Benefits of portable storage units

As you might assume, there are a lot of situations where you find yourself in need of additional storage. Regardless of how big and spacious your household is; chances are that you’ll need some more storage space for your possessions at some point. This where the benefits of portable storage units come in; they can be incredibly useful in the process of decluttering any household. But apart from that, there are many other situations where you’d want to use them. Are you thinking about performing a quick remodeling of certain parts of your home? Or perhaps you’re going to do home staging before a sale? In both of those scenarios, some extra space is definitely a must. With that in mind, we’re going to explore all of the ways portable storage units can come in handy!

Portable Storage 101

It doesn’t matter whether you want to store your book collection or your fine china; getting some additional storage is always a great option. However, you need to understand the benefits of portable storage versus traditional stationary units; at least if you want to know what to get. Remember, while portable storage is great; it’s not really a place where you permanently keep all of the stuff that you have no need for in your home. Instead, it’s storage that you use for a limited amount of time. Usually, people make use of this when they’re moving to a new home, or remodeling their current one.

Two people high-fiving near cardboard boxes.
If you’re preparing for a relocation, portable storage units can be an excellent solution.

The good news is – portable storage units are no less secure than a traditional storage facility. Most of these units are manufactured using amazingly sturdy steel. Plus, they’re weatherproof and you can even find climate-controlled units. So, you get the versatility that comes with a portable unit; coupled with the security of a stationary storage facility. 

Have them delivered to the location

If you want to declutter your home, there’s nothing better than keeping some of the extra things in storage. However, that’s where the first signs of hassle arise. If you want to put anything in storage, you need to deliver the items to the facility. And if you want to use them again, you have to go back there again. But this entire back-and-forth is not a necessity; one of the biggest benefits of portable storage units is eliminating precisely that.

Units for portable storage can be delivered wherever you want them. So, even if you’re storing your most valuable stuff temporarily; the entire process will be convenient and safe. You’ll be free to perform any kind of decluttering or remodeling in your household. Companies like Zippy Shell Louisiana are able to drop your portable unit off right beside your household. And then you can get someone to drive it to a storage facility; or, if you’re using it for a move, to your new home. Plus, once you finish with the unpacking – Zippy Shell will get the storage unit back without you having to do anything!

A mop on a wooden floor.
If you are in the middle of a big spring clean, portable storage can help speed things up.


If you’re preparing for a relocation, you’re definitely going through an expensive and exhausting process. With that in mind, when you’re looking for storage – you want to save time and money as much as you can. And that’s one of the most significant benefits of portable storage units; they’re far more cost-effective, especially during relocations. This is because portable storage is intended to be short-term storage; in other words, the contracts on it are rarely long-term.

Plus, you can use these instead of moving vans for the relocation itself. There’s no need to pay gas, maintenance, or other moving expenses if you get a portable storage unit. Heck, you may not even need movers to begin with; you can just drive the storage unit to your new household yourself. Of course, if you’re relocating something expensive and breakable, hiring professionals is still the best way to go. But for people in a financial bind, this is definitely an excellent option, which you can easily check by getting a free estimate of the costs


At the end of the day, the premier among the benefits of portable storage units is the fact that they’re incredibly practical. You can easily get any kind of portable storage if you need it for a quick couple of days. What if you’ve got a big new appliance coming in, like a washer and dryer? You’re bound to be moving around all of your furniture as you install it; but there’s no need for excess things to get in the way. Or even worse – something sustaining damage in the process. Instead, you can just order a portable storage unit, pack up some of your stuff temporarily to reduce clutter – and work on your home improvement project in peace.

We should note that plenty of businesses use portable storage units as well. If you’re going through a corporate office renovation or a move; you need something practical to ensure that your business interruption will be minimal. In that situation, a handy portable storage option is always a great solution. That’s why they’re excellent for both residential and commercial DIY projects and relocations.

A newly renovated living room area.
Portable storage is a great temporary solution for home renovation.


As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits of portable storage units. Even construction companies sometimes make use of them as places to store their equipment and tools during work hours; while retaining the ability to quickly move them somewhere else if need be. Not to mention their numerous applications in home improvement and the relocation business. So, if you need a practical solution for your short-term storage needs; there’s really no downside to going with a portable storage unit.

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