Business that rely on climate-controlled storage solutions

If you own a company, you should always make sure to offer the best quality for your customers. This is especially important if you are selling certain products. If you want to attract and keep your customers, you always have to provide the best quality of your product. Usually, you cannot keep all your products inside your office or a store. For this reason, you need to find an external solution. Your best option would be climate-controlled storage. You can always contact Zippy Shell Louisiana to see if you should get a climate-controlled unit. As of now, here are all the business that rely on climate-controlled storage solutions. 

What are climate-controlled storage units? 

If this is the first time renting New Orleans climate controlled storage, you might not be familiar with the term. For this reason, here is everything that you need to know about this type of storage. As the name suggests, you can control the temperature inside. This is extremely beneficial if products that you are selling are easily damaged by sudden temperature changes. This also applies if some products do not handle high or low temperatures well. In addition to this, you can also rent a storage unit where you can control the level of humidity. You will have to check which storage facility offers units that also have this option. It is also important to keep in mind that these types of units are more expensive than ordinary ones. However, it will pay off in the end because your product won’t get damaged. 

empty hallway
It is beneficial to rent a storage unit where you can control the temperature

Items that should be in climate-controlled storage units 

Generally speaking, all the items will benefit from climate control since you will make perfect conditions for them. However, if you do not have enough money to rent a pricier unit for items, here are some that really need to be put in climate-controlled storage. 

  • Wooden furniture 
  • Metal items 
  • Leather or upholstery 
  • Artwork 
  • Musical instruments 
  • Wine 
  • Antiques 
  • Household appliances 
  • Sports equipment 

When you take a look at this list, it is pretty obvious why you need to store these items in a climate-controlled unit. Therefore, if you plan to move your office soon with commercial movers New Orleans, you should also see about the storage solutions as well. It would be more convenient for you if you can find a storage facility close to your office. You can do this research before your actual relocation. Then, you can tell movers to deliver certain items to your storage unit. 

If you are working with artwork, antiques, and musical instruments 

It is pretty self-explanatory why you need to keep artwork, antiques, and musical instruments in a climate-controlled unit. First of all, almost all of these pieces are quite expensive. That means you have to make sure that these items are in perfect condition when your clients buy them. Otherwise, they will complain and demand their money back. This is quite reasonable considering that artwork, antiques, and musical instruments are very valuable pieces to have. In addition to this, these items do not fare well in places with high humidity or drastic temperature changes. Mold can be a huge problem when it comes to artwork, antiques, and musical instruments. Once it gets damaged, you cannot sell it anymore. Repairing it would be quite expensive as well. Do not forget to use packing supplies New Orleans to further ensure safety. 

art exhibition
You need to properly store artwork

Anything made of leather, wood, and metal 

On a similar note, if you are selling any products that are made of leather, wood, and metal, they need to be kept in a climate-controlled unit. You should not store these items in a place with high humidity. This will cause corrosion to your metal items. In addition to this, it will also destroy the leather and wooden items. Again, most items that are made from these materials are quite expensive and valuable. Therefore, they require special need and care. The best place would be a climate-controlled unit. You can always keep the same optimal temperature that will not cause only any damage to your items. Then, when customers come in to buy certain items, you can offer the best possible quality and services. It is always better to invest in better storage than lose customers and reputation because of bad items.  

Wine selling business that rely on climate-controlled storage  

If you are selling wine or any type of alcohol, it would be beneficial to have a storage-controlled unit. It is always the same reason. If you cannot provide the best quality for your customers, then, your business will suffer. In order to ensure great quality, you need to properly store wine and bottles in general. If you plan to open your wine business soon, you should also see about the storage solutions. When you’re searching for a possible storage facility, make sure to visit the facility before signing any rental contract. You have to make sure that the storage unit is suitable enough for the products that you plan to store. Since it is wine, in this case, you need to make sure that you can control both temperature and humidity.  

wine cellar
If you plan to sell wine, get a better storage unit

How much will you need to pay? 

As mentioned before, if you plan to rent a climate-controlled unit, it is going to be more expensive than the standard one. Usually, it is about 25% to 50% more expensive. For example, the average price would be at least $100 or closer to $120 per month. Mind you, the price will depend on a storage unit, location, additional features included, and so on. However, this is not a lot considering that you will pay more if your products sustain any damage. These would be all the business that rely on climate-controlled storage. If your company belongs here as well, you should consider finding a climate-controlled storage unit. It will be beneficial for your business. 

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