5 tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant

Relocation can be very stressful and exhausting. Even with the best New Orleans moving and storage companies and options, you will get tired. That is the reason why you need to learn about safely moving while pregnant. Many women who are pregnant and they are just starting their new life, move away to a new place. It can be the next street, city, or even the state. No matter how far the relocation will be, they need to be extra careful, and they need help. Professional movers are there to do the heavy lifting and other things that are in their power. But others from the home, and family members should be available for help. You need to take care of yourself and your baby if you are moving during the pregnancy. There are five very useful tips that you can accomplish, and they will help you quite a lot.

Gynecologist doing a check up on a pregnant woman.
Visiting your doctor is the first step of safely moving while pregnant.

Talk with your doctor about safely moving while pregnant first

Since you are pregnant, you know how much it is important to inform your doctor about everything. That is the person who is following your pregnancy and they need to know everything. So, from the very first moment you find out that you are about to relocate, you need to contact them. This is also something that is affecting you emotionally, not only physically. Also, every pregnancy is different. And all the conditions are too. Don’t discuss this with your friend who is also pregnant, or read the comments on some forums of other experiences. You don’t know that what someone else handled, you can handle too.

Even before you start looking for your New Orleans local movers, visit your doctor. If needed, do all the tests and figure out what you can do, and what you cannot. It’s important that you rest as much as possible, and of course, to protect your baby. They will explain exactly what you should do, and what you must not do at any cost. Just make sure that you are doing what they tell you.

Don’t even think about moving away without help

Even if you are not pregnant, you need help while relocating. Yes, you hired residential movers New Orleans to help you out, but sometimes, it’s not enough. If you want to realize safely moving while pregnant, you need more help. Any help you can get. That can be from your family members, your neighbors, or even some friends. Getting help is important for the entire relocation, not only for the moving day. You will need help to declutter your home, pack, to organize everything. Even finishing the paperwork and documents can be tiring when you are pregnant. It’s important that you have someone by your side all the time.

If you have some more money for the relocation and everything, you can even hire cleaners for instance. This will give you more free time, and you will tire yourself way less. But, having your friends or family members is maybe a better solution though. You won’t spend more money, and it can be fun. You make a decision.

Pregnang woman holding her belly and taking a bath.
Relax as much as you can, you will need this.

One of the best tips for safely moving while pregnant is to leave the heavy lifting to others

You most likely already know this but lifting things while pregnant can be dangerous. And it can lead to unwanted happenings. When you are pregnant, your body produces increased levels of the hormone relaxin. What that hormone does is loosens the ligaments to help you with the labor. It is even easy to hurt yourself when you are lifting things without being pregnant. To avoid any problems, such as back strain, carpal tunnel pain, sacroiliac joint problems, and pubic symphysis dysfunction, you need to leave the heavy lifting to other people. Don’t even think about doing it on your own. You can only hurt yourself and your baby.

Even if you think that you can lift something and it’s easy and you can take it, don’t. This is the reason why you need to be monitored every day all the time. Leave the job for the movers that you hired. You are paying them to do that, and they have more experience in it. And the main thing, they are not pregnant, you are. So let them do their job while you take care of yourself.

Don’t rush anywhere, and take your time instead

Often people think that it is important to hurry up while relocating. No, it’s quite the opposite. Especially if you are pregnant. Rushing somewhere won’t be any better than taking your time and packing things slowly. You can’t allow yourself to get tired and be exhausted each day. Instead, you should add some rest days to this whole process. Another thing that is quite useful is to start packing in advance. From the very first day, you realize you are about to move. And just remember that you will have people such as your commercial movers around helping you out with the packing, heavy lifting, loading, and unloading of your belongings.

For instance, while they are taking care of these things, you can start decluttering your home. This is a necessary part of every relocation. And to do it, you don’t need to rush and exhaust yourself. Start with something easier, like cleaning dust from the furniture elements. And remember not to climb somewhere. It can be a big risk for the baby since there is a possibility of you falling down. For that as well, ask for help. Don’t hesitate at any moment. You are carrying a child and it’s completely normal that you need help most of the time. People understand that. No one will judge you or anything.

Open notebook with schedule for a day.
Making a to-do list is the best way to trick your pregnancy brain.

Trick the pregnancy brain with a do-to list

When you get pregnant, you will start to feel what the pregnancy brain is. It won’t be really the most pleasant thing ever. But you can trick it. Since you will most likely lose the track of a thousand things and obligations that you need to do, you should write them down. Whatever you think it’s important, you should put it on a to-do list. And also things such as what you left where it will shorten the time of looking for something.

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