Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

Another relocation is just around the corner. As you already know, you must create a relocation plan, pack like a pro, find one of the storage units West Monroe LA, and search for reliable moving professionals. All steps will require some patience, time, and money. So, let us help you with one of the hardest DIY moving projects. And it is the disassembling furniture for a move and how to do it right. Let’s take a look.

How to prepare before you start disassembling furniture for a move?

Your journey begins with a moving checklist. To assemble one you must visit all rooms inside your home. Also, you should inspect your garage, attic, basement, and backyard. Note down all belongings and especially furniture. Inspect the environment as well and figure out if you can move without any obstructions. Your robust furniture might create a problem if you have narrow hallways and staircases. So, inspect everything nicely and note it down on your checklist and an inventory list. Once you have it all on paper, you can contact your Louisiana moving and storage companies and let them help you further.

A man writing stuff down on a checklist
Inspect your belongings and note everything down on your checklist.

With the info you gathered, your movers will assemble a safe and affordable moving plan. But probably the best solution is to utilize onsite estimates and let your movers evaluate everything themselves. This way they can prepare all the tools, enough manpower, and a sizeable moving vehicle. Also, they will point out where and if you need additional moving services. Their job is to improve your original moving plan and create a safe environment. Therefore, remember to ask for onsite estimates and ensure your move is safe.

Assemble a packing plan

Now when you have your moving checklist in place, you should obtain all the necessary packing supplies. It won’t be too hard because you can obtain everything at the nearest hardware store. Or you can order everything online or through your moving company. Whatever is more convenient to you. So, ensure you obtain the following items:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corner pads
  • Bubble wrap

Those are the mandatory packing materials you can use for any occasion. Although, you should focus a bit on the protective side of this story. You will need a bit more cardboard and blister packs to wrap all the individual pieces nicely. Also, you should obtain enough corner pads to protect your expensive furniture adequately. When you obtain all we mentioned, you can start disassembling furniture for a move and protect each piece individually.

Professional movers are required

If you want to have a successful and stress-free move, you should enlist a professional moving team. Especially if you have robust and expensive furniture on your hands. Therefore, search for your movers online and compare prices across the board. Compare services and reviews as well until you narrow your search down. Once you have your best choices listed, take a closer look and confirm their legitimacy. Your movers must have all the tools, equipment, and the right vehicle for the job. Also, they must appoint experienced workers and ensure they meet your demands. At some point, you should give them a call and communicate all the details until you find the best moving solution. As long as your movers are licensed, you can rest assured your moving project is in safe hands. As for the moving price, you can always negotiate and hope for the best.

disassembling furniture for a move is easier with professional help
Enlist a professional moving crew to assist you on this journey.

A storage unit can be of a great help

Ok, we must tell you that renting one of the storage units Natchitoches LA can solve all your problems. Maybe you won’t be disassembling furniture for a move at all if you decide on renting one. The storage unit is affordable, easily accessible, and it will provide enough room to store all your unused furniture. You can even add some robust pieces that will interfere with your new home layout. It is a great solution especially if you are moving into a smaller home. Therefore, check with your storage unit provider and figure out what is the closest and cheapest solution.

Moreover, you can invest a bit more and have your unit throughout the year. It is a great way to obtain an additional working space, a garage, or a place to cultivate your hobbies. So, find one of the storage units Lake Charles and become a storage unit owner today.

Disassembling furniture for a move – How to do it yourself?

So, if you decided to disassemble furniture yourself, you must take the following steps. Firstly, you should obtain all the required tools for this task. Although, you can accomplish anything with the basic tools you have at home. Basically, you’ll need a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, and protective gloves. You can use power tools as well but not for wooden pieces. Especially not for antique and extremely valuable pieces. And when you disassemble your furniture, do not lose all those screws and bolts that are holding everything together. Pack them in small baggies or in dedicated boxes because you’ll need them later to assemble everything back.

A man hammering a nail into the piece of furniture
Be sure you know what you are doing. Some furniture shouldn’t be disassembled at all.

Then, as we said earlier, you must protect your furniture and individual pieces by wrapping them up in blister packs and cardboard. And remember to take a photo before you begin breaking things apart. Also, note that some pieces are not meant to be disassembled ever. Those are usually plastic and wooden pieces but those usually have an appropriate size and can be carried over in one piece. Inspect your furniture before you attempt anything.

Your movers can help a lot

Your moving company can help a lot. They know how to load a moving truck, carry boxes and heavy furniture, and of course, how to disassemble furniture. Yes, you can purchase packing services and let your movers pack you entirely. They will help you with the furniture as well. So you should strongly consider this one. If your budget allows it, you can skip the whole packing nuisance and focus on something else. Supervise the process instead of meddling with all those boxes, tools, and packing supplies.

Disassembling furniture for a move is not an easy task at all. You must have the knowledge, tools, and patience to cover this task. Hopefully, we explain enough so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or let professional movers cover this one. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck and a safe one.

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