Best Packing Supplies for Storage Units

Taking your items to the storage unit can be a lifesaver! You can get a lot of extra space and still rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. Keep in mind that storage units are not only good for relocations but many other occasions like renovation or some other event. So if you find yourself in need of more space, just rent some storage from Zippy Shell Louisiana. All you’ll have to do is pack your things. And here are the best packing supplies for storage units that you’ll want to use:

Commonly used packing supplies for storage units

Although your items are pretty much safe while in the storage unit, you will still have to prepare everything for storage units Metairie. This includes proper packing and informing the employees about the entire inventory. We advise that you take as much time as needed to gather the items you want to store. Before you start packing everything, let’s see what packing supplies you need! 

couple packing their items
When choosing the packing supplies for storage units, make sure you have different sizes of boxes!

Packing boxes in different sizes

The size of your boxes depends on what exactly you are packing. The larger the items the bigger the boxes you will have to look for. Storage units Slidell LA providers can help you out with this, but they will need to be informed about the inventory list. When you get the proper boxes, categorize your items and start packing. 

Wrapping materials

Wrapping materials are amazing packing supplies for storage units! They will provide that extra security your items need during the transportation both ways. You will also feel much better knowing that you packed like a real pro! If this is your first time packing for a storage unit, our moving tips can provide some DIY hacks for it.

Other packing supplies for storage units

Among other supplies, don’t forget some markers for labeling and lots of tapes. Once you decide to pick up your items, it will be much easier to set everything up if you know the content of each box. Label your boxes on each side and if markers won’t do the job, use labeling tapes. When you take everything to self storage Lake Charles LA, your storage provider will let you know about their pick-up policy.

If you are moving in or out of the state of Louisiana feel free to leave as many items in the storage unit! When you pack everything properly and you find a good storage unit, there will be nothing to worry about!

person putting a book in the moving box
Feel free to pack everything that you don’t need at the moment!

Packing for storage

Although it may seem like packing is not so important when you take your items to the storage unit – things are very different! Even if you go with portable storage LA you will have to pick good packing supplies for storage units. Remember not to put too many items into one box and if you still keep original packaging you can use them as well.

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