending money on maintenance of their storage units. The feeling most people have about storage is that they are glorified rentable garages or hangars. That is not a totally unfounded opinion. There are such storages that are, simply put, empty spaces with a roof overhead. They don’t really ask much in the terms of maintenance. As long as they are structurally sound, and they remain safe, they will serve their purpose. However, there is some possession you might want to store that is simply not fit for such a form of storage. Items that require special attention. Perishables or vulnerable items that require climate controlled storage. That kind of storage requires more attention, and more maintenance, but can be useful when you have one of five items we will be listing today.

1. Electronic appliances are first among items that require climate-controlled storage

First on our list of items that require climate controlled storage will definitely be electronic appliances. There are numerous reasons why you should go to climatized Louisiana storage facilities when having to store electronics. Storages come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them are no very well suited for the storing of electrical devices. This is because electrical devices are very sensitive to changes in temperature, as well as any moisture. This is true even if they are turned off for a long time and disassembled.

items that require climate controlled storage - microwave
Kitchen appliances as well!

That is why you should definitely think about storing your electrical devices in a climate controlled storage unit. These units will provide a suitable temperature and protection from excess moisture that can build up in regular storage. Electrical items that we are referring to might include:

  • Computers – Computers and gaming consoles are extremely sensitive to any amount of moisture. That is why you will always find them highly ranked among items that require climate controlled storage.
  • Home appliances – Home appliances of all kinds should also be disassembled, cleaned, wrapped in a protective, waterproof sheet, and then stored in a storage unit that is equipped with climate control.
  • Electronic tools – Furthermore, any kind of electronic tools, from drills to trivial stuff like electronic toothbrushes, should be stored within these storages.

2. Then there is the precious artwork, book, and fabrics

For those who are lovers of paintings and literature, climate controlled storages are a must! If you are moving art pieces, a great number of books, or even clothes with New Orleans movers, be sure to store them in a climate-controlled storage room. These units are the best kind of protection for such items since these are the items that are susceptible to all kinds of influence from cold and moisture alike. 

3. Photographs and important documents

Very vulnerable to cold and moisture are documented too. Like books, a paper that they are made of can face many challenges if not placed in the climate controlled storage Zippy Shell Louisiana. Paper is naturally susceptible to degradation. That means that, if you are trying to store a number of documents for later use, you are risking those documents being incomprehensible, and therefore useless, once you come to retrieve them. Again, the best way to protect your documents is to provide them with an environment that will not present a challenge to their integrity.

Old photocgraps and a cannon
Protect precious memories!

Storages can be used to protect valuable memories as well. These are here to help us remember the good times, even as memories fade. However, you will find that even the photographs are susceptible to fading if not protected and cared for. Make sure that they are stored in waterproof boxes and protected inside climatized storage.

4. Furniture of all kinds

One item that is often found in long term storage is a piece of furniture. And, as you suspect, furniture is also best placed in climate controlled storage. This is, however, most important for leather and wooden furniture. Both are highly susceptible to heat damage. If you are trying to store something while outside temperatures are cold or hot, you will be very disappointed with the quality of your furniture once you come back. Therefore, protect your furniture. If you store them in a climate controlled storage, you are protecting them from harmful temperature changes. You are also protecting them from mold, moisture, and pest.

5. Wines and other drinks and foods

Everybody likes to enjoy a glass of wine now and again. Wines are both healthy and enjoyable. Furthermore, you enjoy it quite a bit more when it is a wine of your choice! However, sometimes, we would like to have a lot more wine than we can keep in the house! Wine bottles can take up significant space, especially for those who are enthusiastic about their collection. Therefore, what should you do when you have more wine than you have space for? Well, obviously, go for storing it in a climate controlled storage unit!

whine glass and a bottle
Wine requires attention

Climate controlled units provide you with many protections when it comes to wine. However, they are also useful for pretty much all kinds of drinks, foods, and other perishables. This is because the greatest enemy of all you can find in any store is not a burglar. Those are rare. Rather, it is pest and mold. Mold especially can be very troubling and hard to rid of and very dangerous to one’s health. That is why you should be sure to take a climate controlled storage unit and protect your drinks and foods!

In conclusion

These have been our pick for items that require climate controlled storage. Are there any others that you would include that we forgot about? All in all, you should always consult the storage facility provider. He/she/they will be more than happy to provide you with all the details and with the suitable storage.  Just be sure that what you are trying to store is storable You should be careful when trying to store ammunition, weapons, or chemicals. Most storages will forbid these. Therefore, be sure to ask for special permission when storing those.

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