What Makes Zippy Shell the Best Storage Units in New Orleans?

Who Is Zippy Shell? 

Zippy Shell Louisiana is a full-service moving and storage company that proudly serves New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding parishes. At Zippy Shell, we understand that space isn’t always plentiful, and that high-quality moving and storage services can be difficult to come by. That’s why we made it our mission to provide the community with the best storage units in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and all of Louisiana.

Zippy Shell offers a wide array of services, and you can rest assured your belongings are in good hands if you need:

Discover the breadth of what Zippy Shell offers, and what makes our shells the best storage units in New Orleans.

What Makes Zippy Shell the Best Storage Units in New Orleans?

First of all, our storage units are extremely versatile. Zippy Shell storage containers can be rented for almost any application. We offer three convenient size options, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect container for your upcoming move or the next round of spring cleaning. Choose from our multiple sizes:

  • The “Extra Attic” is perfect for your smaller, occasional-use items like seasonal decorations, extra clothing, files, and household goods. This container is stored in our climate-controlled storage facility.
  • Our 15’ container is perfect for those who are downsizing or have some extra furniture to put away. They’re scaled for studio apartments and two-bedrooms. They’re also placed in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility.
  • Our 16’ unit is the largest container we provide, and it houses your largest, most cumbersome possessions. This unit is designed for on-site storage and has features that protect your things from inclement weather, humidity, heat, and theft.

Although it’s a huge plus, varied sizes aren’t the only thing that make us the best storage units in New Orleans. To complement our wide and versatile range of units, our containers are extremely maneuverable.

They’re dropped off, positioned, and hauled with a trailer hitch while other companies need to use flatbed trucks and hydraulic lift systems. Our competitors’ trucks are bulky, and they need a lot of space to maneuver. Good luck getting that in a parallel parking space in the French Quarter! With Zippy Shell, it doesn’t matter whether or not you live in the congested streets of the Marigny or the spacious Lakeview area–our units fit anywhere you need them to.

The best storage containers in New Orleans obviously have to be durable. The weather here changes with the drop of a hat, and it can go from a beautiful sunny day to a torrential downpour and then full-on sauna in the space of an hour. That’s why our containers are vented to let your items breathe while protecting them from the weather and humidity outside. It’s also important to keep your belongings safe from theft, and that’s why our Shells are durable and secure as well.

To top it off, Zippy Shell provides the most comprehensive service in Louisiana. First, we deliver the container wherever you need it. If you’d like to take your time and load it yourself, that’s fine. However, if you’re in a hurry and just don’t have the time to spare, then our team will gladly pack and load it for you. If you’re utilizing our climate-controlled, long term storage, we transport your container to our facility after it’s loaded. If you’re taking advantage of our on-site storage, we leave it on your property along with a key to access your things. Better yet, if you’re moving, we haul the container filled with your belongings to your new location.

That’s what makes Zippy Shell the best storage units in New Orleans!

The Best Storage Units in New Orleans

If you’re in need of reliable, safe, and convenient storage and moving solutions, look no further than Zippy Shell. We don’t call our Shells the best storage units in New Orleans for nothing, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

You may not have enough space, but we do. Call us for a free quote at (504) 435-1296 if you’re ready to get started, or contact us to find out how exactly we can provide you with our comprehensive storage solutions today.



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Jennifer Hauf

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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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    Load your items or have us do it

    Choose between letting our team take care of the hard work or loading your belongings by yourself.