Guide for storing your patio set in Metairie

Winter is coming! Although this is the famous TV series quote, we really mean it. Winter is coming soon, and that means saying goodbye to spending time on your patio. Of course, it is not going to be that easy. You have to store your patio set in a safe place. You will use it again before you know it. We at Zippy Shell Louisiana understand how important it is to store your patio set properly. We have prepared a guide for storing your patio set in Metairie.

Climate in Metairie

Before we start talking about storing your patio set, let us talk about the climate in Metairie. The climate in Metairie is humid subtropical. Summers are humid and hot, while the winters are mild and dry. Temperatures in summer go from 90 °F and higher. In winter the maximum temperature can be 50 °F.

Cold weather can, therefore, damage your furniture, if you do not store it properly. Rain, ice, and snow, can make outdoor furniture rot and rust. It is extremely important that you protect your patio set during this weather.

patio sofa and table near a pool
Make sure you take care of your patio set

How to handle your patio set before storing it in Metairie

There are parts of the patio set you can leave outside during the cold weather. What you can leave outside are composite furniture, wood, and aluminum furniture. As for the composite furniture, they will be fine outside no matter the time of the year. Make sure your aluminum furniture is completely dry, inside out. While it might seem that covering your wooden furniture is a good idea, avoid doing that. You need to stop the moisture from staying on it and further damaging it.

Some outdoor furniture you simply cannot leave outside. The furniture you have to move inside is:

  • upholstery, umbrellas, and outdoor rugs
  • stone tabletops
  • stell furniture
  • wicker sofas and cushions
  • natural rattan chairs
  • plastic furniture.

If you have a grill, consider taking it in. If you plan on leaving it outside, make sure you clean it. On the other hand, if you plan to store it, disconnect the gas line, or the propane tank.

grilling meat on a grill
Clean each piece of your furniture according to the material it is made of

Things to do before storing your patio set in Metairie

There are a couple of things you should do before you store your patio set. You would not just put back your dirty dishes into the cupboard right? It is the same in this case. You need to tune up your patio set before storing it away.

First of all, clean your furniture according to the materials they are made of. You can simply clean any glass furniture with a glass cleaner. To clean your wicker furniture, you can make a bleach and water solution, and use a brush to clean it. Do not forget to rinse it after. Furniture made of plastic and metal can simply be cleaned with water and soap.

Of course, it is extremely important that you let your furniture dry thoroughly after you clean it. If you do not dry them properly, moisture can damage them.

In the end, have your furniture properly stacked in order to save storage space. Cover them with a blanket or other type of cover, to protect them from dust. If you do not possess proper storage that can keep your furniture safely, contact New Orleans local movers, and rent a storage unit.

A simple guide for storing your patio set in Metairie

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about storing your patio set, is that you can do it by yourself. You probably own a little shed or a garage, and you can put it away there. We agree that self storage Metairie way is the proper one. But some people do not possess this luxury. Usually, you would have to ask your family or friends to use their shed or garage. But remember that they have to store their own things. So you might be limited as to how many pieces of furniture you can put away. And what about the rest?

Also, if you scatter your things between different storage places, it will only make things more challenging. It is another obligation that you can add to your list when you have to pick up everything in order to bring it back.

Contact moving companies

Even though when you say “moving company“, you might think they only handle that – moving. But a lot of moving companies offer storage services. Make sure you check out offers from your residential movers New Orleans.

Zippy Shell Louisiana offers different types of storage. We have portable storage, on-site storage, climate-controlled storage, and long-term storage. If you are worried about the safety of your patio set or have concerns about it being damaged, do not worry. Our storages are weather-proof, and we can control their temperature. We will make sure everything is set according to your furniture demands.

Another service we offer is bringing the storage unit to your house. Our storage units fit any driveway, so they will not take up too much space. And you can use them as much as needed. We are here to fulfill your needs. And make any type of moving or storing your things as easy as it can be.

a man standing next a moving van
Contact moving companies for storing your patio set in Metairie

Summing up

We covered some general things for storing your patio set in Metairie. Make sure you properly clean, and pack your patio set, before anything else. As it comes to storing it, make sure you choose the best option for that. Feel free to contact our company, and get all the information you need about storing your patio set. If you need some advice on cleaning and packing it as well, we are there for you. Let the professionals handle everything, so you can use your time more wisely. And, do not worry, there will be a time soon enough to unpack your patio set. And let yourself enjoy the time you spend outside.

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