Change of address checklist for moving to New Orleans

When you are moving house, there are a lot of tasks to take care of. If you are well organized, the relocation process will not be as complicated as it is for most people. There are creative ways to streamline your moving process. One of them is making a change of address checklist. This tool will help you keep track of all the people and institutions you need to notify of your upcoming relocation. If you are moving to New Orleans, you can always consult Zippy Shell Louisiana about any relocation-related topic. This professional moving company will help you navigate through your moving process.

Change of address checklist for moving to New Orleans

When it comes to moving, the to-do list is long. Buying packing material, cleaning the house, packing, juggling between work and family, and many more exhaustive activities are a part of this process. But half of this work is done if you hire the best Louisiana movers. Still, there are things that only the person moving house is able to do. This involves informing other people and relevant institutions of your address change. The change of address checklist should include the following:

  • local authorities
  • institutions in charge of household supplies
  • your employer and bank
  • subscription services
  • educational and healthcare services
  • insurance
  • friends and family
a street in New Orleans
Notify all relevant parties of your address change before you move to New Orleans

Local authorities

Notifying relevant services and authorities is a must when you are changing your place of residence. First, take care of your mail and notify the US post office of your address change. Do this at least seven days before the moving day, to make sure all mail gets forwarded to your new address as soon as you move in. Once you settle in New Orleans, you will be able to enjoy unpacking, arranging your home, and exploring the town, without any concerns about your important mail and correspondence.

Also, make sure to update your address with the DMV. Your driver’s license needs to contain your new address to be valid.

a person putting a letter in a mailbox
Inform all relevant government departments of your address change so they can reach you via post

Also, update your address on the voter registration. When the election time comes, you will need to have your address up-to-date.

Remember to notify both the federal and the state tax agency of your address change. The IRS offers an online form for updating your address. If you are not sure how to proceed with address updates, visit Louisiana’s official website and look for more guidelines.

Household supplies

Companies in charge of utilities such as water, gas, and electricity supply should also be aware of your address change. Make sure you will not be receiving any bills on your name past the move-out date. All of this should be arranged before your long-distance movers New Orleans arrive. Also, you should notify your phone, cable, and internet providers of your relocation. Check if there is an option for an account transfer to your new address and be aware of any service cancellation fees. Remember to notify all services way in advance, so you don’t move into a new home with no internet or electricity and water supplies.

Employer and bank

Human resources in the company you work for should also update your address details in the company’s system. Every employer needs to have all their employees’ relevant information up to date. As soon as you update the address in your ID, get in touch with your bank and notify them of your address change. Change of employee’s address is also a relevant piece of information for the payroll.

Subscription services

If you are subscribed to specific magazines or newsletters, they should know about your address change too. Get in touch with their customer support to give them heads-up about your upcoming relocation. In case you wish to keep all the magazines and newspapers you received via post so far, but lack space in a new home, there is a solution. Rent one of the best Louisiana storage units and keep all your redundant belongings close to you.

a person on the phone writing down notes
Call the customer support of the magazines you are subscribed to and let them know of your address change

Educational and healthcare services

If you have school kids, make sure to let their school know in advance that you will be changing a place of residence. Also, start searching for a new school in New Orleans on time, to avoid missing the enrollment period. If you are a student, colleges and universities should have your updated address, so they can send over the tuition fees. As for the healthcare system, all your medical documentation is supposed to be passed on to your new doctor and healthcare facility. Keep in mind that keeping your healthcare documentation up to date is important to avoid any unnecessary red tape. For additional assistance, get directions from the official website of the city of New Orleans.


Whatever type of insurance you have, they should also be aware of your address change. This is very important as some insurance policies are reliant on the place of your residence. In case you move to a riskier area, they will recalculate the premium and the costs.

Friends and family

Finally, inform all your family members and friend of your relocation. Some of them might give you a hand while packing and moving out. Invite them all to a farewell party or a housewarming party in your new home. Your close ones should be aware of such major events in your life.

The change of address checklist for moving to New Orleans might seem long, but if you start dealing with it on time, you will be able to cross every item from it successfully. The organizational part of your life that revolves around relocation is entirely your responsibility. Everything else can be taken care of by a professional moving company. With good organization and reliable movers, your moving process will be smooth and stress-free.

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