Challenges you might face when looking for a storage unit in Marrero

Renting a storage unit can have many benefits. For example, you are moving to a smaller place with long distance movers New Orleans. You might not have enough storage space in your new place so you should find an external one. Then, when you are moving, your new house might not be ready so you should find a place where you can keep your items safe and protected until you can officially move in. Additionally, you might want to renovate your place so again you need a place where to store your items. Now, when you are looking for units, you need to pay attention to certain details. For this reason, here are all the challenges you might face when looking for a storage unit in Marrero.  

Things to look after in a storage unit 

When looking for storage units Marrero, you need to pay attention to the following details. 

  • Accessibility – your future unit should be available for 24 hours, even on the weekends.  
  • Security – there is no need to rent a storage unit without proper security measures. These would usually include locks, in-person surveillance, video monitoring, and security gates. 
  • Availability – you also need to see if they have storage units available in various sizes. It would be a waste of money to rent a storage unit that is too big for your items. On the other hand, renting a small storage unit would put your items in danger. 
  • Pricing – it would be beneficial if you can find a storage facility that offers discounts. 
  • Location – if you can find a storage facility close to you, this would be the best option. However, don’t prioritize location over quality. 
three cameras
Make sure that a storage facility has a 24/7 surveillance

Challenges when it comes to the cost of storage units 

Usually, when you are looking for New Orleans moving and storage, you are mostly worried about the price. This is quite reasonable, especially if you have moved recently. Organizing a relocation, transporting all of your items to your new house would definitely not be cheap. For this reason, adding storage expenses may not be on the top of your list. So, how is the cost of a storage unit determined? It is based on the size and how long you want to store your items. Usually, storage facilities offer month-to-month contracts. If you plan to rent for the long term, you will probably get a discount. In addition to this, the price will be influenced by availability. If a storage facility has a lot of vacant units, you bargain. On the other hand, if the storage facility is quite popular, then, it might be more expensive. 

Deciding which items to store 

Another challenge would probably have to face would be the choice of items you want to store. Why would this be a challenge? As you might know, every storage facility has a list of rules and policies about items you can store. Generally speaking, you cannot store anything that can put other items and people in danger. This would include all the flammable items, toxic or radioactive items, guns, and ammunition. Then, you could never store plants or animals. You should never keep anything that requires water and food inside a storage unit. Additionally, if you put plants inside, they can attract insects. This could lead to more serious damage to your items. The best way to see what you can keep inside the storage unit would be to contact the storage facility itself. Employees should be able to help you with any answers regarding this matter. 

plants on the cabinet
You should never keep plants in a storage unit

How to get items transport items when looking for a storage unit in Marrero 

There is another problem that you should think about well in advance. This would be about the transport of your items to your storage unit. This is not a problem if you can transfer your items by using boxes. However, if you want to store your large furniture, putting them in the back of your car is not exactly an option. Therefore, you should find another solution. You can take advantage of free truck rentals from your storage facility. Granted, this only applies to storage facilities that offer this option. Then, if you are in the middle of your relocation, you can always tell to your commercial movers New Orleans to deliver certain items to your storage unit. Lastly, you can also see if your friends or family members can help you. If some of them own the van, you can take advantage of this option as well. 

The time period of your rental contract 

There is also a question of the time of your rental contract. Generally speaking, you can rent a storage unit both short and long-term. However, what if you need a storage unit for only one week or less? This is usually if you are moving or renovating some part of your house. Most storage facilities require at least one month. As you can see, this might be a little bit too long for certain situations. Typically, you can’t rent it for less than one month. Of course, you can contact several storage facilities and see if they might have this option. Then, you also need to compare prices. The best way to get the most affordable storage unit would be to contact and visit several storage facilities. However, you should not always go for the cheapest one because the quality of their storage units might not be the best. 

a small calendar
Decide on a time period when looking for a storage unit in Marrero

You should consider the type of storage units 

When you are looking for a storage unit in Marrero, then you should also consider the type you want to get. The best one would definitely be a climate-controlled storage unit. As the name suggests, you can control the temperature and usually humidity inside. This is perfect if you plan to store fragile items and items that can easily get damaged due to high or low temperatures. 

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