Best Ways To Move and Store Tools

Each item has a unique packing method. It’s not enough to dump your tools into just any box or container while packing for the move. It takes patience and a little bit of effort to efficiently pack, move and store tools. In addition, it’s necessary to ensure that packed tools are safe and sound for the duration of the move. That’s why hiring Louisiana moving and storage professional company is the first thing to do. You get both professional moving help, as well as peace of mind. With us at Zippy Shell Louisiana, moving can be a stress-free endeavor.

Declutter and clean before you move and store tools

Your garage or workspace containing numerous tools will be difficult to pack without decluttering. Old and broken tools are very likely to spend many years in your place without being used. So before you make a list of moving supplies, sort the tools you have. Examine how many tools you have that are useless, rusty, and broken. Pack them inside strong garbage bags. Soon you will notice how cleaner and less cluttered your garage or workspace looks like. Next, separate the rest of the tools into different categories. It’ll be easier to pack them later.

a bunch of tools
Take time to move and store tools.

Gather all tools you want to pack in one place. Clean the dirt, wipe them down and disinfect them as much as possible. Now is the time to start taking care of your tools more than before. As long as they’re clean and maintained, the longer you will be using them. Plus, you’ll avoid the mess that comes from unpacking dirty and unkempt items. The next step is to finally sort the tools depending on their purpose:

  • hand tools
  • power tools
  • gas-powered tools

Plan ahead a quality storage unit

Most relocations, especially long-distance ones, cannot go smoothly without a quality storage unit. Depending on the duration of your move, you’ll need either on site storage containers, or indoor storage units. Each option is a beneficial and cost-effective solution. Don’t forget that some tools can be sensitive to outside weather changes. Mold and rust are easy to catch up with tools that aren’t in the safe environment. By renting storage, your tools get the necessary protection, no matter the season.

Some smaller and easy-to-use hand tools can wait safely inside the portable container as long as necessary. On the other hand, larger garden tools or power tools are more likely to remain in one piece inside the climate-controlled storage units Ruston LA companies offer. The optimal temperature will ensure nothing happens to stored items, including tools.

Pack your tools properly for relocation and storage

After you’re done decluttering and cleaning, the packing will come easier for you. You will have less clutter and burden to pack. Therefore, you won’t need as many moving boxes or containers. However, packing the tools is something you shouldn’t rush. While some tools require professional packing help, you can still pack those that aren’t too complex.

Get as many boxes for your move

Instead of buying just a few large cardboard boxes, choose medium and smaller ones as well. That way you won’t have to deal with heavy loads. Plus, it’s not recommendable to dump different tools together. Boxes often tumble and collide during transportation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to properly pack all tools in boxes different in size.

Make sure to obtain only top-quality boxes and containers at legit companies and suppliers. Rest assured it’s possible to find affordable yet decent boxes and other relocation necessities.

Hand tools are the easiest to move and store

The best solution for packing hand tools is a designated toolbox. The tools will stay in one place and won’t move during relocation. However, if you don’t have a toolbox with you anymore, opt for boxes and containers. Use clean pieces of fabrics, sponges, and packing paper crumbs to pad the box first. Add several layers to ensure maximum protection. Wrap the tools with bubble wrap, packing tape, or packing paper. Place them carefully inside the padded box. Close the box and seal the lid with strong packing tape several times. Use a cross-wise method to make sure your hand tools won’t go anywhere.

a man sealing the box with packing tape
Pad and seal each box.

Power tools and gas-powered tools require special attention

Take a picture of power or gas-powered tools. Next, disassemble all detachable parts and wrap them separately with packing tape. Use smaller boxes or containers when packing each part. Avoid stuffing the boxes will a bunch of tool parts. You will want to avoid any possible damage and additional repairs. Don’t forget to take out any fuel from gas-powered tools! Also, make sure all tools are clean and dry before packing.

Don’t forget to label the boxes and containers with tools

Write on each box and container what’s inside them. Use multi-colored permanent markers instead of regular ones. Be as specific as possible in order to have an easier unpacking endeavor after the move. Once you know what’s inside the boxes, it’s simpler to manage them and avoid mess. In addition, your movers will know the tools are inside the boxes and containers, and be more careful.

a man preparing to move and store tools
Organize and label moving boxes that contain tools.

Professional packing help comes in handy when you want to move and store tools

When packing larger and bulkier tools, you might want to consider hiring professional packers. Although packing services adds up to your moving budget, they are often a much better solution than doing the packing yourself. Not only you can avoid unnecessary damage

Confirm the company you want to hire for your move is licensed and fully verified when you decide to move and store tools. It’s important to entrust your move only to well-trained professionals. They will treat your tools with care and get them ready for relocation with ease in a timely manner. In addition, you won’t have to worry about anything once the professionals do their work precisely.

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