Guide for moving from Shreveport to Alexandria, LA

Whether you are moving as a single or with a family, relocation is a huge challenge you need to get through. Although you will need to put effort to move your home, this can be an ideal decision for your future. If you have been living in Shreveport, LA for a long time, maybe it is time for a change. As your needs change, you might need to consider leaving Shreveport and settling down in some other city. In case you are interested in Alexandria, LA, now you are at the ideal place. Today our relocation specialists from Zippy Shell Louisiana will help you prepare for moving from Shreveport to Alexandria, LA. We will remind you of things you should bear in mind if you decide to move home to Alexandria from Shreveport. So, let’s prepare for this adventure together!

Learn how to prepare for moving from Shreveport to Alexandria

Although you are not moving across the state lines, moving to a different city has its challenges. Before people decide on moving, they are completely occupied with conducting the moving process. This is the common reason why people don’t spend enough time finding out if the new city is the right place for them. But our moving and storage experts in Louisiana will help you do all you need to do before you decide to move. We offer excellent moving services, self storage Shreveport and more so you can organize your relocation on short notice. Cooperating with our company will let’ you enough time to find out what to expect after relocation from Shreveport to Alexandria. Also, after you appoint our services, you can take time and go and visit Alexandria. This will help you realize if this is a good choice for you.

house surrounded by nature
Before moving from Shreveport to Alexandria make sure to prepare a good moving plan.

One of the first things you need to do after you opt for leaving Shreveport is to find a new home in Alexandria. So, take the advice from residential movers Louisiana has to offer and calculate your budget first. Then, determine the type of housing option you are looking for in Alexandria. One of the things to keep in mind is that housing costs in Alexandria are 5% higher than in Shreveport. Although Shreveport is a more populated city than Alexandria, you will need to invest a bit more money if buying or renting a home in Alexandria. So, take enough time for your home search, keep your priorities in mind and you’ll find what you are looking for. After you find a new home, it will be easier for you to plan your relocation to Alexandria.

Things to expect after relocating from Shreveport to Alexandria

If you are looking for an escape from the city with about 193000 residents such as Shreveport, Alexandria will be ideal for you. This city is home to about 47000 people and provides a suburban feel nice for families. It is a phenomenal place for a slower pace but still has all amenities that you need. Also, the city has many attractions, things to do, and places to visit. After you place your possessions in one of the storage units Alexandria LA has to offer, take to get to know the city. This place has a small-town charm and has something for every family member. If you are a history lover, dog lover, or beer and coffee lover, you will fall in love with Alexandria soon. The city is known for mentioned things and for sure you will enjoy them too.

Father and son running with a kite
Get ready for plenty of fun outdoor activities.

One of the first places to visit in Alexandria is Old Town located at the Potomac river waterfront. This historic neighborhood abounds with nice restaurants, boutiques, and lodging options. Unlike Shreveport, in Alexandria, you can enjoy safe neighborhoods with low crime rates. The city is walkable and has beautiful architecture and modern amenities. Although you are close to D.C. you are not in D.C. The city has excellent transportation options and it is welcoming for all who ride a bike. Here you can enjoy tasteful food, long walks with your dog, and many other recreation options. If you are an outdoor lover, you will spend a lot of time by the Potomac River. Don’t hesitate and get a moving quote and start planning your move from Shreveport to Alexandria.

Make a good moving plan in order to move stress-free

Even an intrastate move requires a lot of preparation. Although the distance between Shreveport and Alexandria is just 130 miles, you should prepare for the big day. Even if you are considering a DIY move, make sure to think twice. This will be a good option for people who need to move from small apartments and don’t have a lot of items. But if you are moving from Shreveport to Alexandria with a family, consider hiring professional movers. Opt for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registered movers and avoid dealing with scammers. Also, make sure to opt for a move in the nice weather and you will skip potential trouble. Even if you don’t have to transport your possession far away from your current home, make sure to prepare them properly. Take your time to properly protect your belongings if you want them to arrive in pristine condition in your new home.

Family moving holding boxes before moving from Shreveport to Alexandria
Instead of moving alone, hire professional movers for a seamless move.

For many families moving presents a stressful experience. They even need weeks to recover from all the stress they have been going through. But when you opt for moving from Shreveport to Alexandria, there is no room for stress. These two cities are close enough to conduct your move in just a day. So, visit your new home in Alexandria and prepare everything for your arrival. Our reliable and experienced movers will help you leave your Shreveport home quickly and smoothly. We will help transport your items and get through your move on short notice and without any complications. Hope you will have a seamless and pleasant move!




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