Best ways to pack books for storage

If you are a fan of reading, then you probably tend to take good care of your books. No matter how much you have, books are a wonderful way to explore new things and places we otherwise couldn’t reach. So, when the time for relocation or renovation comes you should know how to pack books for storage. With a couple of pieces of advice, this process will not take too long, and it can be pretty enjoyable. Here are some ways that could suit you and are safe for your books. 

Pack books for storage carefully

This entire process begins with organizing and categorizing your books. If you are moving, Louisiana moving and storage company will take care of your inventory that should be in boxes by the time they arrive. You can use the same boxes for your books as those are the most convenient ones. When you categorize each one of them it will be much easier to unpack later. You will know exactly where to place each set of books.

many books on the shelf representing how to organize and pack books for storage
No matter how many books there are in your private library, you should pack each one of them carefully

Label each box

Labeling is an extremely important process when packing books for storage. Even if you categorize them correctly that will not mean too much as you will have no idea which category is in there. So, before you take everything to the self storage Baton Rouge, get yourself some markers and labeling tape.

Don’t overfill your boxes

Even though you can place a lot of medium-sized books in a regular packing box, don’t overfill them. If boxes are too heavy, there is a chance some of them will break. This will cause a lot of damage and that is something you should prevent from happening. Employees of self storage Lafayette can provide more details on how to properly close the lids after you finish packing boxes. 

For more delicate books use wrapping paper

If you want to pack books for storage but some of them are too delicate, you will need special wrapping paper. Almost every bookstore in the state of Louisiana has them and they are very cheap. Simply wrap the book and place it at the top of the box. As a result, these books will be safe for as long as they are in storage. 

old book on the table
Once you pack books for storage make sure to label your boxes


In case you have a lot of books, and the entire process will be more difficult, you should ask professionals for help. Especially if you are moving to another state and there is a long trip in front of you. Long distance movers in New Orleans will take good care of your inventory and storage employees will make sure your entire book collection is in good hands. 

Keep in mind that you can also pack books for storage but keep them close to you. On site storage containers will be a great option as your collection will be close to you. You can replace the boxes any time you want and fill the storage according to your needs.



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