Guide for relocating stuff from one storage unit to another

Renting a storage unit while you move can be very helpful. You can store household items you don’t plan to use right after your move. Your gardening tools or furniture can wait in storage until you tidy up your new garden. Also, you can store your seasonal items like beach or ski gear. You can keep them in your storage facility until you need them again. But when moving to another city or state, you’ll have to cancel your storage and rent another one. Relocating stuff from one storage unit to another doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the help of reputable movers like Zippy Shell Louisiana, you don’t have to worry about switching storage units. We can arrange to move your items out of your old storage and transport them to a new one as soon as possible.

Why do you need a storage unit in the first place?

If you ever wondered about this question, let me remind you about clutter. Storage units are ideal for decluttering your house while you redecorate or renovate your home. Also, they come in handy when moving out, to store items you don’t want to move to your new place yet. All those things like old sofas, bikes, or collectibles, would get in the way on a moving day. It’s wiser to rent self-storage for storing your items. You choose the unit size, which ranges from large lockers to garage-size units. Besides that, you can opt for security surveillance or climate-controlled units. That depends on the value and the number of items you’re going to store. Also, you can rent them for as long as you need. Louisiana storage units are suitable for all your things and can be climate-controlled, portable, and secured.

Woman relocating stuff from one storage unit to another.
Rent a storage unit and avoid clutter in your home.

Moving out of your storage unit

When moving out of the storage facility, pay attention to a few things. Contact your facility manager and inquire about the cancelation process. Only the month-to-month rentals give you the freedom to move out whenever you want. Still, try to cancel your storage at least a month in advance. It’ll give you enough time to arrange everything else, from packing to the transportation to another facility. As for transportation, you’ll have to find an appropriate vehicle, too. Also, ask about your responsibilities, such as cleaning the storage. Otherwise, they will charge you a cleaning fee. Don’t forget to remove the lock from your storage. It belongs to you, and you can use it in your future storage. For whatever reason you switch from other storage to Elmwood self storage, make sure you reconsider your options. You can choose from units parked in your backyard or one of our secure storage facilities.

Warehouse indoors.
Relocating stuff from one storage unit to another is easy with the help of reliable movers.

How to pick the right kind of storage for your needs

This part is slightly more challenging than the previous one. This time you need to pick the right size unit and organize loading and transportation. It might seem easy, but it can also be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Try to pick the right size of the vehicle and schedule it. Another thing that might ruin your day is an insufficient storage place. Therefore, make an inventory list and consult your movers. They can give you a rough estimate of the size of the storage units Denham Springs. We offer quality and affordable storage units for the safekeeping of your items. If you’re not sure what kind of storage unit you need, here are a few types of units that might meet your needs.

  • Self-storage is the most used type since is very convenient. As a self-storage user, you’re in charge of everything, picking up, delivery, paperwork, etc.
  • Full-service storage is very helpful when you’re short on time or don’t have the resources to move your items. This option includes pick up, shipping, and storing your belongings. Also, many of these facilities will make an inventory list of your items, backed up with photos. You can access them from your smartphone.
  • The climate-controlled storage unit is insulated, and it guarantees a certain temperature level. Also, some units offer humidity control, too. These are perfect for storing antiques or any other delicate items.
  • Portable storage containers or mobile storages are suitable for those in process of moving who want some of their items temporarily stored. This service provides you with a container at your home.
  • Opting for indoor and outdoor units depends on whether your items require some protection from the elements.

Moving into your new storage unit

The best-case scenario is having the same moving company relocating stuff from one storage unit to another. It’s easier and less complicated relocating stuff from one storage to another that way. Go through your items and pack them in a way to protect them from elements, pests, and humidity. Consult the management about the parking and move-in procedures. Arrange loading help and transportation on the same day if possible. If not, maybe you could park your vehicle in front of the storage and load it the next day. Try to avoid weekends and holidays to avoid the crowd. When loading in, make sure to store the rarely used items first. The stuff you’re going to use soon place near the entrance. Label the boxes clearly and put the lighter ones on top. Finally, spread an extra sheet on top of it all, as protection against the dust.

White moving van in front of the brown building.
Estimate the size of the vehicle that’s going to fit your items.

Choose the options that fit your needs

Renting storage units has become a necessity in the modern lifestyle. It compensates for the lack of storage places in homes. Finding a proper unit that satisfies your needs is easier than ever. They came in sizes from lockers to double-garage sizes. Pick the one that fits the number of your items. It is not profitable to rent a unit larger than needed. Try to estimate the suitable size if you’re relocating stuff from one storage unit to another. And always hire a reliable mover.

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