Guide to moving books from one storage to another

Using storage units an be useful on so many different levels. Most people use storage units when moving. But sometimes people use storage unit to store away items which take too much space in our homes. Sometimes we might have many books and too little space to keep them there. Anyone who has ever owned books knows the frustration when the pages bent over or ripped pages. For this reason, when you wish to transport books from one place to another, you need to store them properly. Zippy Shell Louisiana is a company that offers different storage and transportation options. There may come the time when you will need to transport books from one place to another. But you will need to first prepare them for transport. Read and learn about moving books from one storage to another.

a woman preparing for moving books from one storage to another
You need to prepare the books well

Why do you need to prepare books for transport?

Books can be very sensitive items. Even when we keep them in our homes, we must keep them in certain places and preserve their good condition. People usually keep them on wooden shelves. However, when we do not have enough space in homes, we can keep them in certain units. You may keep them in storage units Lake Charles. Your books are safe in this kind of unit. however, if you need to move to a new home, you need to prepare those books in the unit for transportation. Book overs and their pages can easily undergo any damage if you do not handle them properly. Therefore, you will need some skills and the right packing materials to prepare these items before taking them to another storage unit.Therefore, get on finding the right storage and proper packing materials so you can have enough time to pack them.

What to do first when moving books from one storage to another

Among the first actions you need to take is to contact a company that can offer the right type of a storage unit. Remember that not all storage units are suitable for storing books. They need to have protection from very high or low temperatures. Storage units Hammond LA can offer such type of a storage unit. Then, you need to check what is the size of the unit you are about to rent.

two people wrapping up books
You need to prepare well for moving books from one storage to another

Parallel to that action, you need to go through all the books in your storage unit. Start by checking each one of them and  see if you really wish to keep all of them. Ask yourself if you really need all those books? Book collectors know how hard it an be to let go some pieces.  Therefore, give yourself enough time to slowly go through them and decide which to keep.

Group your books by size before packing

Now that you have a final list of all the books you wish to keep, its time to start preparing them for packing. It is time to decide which will go together into which box. The more books you have, more easily you will notice that they come in different sizes. They look nice on your shelves, however it is not always easy to sort them out. Start by organizing piles of books by the size and also by the type of covers they have so you can keep your climate controlled storage organized. Bunch books together also by the type of cover they have. If you put together hard cover books, you will reduce the chances of damaging them. remember that books are heavy to carry, so do not put too much in one box. in addition, make sure to use fillers in between.

Use firm boxes or suitcases

When it comes to packing books, you need to bear several things in mind. First of all, the size and shape. Then sorting by different covers, and finally by weight. Before you start packing them, make sure that you have the right type of boxes for this action. in this case make sure that you have some higher quality boxes. What is the point of saving on boxes, if you damage your books in transport?

books in a suitcase
You an use your suitcases for packing books

For large books, get some boxes of sturdy materials or a suitcase. Make sure to put the heaviest books at the bottom of the box. Medium-weight books should go in the middle and the lightest ones on the top. For some small pocket edition books, you can use some cardboard boxes in great condition. apart from boxes, you will need packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

Other tips for moving books from one storage to another

When moving books from one storage to another, it is important to decide what to do with those you do not plan to take. For example, you an go to a storage unit with your friends and go through the pile you no longer want. Your friends may wish to take some books for their collection. you can always donate them to a certain charity organization or a local library. In addition, if you have time you can organize a garage sale for all the titles you no longer want. This is a great opportunity for you to earn some money and use it for paying a rent in a new storage unit. In addition, there are three safe ways to pack your books. Put the flat on their backs. If standing up, spines should be facing the walls of the boxes.

Moving books from one storage to another is certainly not easy. The most important thing to have in mind is the safety of your books. You need to make sure not to damage them either during packing  or when storing them in a storage unit. Once you put them in appropriate size of the boxes, secure the boxes with double layers of tape. Finally, remember to label them properly so both you or a transporting company know how to load them on the truck. In addition, it would be much easier for you when the unpacking starts.

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