Decluttering before a summer move

If you decided to move, you are probably thinking about decluttering before a summer move. And once you start to pack, you may be left with a bare apartment – and with a lot of accumulated clutter. But fear not, Zippy Shell Louisiana is here to help! We’ll give you some tips so you can be ready for fresh, new beginnings and your summer move.

Decluttering before a summer move – where to start?

If you’re wondering where to start when you are decluttering before a summer move, the answer is maybe by getting storage units Denham Springs. As you know, you may be suffocated by the wardrobe in the closets that you do not carry. Along with empty packaging in kitchen cabinets, storage with half-used jars and so on. Cleaning before you move does not have to be an exhausting activity but a job that frees up and relieves useful space, and it is an opportunity to make room for new things that you really need in your new place.

A woman reading a book - Decluttering before a summer moveabout plants.
If you decided to move, you are probably thinking about decluttering before a summer move.

This path to a clean, healthy new home can be systematic, but also much easier with a good plan and a couple of useful tips for cleaning of an apartment or house, which you will find below.

Make a good plan for cleaning – as well as for moving

In order for a cleaning job to be done properly, you need a precise. So, take time and try to be in a good mood. As we said, if you’re not sure how to declutter, you can always rent storage units Houma LA. If you are exhausted, reluctant, and see only bad things in advance, you won’t be able to do it properly. Also, when you clean, you need time. Find a free weekend, agree with your family members, share responsibilities, distribute the parts of the apartment that everyone will clean.

Make a to-do list

When you move your office, it’s so much easier than moving a household. You simply call commercial movers new Orleans, and they do all the dirty work for you. So, try to make a to-do list. List everything that your decluttering should include. This can be: throwing away unnecessary things, giving away clothes, rearranging, throwing out old furniture that will only make space, renovating, cleaning, etc. Calculate how much budget you need. What do you need to repair immediately and what can be replaced. Would a new shelf in the bathroom, kitchen, save you from unnecessary accumulation in the sink, work surfaces?

a person writing a list
List everything that your decluttering should include.

Think about what you need and what you don’t need

The thing is: you never know what you will need. But, when you want to declutter, you have to think in years… That is, in years you haven’t used something. And trust us, it can be fun. You can even declutter with kids. But before – and after – decluttering, you need to clean your home.

Get all the necessary household chemicals, garbage bags, boxes for packing things that you will dispose of. Of course, your best friend will be a quality vacuum cleaner, for all dust, dirt, crumbs. You will make your job much easier, if you disinfect under a mop steam cleaner. With the help of clean water, without wetting even the furniture and carpets too much, you get completely clean surfaces in one go.

Start by throwing away old things

The easiest way is to first get rid of everything that you really don’t need and don’t mind. Here are some suggestions on how to start:

  • Inspect children’s closets and throw out all the clothes and shoes they have outgrown. Give it to someone with smaller children or donate.
  • Also throw out your worn, tight, things that you didn’t wear for a long time. That way, you will get to the piece you forgot about at the bottom of the shelf, make new combinations and you will clearly see what you need to buy.
  • Inspect towels, kitchen towels, tablecloths, bedding. Get rid of everything that is torn, worn out, stained.
  • Check the expiration dates: from medicines, cosmetics, to groceries in the kitchen and pantry. Throw away everything that has expired.
  • Get rid of unnecessary packaging: jars, jars, bags, plastic boxes, empty boxes, bottles. Disposable packaging is just that, disposable, it is not intended to be washed and used longer, because it becomes toxic. Glass packaging must have metal lids so that it can be adequately used for winter storage and sterilization. Plastic lids can only close the jars you use in the kitchen, check how they seal, and throw away anything that is not appropriate.
a person holding a baby
Inspect children’s closets and throw out all the clothes and shoes they have outgrown.
  • Get rid of truncated cups, plates, peeled pots, dishes, scratched pans. Above all, these are unsafe and dangerous dishes. In addition, food in such dishes burns, sticks and takes much longer to prepare, therefore, it is very difficult to wash.
  • Check everything you have in the fridge, especially on the door, in the depth of the shelves, the frieze. Surely a lot of expired groceries have crept in here, you don’t even want them or they just create a mess. They are also a great source of unpleasant odors and infections.
  • Check the furniture, such as chairs, shelves, tables, for how secure they are, whether the legs are loose, whether they need to be varnished, painted, secured with additional screws, or whether you don’t need them at all.
  • Check shelves with books, children’s textbooks, piles of magazines, newspapers, flyers. Get rid of anything you don’t use or need in the future. Good luck with your move!

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