5 reasons why Metairie is great for seniors

Move over, New Orleans – it’s time for Metairie to take center stage! This charming Louisiana city is quickly becoming a popular retirement destination for seniors, and it’s not hard to see why. With its convenient location, mild climate, and abundance of amenities, Metairie is perfect for the elderly. To convince you to move there, Zippy Shell Louisiana shares with you the top five reasons why Metairie is great for seniors!

Metairie has a great location!

If you are still wondering why Metairie is a good place for elderly people. Here we have prepared some useful information that can help you make a decision to move to this charming city:

  • Metairie is a great location for the elderly because it is close to New Orleans. New Orleans is a city with a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, dining, and culture. It is also easy to get around in New Orleans, which makes it a good choice for the elderly who do not want to deal with a lot of traffic.
  • Metairie is also a good location for them because it is close to the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is a great place to relax and enjoy the warm weather. It is also a great place to go fishing or swimming.
  • It has a lot of amenities that are geared toward the elderly. Many retirement communities in Metairie, as well as senior centers and other organizations, offer activities and programs. This makes Metairie a great place for the elderly to live in.

Metairie has great weather

Metairie enjoys great weather all year round, which is perfect for people who want to spend a lot of time outdoors. The average temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the city experiences very little snowfall each year. This makes it a great place to live for the elderly who want to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Metairie also has several senior-friendly amenities, such as golf courses, parks, and walking trails.

Three elderly women sitting on a couch discussing why Metairie is great for seniors
There are many reasons why Metairie is great for seniors!

There are also several shopping and dining options available, which makes it easy for the elderly to find what they need. Additionally, this place is located near some of Louisiana’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This makes it easy for the elderly to get out and enjoy all that the state has to offer. The city’s mild weather and abundance of amenities make it a perfect retirement destination.

The affordable cost of living is one of the reasons why Metairie is great for seniors

Metairie is a great place for seniors to live for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is the cost of living. Metairie is very affordable, especially when compared to other cities in Louisiana. The average cost of living in Metairie is 8% lower than the state average and 10% lower than the national average. This makes it a very affordable place to live for the elderly on a fixed income. Moreover, if you are looking for a new home you will easily find one that you like, since there are many houses on the market.

Healthcare and amenities

In addition to the low cost of living, this place also offers a number of amenities and services that are geared towards the elderly. For example, there are several retirement communities that offer residents a variety of activities and services. There are also several retirement homes, which provide the elderly with a place to live where they can be around other people their own age. In addition, the city of Metairie has a number of parks and recreation areas for seniors. This is important because it gives older people a place to go to get some exercise and fresh air.

An elderly couple looking at the computer
There are many services available to the population of seniors in Metairie

This place has several hospitals and clinics that offer excellent care for seniors. There are also many doctors and nurses there who specialize in senior care. This means that everybody can get the care they need if they have any health problems.

And not to forget, amazing moving services as well. Elderly people need support to organize their relocation or storage of their precious belongings. Louisiana self storage is perfect for them. Knowing that their items are in a safe place all the time gives them a piece of mind. Overall, Metairie is a great place for seniors to live. It has all the amenities they need to have a comfortable life.

Things to do in Metairie

There are plenty of things for the elderly to do in Metairie. The city has several parks, including Lafreniere Park, which has a walking trail, a playground, and a pond. There is also the Jefferson Parish East Bank Regional Library, which offers books, movies, and classes. Metairie also has several restaurants, shops, and other businesses that cater to this population. Seniors can enjoy all that the city has to offer without having to deal with crowds and noise. Metairie is also close to the airport. Therefore, it is easy to travel to other parts of the country or the world while they keep their things safe in the climate controlled storage Metairie has to offer.

Elderly woman in pink shirt dancing
There are many things for the elderly to do in Metairie

There are many reasons why Metairie is great for seniors, but these five reasons make it especially great for them. From the beautiful weather to the abundance of amenities and useful storage and moving services that Louisiana movers provide, Metairie has everything you need to enjoy your retirement years. If you’re looking for a place to retire that will keep you active and engaged, look no further than Metairie!



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