5 tips for choosing appropriate storage units

You’d be astounded if you knew just how many excess things the average American keeps in their household. Depending on the size of the house, it can be literally thousands of items both small and large, creating tons of unnecessary clutter. This is definitely an issue; most people get depression and anxiety if they have a messy home. With that in mind; plenty of people solve the issue by simply choosing appropriate storage units and renting additional space; it’s the best of both worlds because it allows you to retain items without them causing a mess at home. However, picking the best possible unit isn’t always easy; especially in such a competitive industry. That’s why Zippy Shell Louisiana is going to give you a couple of tips on picking the best possible storage unit for your needs!

Declutter before choosing appropriate storage units

If you want to learn about choosing appropriate storage units, you should know something; it’s not all about picking the best Louisiana storage facility and just putting all of your things there. Realistically, there are simply some items that you don’t really need. And even if you can afford to pay for a storage unit of any size; there’s simply no reason to do that if you’re going to keep hoarding piles of junk. That’s why you need to change some of your habits if you’re going to make the best of your newly rented storage unit!

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You can find excellent storage units online – but check out the facilities in person!

With that in mind; we’re going to start things off by decluttering your household. That’s right – we want you to get rid of some things even though you’re going to rent a storage unit. We recommend making an inventory of your household, and carefully selecting what you’re going to keep. If there are things that have no sentimental or practical value; this is definitely stuff that you want to donate, recycle, or throw away. When everything is said and done – the only things that you have left for storage are possessions that are actually worth keeping. 

Determine Why You’re Renting Storage

Now that you know precisely what you’re going to store in your storage space; you can begin choosing appropriate storage units for your needs. Of course, the first thing to do here is to determine what those needs are in the first place. In other words – why are you getting a storage unit? Do you need some extra space temporarily; perhaps because you’re moving to a new home? Or do you actually need long-term storage in general, because your household cannot contain all of the items that you own? This will definitely determine both what unit you’ll choose – and how you’ll use it. 

For example, if you’re going to use this storage for just a couple of days during a move; you don’t need to think a lot about how you’ll fit your things in there. All you need to do is to cram everything inside; you won’t ever need to navigate the interior of the storage unit to pull out a specific thing. Conversely, if you’re looking for long-term storage; when you’re measuring the size inside, bear in mind that you’ll need to leave some space for moving inside the unit.

Look for adequate security while choosing appropriate storage units

If you’re choosing appropriate storage units to declutter your home, chances are that you won’t be putting anything too valuable inside. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want your storage facility to provide the best possible security. After all, even trinkets of yours should be safe if they’re in someone else’s care. Plus, if you’re going to visit the storage facility late at night, you want to be certain that you’re not in danger from intruders yourself. With that in mind, be sure to research how well the facility in question safeguards their units. You definitely want a place outfitted with modern security systems, alarms, digital security cameras, and the whole nine yards. 

Two cardboard boxes on a wooden surface, which you can store after choosing appropriate storage units.
Make sure that you have the right storage for your specific items!

Think about the location

Just now, we’ve touched upon the situation when you’ll be visiting the storage facility to pick up something of yours that’s kept there. This is another thing that you should consider; the location of your storage providers. In other words – you don’t want to pick a facility that’s in an area that is far too remote; that will just mean that you don’t have access to your things whenever you want them without a hassle. And that’s not something anyone wants.

A man looking for something under shelves in a storage facility.
Finding the right storage is far from simple and easy!

Remember – if you have to travel a while to get something out of the unit, you won’t be as likely to actively utilize it for storing new items. And that just means that you’re paying rent for a space that you could be using more. With that in mind; try to pick a storage facility that is well-connected to your location; if it’s not that close, then at least make sure that you can get there quickly.

See the facility in person

We’ll save one of the most important tips that we have on storage facilities for last. These days, most of us find all kinds of service providers on the Internet. Logically, the same is true for storage units as well. And that’s nothing necessarily bad; but you definitely don’t want to rely solely on online advertisements when choosing a storage unit. Once you’ve whittled down the list of potential service providers to a couple of companies; you want to go and check out their facilities in person. Certainly don’t sign or commit to anything if you haven’t done that first!

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