Best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children

When it comes to some of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children, we have selected a few that you might like. However, first and foremost, we have decided to write this guide to help each and every one of you who decided to relocate to this amazing Louisiana city with Zippy Shell Louisiana moving company. New Orleans is the capital of friendliness and good food. It does not matter if you decide to move to the French Quarter, or Mid-City – New Orleans will welcome you with open arms. However, some neighborhoods might suit you better than others. So, we will discuss something about some of the most prominent ones in our guide. Then, hopefully, you will be able to make up your mind and choose the right neighborhood for you.

Why is it important to choose a good neighborhood when moving with kids? 

The main reason for this should be quite obvious – you are relocating with your children. Now, every parent should make sure that they address the needs of their children at all times. So, you will be, probably, revolving your relocation around your little ones. The choice of NO neighborhoods should be really clear even before moving to Louisiana. So, you should take your time and pick the neighborhood you believe your children will like the most. For instance, you can pick one of the best ones, Marginy for example, and see all the pros and cons of that neighborhood. Then, you should do everything you can to make sure that you pick the best one.

orange home in one of the New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children
You will easily find a nice home in one of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children

In essence, you should choose at least three or four potential neighborhoods and list them out. Once you list them, you should make sure that you see all the pros and cons of such neighborhoods. For example, you picked Garden District first and you are looking at the pros and cons. The first thing you want to do is to pick the category you will do the grading on. For starters, start with the proximity to the center, average rent, and what you have in your neighborhood. Most people would hate to commute to work or to travel long distances only to get some necessities. So, think about this one the most when you are looking for a perfect neighborhood. Also, do not forget the general safety of the area.

Things you can do to make it easy for you

If you know someone who is living in New Orleans, you can ask them for advice. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to ask someone who is actually from there. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the information you get on the internet. In some cases, such information is wrong, and it might cloud your judgment. Thus, before storing glass and fine china for your move, make sure to do your research as you should. Otherwise, you might be forced to change your location soon after you relocate there. It is not a good start for any relocation to have to do something like that. Thus, make sure that the neighborhood you want to move to has everything you need for a good life.

Yet another thing that can help you out is to start planning for the next couple of months or years. Take average pricing in the neighborhood you are interested in into account. So, you should, for example, pick a neighborhood called Algiers, and compare the average price of everything there – from your rent to your utilities. That way, you will strategically choose a neighborhood that fits you the best. Even more, you will know where you will be moving to as soon as you do that. So, it is a win-win situation right there. Make sure that you use the most out of it.

a mom holding a kid in one of the New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children
Do some research before you choose your future neighborhood

So, what are the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children?

When it comes to this, we have decided to provide you with our list of some neighborhoods in New Orleans that you should check out. We will be diverse in our recommendations, this way we are sure that you will find a place that you like. So, before you start thinking about some useful tips for keeping your storage unit clean and neat, make sure that you find a place in which your storage will be located. Here are some of our top picks when it comes to the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families and children:

  • Garden District
  • Bywater
  • Uptown/Carrollton
  • Lower Ninth Ward
  • Broadmoor
  • Lakeview

All of the places we have designated are suitable for families with children. Now, all you need to do is to make sure that you pick a good one. Just make sure to pick a good neighborhood your kids will enjoy. Believe us, this should be your primary concern.

people putting their hands on top
Having a good sense of community is essential when looking for a place to move to

Garden District

We all know that raising kids requires a nice, safe and peaceful area. Garden District fits this perfectly and is a great candidate for our list! It has around 1,179 residents and as the name says- is famous for its gardens! Here, you will see people walking with their kids, having lunch outside, and simply enjoying their life, as Garden District is one of a kind neighborhood. 

According to many online reviews, driving through this neighborhood will make you feel like you are part of the movie! Beautiful white homes are on both sides of the road, each having a breathtaking garden! You will find three schools in Garden District of which one is private. Two other public schools are said to provide an excellent education for their students and offer many different courses and summer activities.


Covering an area of 3.445 km², next on the list of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children is Bywater! This neighborhood is famous for its one-of-a-kind locations, beautiful restaurants, and parks. You should know that it has five schools for different ages and all of them are located close to big building complexes. They say that Bywater is a must-visit location during any trip to New Orleans as it carries a lot of spirits in this city. When you choose the real estate you like here, you can ask your long distance movers New Orleans to start unloading earlier so you can use that time to explore this neighborhood.

The best part about it is probably the community. People here are in love with art, and music, and new residents who decide to move. You will find it extremely easy to adapt and your children will have a chance to grow up surrounded by friends of their age. 

Uptown / Carrollton

If you give your kids a chance to decide and choose the neighborhood in New Orleans, they will most likely go with Carrollton! The main reason for that is that this place has a zoo! Audubon Zoo and Audubon Park are welcoming countless kids, families, and young people each day as they are an ultimate source of fun! Tickets are not expensive, and you can easily make this your traditional location to see over the weekend. The zoo is so big that it will take you up to 3 hours to finish the walk, without including the park. Your kids will love the idea to have a zoo so close to them. Therefore, as soon as you leave your items in one of the Louisiana storage units make sure to visit the zoo!

Apart from that, this neighborhood is very peaceful and great for raising kids. The entire place is safe to walk and explore during the day and evening so don’t worry about your kids having a great time here! If you decide to move here, just contact residential movers in New Orleans to help you prepare for your relocation. They have the knowledge and the right tools to provide you with a smooth relocation.

zebras in the zoo
Your kids will love the idea of living in a place that has its zoo!

Lower Ninth Ward

This part of New Orleans is famous for delicious food, good music, and wonderful walking trails. If you wonder if is it among the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with kids, the answer is yes! It covers a pretty big area, and it is full of beautiful homes both old and new. The main reason people move here from the big city is a slower lifestyle pace, good schools, and a low crime rate. Your children will have access to great education programs and safe public transportation, but you will have an amazing time as well. This neighborhood is alongside the New Orleans Canal, and it attracts not only tourists but big companies as well.

If you never had a chance to visit this place before, make sure to do it before your relocation. This way you will have enough time to find a perfect home and explore your future neighborhood. And for those who are moving last minute, ask your movers about New Orleans storage facilities.   You will find it much easier to explore a new area and unpack when you know your inventory is safe!

baby walking on the branch
Lower Ninth Ward has great schools for your kids!


We can’t move on without mentioning the subdistrict of Lower Ninth Ward! Broadmoor is a small area but full of wonderful things to see and do. If you are in dilemma, should you buy or rent a home in New Orleans, this place will immediately offer you an answer! Houses in this part of the city are perfect for families as they have big gardens and are close to each other. The average housing in the USA is rated 100 and you will be happy to know that the entire New Orleans is rated 83 which is way below average.


And finally, one of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with kids is Lakeview! With a population of 2,774, you will have a feeling of cozy and safe living here. The community is diverse, and you can expect a warm welcome from them. Lakeview is famous for its Thanksgiving celebrations where community members often come together and celebrate it. There are a lot of tasty meals involved every year and people are sharing their stories the entire day. If you manage to make a flawless moving plan, you will arrive on time to join them and let them introduce you to their tradition.

Additional information

When it comes to picking the best neighborhood in New Orleans, you should think about a place in which your children will benefit the most. For example, they will need to go to school one day. Why not relocate relatively close to their school? That way, they will not have to chase/wait a bus every day to go to school and to come back from it. Even more, New Orleans is not exactly the biggest city in the USA. So, you can choose a neighborhood that feels like home the most. This city is full of life and the food is amazing. No matter where you are from, you will enjoy it!

children playing in the grass
Make sure to think about your children when you are picking a home for your family

 What to do after you pick one of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children?

After you choose one of the best New Orleans neighborhoods for families with children, then it is time to plan your move. For as long as you know what you are doing, you will be fine anywhere you relocate to. If your kids are older, make sure to talk with them about this entire process. They will love the idea of being included in this relocation and will adapt much faster. When the time for moving comes, try to keep them away from all the heavy lifting and moving. They can easily get injured if they are around movers while they are lifting heavy furniture. You can assign them different tasks, like packing their personal belongings or categorizing some smaller items and clothes before movers arrive. Just make sure that you complete your relocation properly. Good luck and enjoy New Orleans!



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