Guide on storing your Lake Charles memorabilia 

Once in a while, we all feel the need to clear up our living spaces. The best way to do so is to get yourself a storage unit if you don’t have enough free space at your home. There are all kinds of different storages that you can choose based on your needs. If you have valuable, sensitive items you can use climate-controlled storage, or you can use a small self-storage unit. Once you decide on what belongings you want to store, you can start exploring the types and benefits of storage units Zippy Shell Louisiana has to offer for storing your Lake Charles memorabilia.

Always start the process with decluttering

The first thing you should do any time you want to store something is to declutter. This basically means that you have to sort out everything and decide if you are going to keep everything or throw something away.  When you are using self storage Lake Charles LA it is important that you use up space smartly. Self-storage should not store any junk. For this reason, you should also clear the items that bring bad memories. Not everything should be kept. When you are storing your memorabilia in a storage unit, you need to prepare packing supplies.

a woman decluttering
There is no need to store junk – declutter before you rent a storage unit

Use quality packing supplies for storing your Lake Charles memorabilia

You might think that it’s unnecessary to buy packing supplies just so you could pack them in a self storage unit. However, this is actually an important step in order to safely store your valuables. Quality packing supplies New Orleans will prevent your precious items from being damaged. Once you have decided what you will store in self storage, you should prepare:

  • Old newspapers or paper bags – wrap everything breakable separately
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Old towels – it is better to use small towels or old clothes to secure items from colliding and damaging
  • Small plastic containers for smaller pieces of valuables

Display some of your memories in a creative way

A self storage unit is very useful for items you aren’t using often. It is easily accessible and it will keep your memories safe. On the other hand, if you have some kind of collectibles or old photos, you could find a beautiful way to display them in your home. You can use a display glass box or an interesting frame and place them inside. This way they are safely stored and you get to see them every day.

displaying old photos
Find some creative way to display your memorabilia

Just make sure that you choose only the dearest memories, so you don’t overcrowd your space. You can find a lot of interesting ways online and make a DIY project and have fun. Everything you won’t display should be packed in Louisiana self storage.

Choose a self storage unit after you pack all the memories

After you have done the tedious task of securing and packing your belongings, choose the size of the storage unit for storing your Lake Charles memorabilia. Of course, make sure that you prepare your items for storage properly if you want them to stay safe.

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