How to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

Bulky items are often a big problem to move, store and fit into a home. However, there are certain appliances, as well as furniture, that are bulky, yet quite necessary. Even if we do not need them right now, we want to store them for later. So, how do we arrange bulky items in a storage unit without having issues and making the most out of the space we have? Luckily, today, we talk just about that. Furthermore, if you are in need, whether of relocation, or storage services, you can rely on professional moving companies, like Zippy Shell Louisiana. Having a proper storage unit is as important as the way you store items inside it. More importantly, the better the storage unit is, the easier it will be to organize everything inside it. Nonetheless, let us discuss ways you can organize your unit.

What to do to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

Organizing your storage unit is an important thing to think about. Just because you have a spare room for your items does not mean that you can simply throw them inside and forget about them. This is especially important when you plan to store bulky furniture or appliances. Due to their size and weight, these items can cause potential problems to other items inside your unit. Therefore, you should always come up with a plan on how you want to do it.

a man in a stiped shirt thinking of ways to arrange bulky items in a storage unit
Although it might seem like an easy task, fitting these large items inside a unit will require planning

Luckily, today we will help you tackle this issue and make the most out of your unit. Furthermore, as you store your items in New Orleans storage, you want to create an order, so you can have an easier time taking items out when you need to. Thus, the way you organize your unit can benefit on more fronts than just one.

First of all, re-organize your storage unit

If you already have a storage unit, you probably have certain items inside it. With that in mind, you will probably need to ensure you have enough room to fit these, new, bulky, items inside. To do so, you will have to visit and reorganize your entire unit. The best way to start is to measure the items you want to place inside. Later, you want to come to the unit and see what space will they require. Next, you need to make sure that these items can fit without imposing any issues on other items within the unit. If any of these bulky items fall or tip over, they can impose serious issues on the items that surround them. Therefore, finding a new way to organize everything before you place these items is a must. So, make sure you devote enough time to this reorganization process.

Disassemble what you can before placing an item in a unit

To arrange bulky items in a storage unit means taking most of the space you have in the unit. To avoid this, ideally, you would want to disassemble each bulky item you have. This is the first step to preventing damage during a move or storage organization. Furthermore, by disassembling everything, you will ensure that you have an easier time packing and storing these items.

small parts of an item arranged in a neat order
It is important that you disassemble everything you can and make sure not to lose any of the small parts

One of the main characteristics of bulky items is that they take a lot of space. Moreover, they are quite difficult to handle and can create serious issues if done wrong. So, to combat this, you simply want to ensure that you can take off any part that can be taken off. That way, not only will you have an easier time handling them, but you will also lower any potential risks.

Arrange bulky items in a storage unit by creating space for them

Your refrigerator or your couch will require a lot of space as you store them. Now, regardless of your storage unit is full or not, you want to utilize the space you have. By this, we mean that you want to store these items in a manner that will not cause any further issues if you have other things to store. With space being the biggest issue here, you want to store these items so they do not take up too much space. Seems hard, right? Well, one way to do so, whether in on site storage containers or in remote units, is to store the items vertically. Additionally, you would want to seek to store them at the back of the unit. That way, you reduce the chances of the items falling on you or others as you open the unit. More importantly, you ensure the items are safe.

Make sure your items have proper conditions

Bulky items are usually pretty sensitive to outer conditions. Therefore, it is up to your to provide them with adequate conditions while inside a storage unit. Some of the most common conditions you can choose are:

  • Room temperature storage units
  • Cool temperature storage units
  • Cold temperature storage units
  • Fridge temperature storage units
an inside view of storage units
If you do not opt for climate control, try to find a storage unit that is not easily accessible to water from the outside

Aside from renting climate controlled portable containers, you can also choose to have pest control in your unit. This is another important factor to consider. Aside from temperature, your items will be threatened by pests that can easily call your storage their home. The temperature control allows you to choose an optimal condition for items made out of wood, or electrical parts of appliances. For instance, appliances and furniture do not go well with moisture or excess water. Therefore, choosing the right temperature is very important.

Avoid stacking heavy items one on top of another

The most common mistake people make is stacking heavy items inside storage. Logically, if you want to arrange bulky items in a storage unit, you want to secure their safety. Well, stacking them one on top of another is not securing their safety, quite the opposite. Instead, find a way to store them so they can provide support to each other in case of tipping over or falling. However, avoid placing them one on top of another as this can only create bigger issues. Furthermore, what would happen if you need the item that is beneath other items? Trying to pull it out will cause damage to the items above. On the other hand, you would have to lift and move all of the items from above to get to the one at the bottom.

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