Fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage

Using a self-storage facility is an amazing thing. You can store all kinds of furniture, and miscellaneous items, or transform your unit into a workshop. Or something else entirely. But no matter what you use storage facilities Baton Rouge for, you must keep them clean and organized. So, we bring you several fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage. Let’s do this one together.

Creating a maintenance list is one of the best fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage!

To keep your self storage Lake Charles LA organized and well maintained, you must have a maintenance list. It should include all chores, errands, and storage-related responsibilities. Your list can be quite long, or simple and short. It all depends on the size of the unit and how many items you have inside. Also, if you are using your unit to support specific needs, it can be even longer. But in most cases, your list should look like this:

  • Complete storage inventory
  • Cleaning tools and products you’ll need to maintain the unit
  • Step-by-step personalized cleaning guide
  • Perks and specifics related to the unit
a person noting fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage
Create a maintenance list to make it easier to follow all steps accordingly

Now, you might already know that you can have 24/7 access, a guard on site, and surveillance systems. There are indoor as well as outdoor units and you can rent a bunch of different sizes. The most used one is the climate-controlled storage unit. So, depending on what kind of setup you have, you will mind the visiting schedule and the way you are maintaining it. Therefore, create your list and use it as a guide to a clean and organized storage unit.

Your unit should be clean as a whistle

Above all, you must keep your Louisiana storage unit clean. It is among the most important fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage we can give. If you clean your unit regularly, you won’t have to clean and maintain that much in the future. Although, if you are visiting your unit twice a year, then this does not apply. But if you are visiting at least once a month, then a regular cleaning method applies. It is recommended to do a bit of cleaning each time you visit. It is a simple process where you must let the breeze in, dust off your boxes and shelves, and clean the floor a bit. A simple broom and a dust cloth are all you need. Of course, a few cleaning products as well but we will cover those later.

So, organize cleaning depending on the size and the setup inside. If you have a lot of furniture in, you should cover them with a tarp to keep all the dust in one spot. The same goes for a batch of boxes. And a few scented baggies here and there along with the air moisturizer will do good. Although, if you have an earlier mentioned climate-controlled storage unit, then you won’t need those.

Use the correct cleaning products

Another among the fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage is to use the correct set of cleaning supplies. You shouldn’t use any volatile and flammable liquids or hazardous materials. Unless you are supporting a hobby or a business. Then, you can use some of it but before you do, consult with your storage provider. Simply because most of the harsh chemicals are forbidden inside the storage facility. So, to keep your unit clean, all you need are essential home cleaning products. You can buy those at any hardware store or a Home Depot. If you do not want to purchase anything new, simply use those you already have in your home. The ones that you are using to clean your kitchen and bathroom should do just fine. And remember, do not overdo it. A simple swipe here and there is enough if you do it regularly.

a person cleaning the flat surface
One of the biggest fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage is to clean your unit often!

Follow the rules

All warehouses and storage facilities have rules and regulations. Some rules are set by state law while others can be customer specific. But all you need to know here is that your storage provider must present you with those rules before you rent a storage unit. And since you already have one, you probably know this already. If not, then your storage provider is doing something wrong. So, if there are no rules and regulations, then your items are not safe. If that is the case, change the provider as soon as possible or investigate further. Zippy Shell Louisiana has some of the best units in the state. Therefore, you will not make a mistake by renting one of our storage units.

Now, considering the rules, you should know all about the list of prohibited items. Those are usually flammable objects, liquids, animals, food, gunpowder, guns, etc. The list is far too long for us to explain, and they vary a bit depending on the state law, provider, and other circumstances. Then, there are rules related to the time of visit, if you can bring anyone, how to use your unit, the noise and pollution regulations, and much more. So, read all about it before you rent a unit and if you are already a unit owner, update your knowledge about it. This way you will avoid unpleasant situations.

Organizing your storage unit properly

In the end, you will organize it the way you like. Yes, using our tips will help a lot but you must decide how to design your unit to get the most out of the space you have. The shelving system is one of the best options for sure. All you must do is choose whether you want a piece of furniture you already have to serve as a holder or purchase a brand-new one. You can choose from wooden, metal, or plastic constructions.

a man inside a warehouse
Any kind of shelving system will help you keep your items organized

IKEA furniture is a good solution. Or you can have them custom-made. As for the boxes, you can easily stack them on top of each other in a designated corner. And bigger furniture can go right next to it or in the middle of the unit. Just make sure to leave enough space to move around. It will be easier for all activities, cleaning included.

How to pack for storage properly?

Obviously, you can’t organize like a pro without an adequate set of packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, blister packs, packing paper, adhesive tape, and labels. And use it all in the same way you would use it when relocating. Place smaller items in boxes and use tape to keep them closed. Use wraps and covers to protect furniture. And of course, labels to keep your inventory in check. Simple as that. And since you have already created your inventory list, just add a tracking system to it. Each label can match a number or the color on the box.

These were the fall maintenance tips for your Louisiana self storage. Now that you know how to do it, you shouldn’t run away from it anymore. Yes, no one loves cleaning and re-organizing. But do it once and clean it every once in a while, and you’ll be extremely satisfied with the result. After all, maintaining hygiene is important, and you should start with your unit. Good luck.


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