Climate Controlled Storage in New Orleans and Beyond

If you’re familiar with the close quarters in New Orleans, then you know coming across extra space can be difficult, especially climate-controlled storage that keeps out the heat and humidity. You might need somewhere to store your items temporarily, or you may be looking for a long-term option to keep things safe.

Renting a unit or container can be a great way to get some much needed extra space. To protect your belongings, especially valuable heirlooms, pieces of art, and old photographs, make sure to seek out a climate-controlled storage option. Not every storage space has this feature, but it’s necessary when fighting against New Orleans’ sticky climate.

Climate-Controlled Storage versus Temperature-Controlled

When searching for climate-controlled storage in New Orleans, you may find some spaces that have temperature-controlled storage. Before putting your belongings in a storage unit, it’s important to know the difference. Temperature-controlled spaces only regulate the temperature to a specified degree setting, but climate-controlled storage manages the unit’s temperature and humidity level.

Most climate-controlled facilities have a dehumidifier and an HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The majority of climate-controlled facilities will opt to keep the humidity level around 55%, since anything above that will cause damage to most items. 

The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage in New Orleans

Living in a part of the country that has weather that ranges from cold and damp to scorching hot can make it difficult to choose somewhere to store your items. Some possessions are susceptible to the heat and the cold. Storing your things in a storage container that isn’t climate-controlled is pretty risky. Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on electronics and materials like leather. Wood is especially vulnerable to varying temperatures. It can warp through expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature.

Clothing and photographs are other examples of things that can be negatively affected by temperature extremes. If you keep documents in storage, those can be damaged as well, through yellowing and humidity. They may even be unreadable over time which is an issue if they are important documents. 

Other things that can be damaged by temperature variation can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Fine art can be significantly damaged if it is not kept in the right climate. Cold and heat can cause art to shrink and expand. Too much humidity can also cause mildew to grow on art, completely ruining it. 
  • Certain fabrics can also mold or mildew if they are exposed to too much humidity. Delicate fabrics like lace need to be stored in a certain way to keep them safe and from being destroyed.
  • Various metals can have a bad reaction to moisture in a storage container. Bed frames, sports equipment, and appliances can suffer by the way of rust or turning colors, depending on the type of metal.
  • Discs, like CDs, DVDs, and video games can’t be stored in heat. They need to be stored in a cool, dry, environment without being exposed to direct sunlight. 

Other Reasons for Climate-Controlled Storage in New Orleans

There are other reasons to opt for a climate-controlled storage facility rather than a non-climate-controlled facility. If you plan on keeping your belongings in storage for an extended period of time, climate-controlled is most likely the way to go. If you’ll be needing storage space for a few months up to a year or more, then the weather will likely vary in that time. 

As mentioned before, if you are storing valuables or items that are easily susceptible to damage, you may want to choose climate-controlled storage. Jewelry, antiques, and other irreplaceable or expensive items should get the extra safety that comes with a climate-controlled unit.

Zippy Shell Louisiana is Your Climate-Controlled Storage Company in New Orleans 

If you need climate-controlled storage in New Orleans, contact Zippy Shell Louisiana today. All of our storage units are climate-controlled, and you have a choice of several different sizes to protect your belongings.

Zippy Shell professionals will bring our storage containers to you and help you pack your new unit before taking it back to our secure facility in the New Orleans area. Whether you’re moving to a new house or apartment or you just need a place to keep your things for a while, Zippy Shell Louisiana has you covered. Give us a call at 504-332-8154.



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