Christmas Lights Guide: Storage Edition

The Christmas season is almost over and it’s time to pack everything up. however in order to do so and keep everything safe until next year you want to make sure that everything is in the best possible condition until it’s time to take it back. However, with the right Louisiana Moving and Storage Company, everything gets much easier to do. Here’s a small Christmas lights guide that can come in handy when it’s time to put lights and other decorations away.

Cardboard is a simple choice if you follow any Christmas lights guide to storage

When you don’t have too many options for storing your Christmas lights, cardboard is always a good friend. However many lights and overall decorations you might have, cardboard is easy to find and can be an easy fix. For that reason, it’s important to take care of them before putting them in storage units Slidell LA or anywhere else. This will make sure that they are working and in good condition when it’s time to take it back next year. On top of that, it’s one of the easiest ways. However, it’s definitely not one of the safest. Make sure that you know what you want and everything will be much easier to handle.

Chrstmas lights
Make sure to follow our Christmas lights guide for optimal results

Wooden pieces can help you keep everything safe and sound

Another easy fix when it comes to storing away your Christmas lights is to use wood. It’s also a material that is firm enough and that you can easily use for anything that you need. This will keep everything on a small piece of wood and can open up more space in your storage unit. Especially if you use Elmwood self storage you can be sure that there will be much more space than for your Christmas decorations inside the unit. Be smart and use the best materials and tools to get the most.

Winding up before storage is a big part of any Christmas lights guide for storage

Thankfully, there’s always something that can help you in even unusual situations. For that reason, it’s important that you have some tools in order to keep your Christmas lights safe and sound until next year. It’s not important how many lights you have, it’s always a good idea to use special pieces that you can buy in order to wind up your Christmas lights. that will almost guarantee that everything will be just fine until it’s time to take them back. Invest a couple of dollars in those types of tools and it will surely be a smart investment when it’s time for Christmas again.

Use a plastic reel to help your Christmas lights stay safe until next year

An affordable and reliable way to keep your Christmas lights protected is to use plastic. You can definitely find that option for cheap and will still be a great way to keep them protected at all times.  Even though it can seem fragile, it will stay in your New Orleans portable storage without any problems. Until it’s time to take them back, you can be sure that everything will stay in the same way you put it. And with quality storage units it’s going to be a winning combination.

a christmas tree with decorations adn beautiful lights shining
Make sure to protect the lights when putting them away

Christmas lights guide to storage can’t go without paper tubes

By using paper tubes you can be sure that the integrity of the Christmas lights will stay the same for a long period of time. There’s no need to waste your time as you can get paper tubes for cheap or even make them on your own. However fragile your lights might seem, this will be a way to keep everything in optimal condition. On top of that, using quality storage will always help you out in the best way possible. You won’t have to worry about lights for next year’s Christmas.

Put the decorations inside any bags you can find

Above all, you don’t want your decorations to take too much space in your storage. That’s because it usually goes with items that are used in the winter months. There’s no need for you to waste storage space. Just make sure that you find bags that can fit your lights and decorations and they will be used optimally. Just make sure that everything has packing paper between and it will be able to hold both your decorations and lights.  This will be an easy fix to all your problems. On top of that, it will still open a lot of space in your unit.

Decorate your storage unit to out your Christmas lights to use

In the end, even getting creative can help you with storing away Christmas lights. So why not use the opportunity and hang some lights in your storage unit? It’s definitely not the best way, but it can help you out. Especially in smaller storage units. Even if it’s a bit unorthodox, you can still make it work. Of course, ask the Better Business Bureau for a storage company that will allow this first.  Above all, you want to have good communication with your company. This will make the whole process easier whatever you decide to do.

Christmas decorations and a christmas tree in the backgroun with lights
Find the best storage unit to put away all the lights and decorations after Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas. However, it’s not usual for people to clean everything up after it. Thankfully there are storage options that will help you clean and declutter. And the best way to help yourself is to keep all your lights and decorations on the side. We hope that our Christmas lights guide will be of help to you. There are a lot of options for you and we hope you’ll pick the one that fits you most. With our advice, we’re sure the same lights will be on your tree even next year.

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