Decluttering your New Orleans home office: how to do it right?

Many people work from home. Especially now when we are in the middle of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay productive and work in a clean and healthy environment. decluttering your New Orleans home office is a crucial step in this story. And you must do it regularly if you want to feel good and stay productive. Therefore, lets us guide you through the process and maintain your working space in impeccable shape.

Are you moving or simply decluttering your New Orleans home office?

Whether you are moving or simply it is time to clean up a bit, we must do it right. In case you are moving, you must organize your space, obtain all the packing materials, and find residential movers New Orleans to help you out a bit. On the other hand, if you are cleaning and reorganizing, you still need a proper plan to do it right. So, inspect your environment and figure out how hard it would be to reorganize. Also, make a checklist with all those items that will stay and those that must go. Then, create a system and an order in which you’ll cover each part of your home office. Inspect all your items to figure out what is still usable and what to get rid of. Make a designated pile with those items and start from there.

A woman writing stuff down
Create a personalized system. Make it simple and start decluttering.

Create a system

Decluttering your New Orleans home office requires a proper system. As we already mentioned, you will have a checklist with all those items you’ll keep. Then, create an office layout because while doing a spring cleaning you can reorganize furniture as well. Why not, you are shuffling through all your belongings anyway. Hence, this would be the right moment to rotate your working table, tidy up all your cables and IT equipment, and reorganize all your office equipment. While you are at it, you should clean each piece thoroughly and bring freshness into your office. All in all, you need a system and an order in which you’ll cover all the steps.

We know it is boring, but it must be done!

Ok, let’s try to cover everything step by step. Let’s say you will start with your working desk. You should begin at your computer and remove the power source before detaching cables. Then take your monitor, laptop, speakers, and all other hardware and take it to a safe place. Preferably to another room where you’ll have a clean table with a lot of space. There you should clean your items one by one and focus on the process. The next step is to take a cardboard box and bundle up all your office equipment like pencils, papers, clipboards, ornaments, staplers, etc. Set it aside because you will bring it in later on once the whole room is clean and decluttered.

Clean everything before you start decluttering your New Orleans home office
We know you have a lot on your working table. Remove it all and start cleaning.

Do the same with your drawers. Empty everything into another box and label them if needed. Simply to not forget where your stuff was. But then again, you are reorganizing so you can decide on the spot how your new layout will look like. And finally, now when your desk is clean, remove all books and other stuff you have on your shelf and clean it out. Remove dust from books and put them back onto the shelf. Then, start working slowly on your working desk again.

Create a to-do list

Now, if you need anything along the way, you should make a to-do list along with an inventory list. Also, you will need a list with requirements to cover the whole process. For example, if you need cleaning chemicals of any of the packing supplies New Orleans, you should order online, obtain them at the nearest hardware store, or purchase through your movers. Just purchase everything you need beforehand if you want to avoid slowing down the decluttering process.

Decluttering your New Orleans home office – let’s do it!

Ok, now when you shuffled through your closet, drawers, and shelves, you surely have a pile of items you do not need anymore. If you are moving, you can pack it all and let your New Orleans moving and storage company transport it so you can deal with it later. But in case you want to keep it all and you have no time to deal with it now, there is a solution.

A guy working from home
The goal is to have a clean and productive working environment.

You can rent one of the Louisiana storage units and keep all your unwanted items there. Along with those decluttered pieces, you can put in some of the excess furniture, Christmas decoration, seasonal items, old IT equipment, etc. Anything you think of. It can be a short or long-term investment. Depending on your budget and the current situation. Think about it for a moment. But if you want to get rid of it all, there is a solution as well and we will explain it further down the line.

Get rid of all the unwanted items

After you are finally done decluttering your New Orleans home office, it is time to get rid of all those items you piled up and noted on your moving checklist. And there is a solution for it. Consider the following:

  • Sell – You can sell your items online and earn a buck or two in the process. There are surely people on Craig’s list who would appreciate an old piece of equipment, office tools, or an appliance.
  • Donate – You can donate everything to a local shelter or a charity organization. You can either drop everything at their place or schedule a pickup.
  • Give away – Check with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors if they need some of it. Depending on what you are giving away. Some items might be valuable and still usable by someone else.
  • Recycle – All your IT equipment, papers, appliances, and office equipment can be recycled and put back into circulation. Therefore, contact one of your local recycling centers and figure what would be the best way to do it.
  • Throw away – We do not recommend this one, but you can always simply throw everything away at the nearest garbage depot or in your trash. But remember, this way you are endangering the environment because plastic and metal will eventually reach the green fields.

And that was it, decluttering your New Orleans home office is boring but highly productive. You will clean up your space and feel better when working from home. After all, you are spending most of the day in your home office, it is only natural that it should be clean and organized. Good luck and have fun decluttering.

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