How to create additional space in your home by using storage units?

Many people don’t think about the space in their new homes when they are about to move away. Which sometimes can be a problem. It can easily happen that after you relocate, you end up without free space for your items. Sometimes it is because you brought with you too many things. Or it can happen because the new home is a lot smaller than your previous one. Whatever the reasons are, you will have to create additional space in your home. And you can easily do that by using the storage units  There are many benefits of storage options, and this is only one of them. So, what you should do is ask your professional moving company for a storage option and advice about it, if it is your first time hearing about it.

Storage units with green doors.
If you want to create additional space in your home by using storage units, first choose storage.

How to choose the size of storage when you want to create additional space in your home with storage solutions

It is very important that once you decide that you want to create additional space in your home by using storage units, you know where to look and what to look for. There are many various options on the market, and it is not advisable to choose the first option you run into. Instead, you need to figure out multiple things before you bring any kind of decision. For instance, knowing the type of storage and the size of it is very important.

Choosing the size of your storage unit depends on the number of items you will store there. You firstly need to figure out what you want to store, and for how long. When you realize what is the amount of the items you are storing, you can choose the size of them. There are a few size options from which you can choose:

  • 5×5
  • 5×7
  • 5×10
  • 10×10
  • 10×15
  • 10×20
  • 10×30

They all have different capacities, as you know, and you need to figure out which one is suitable for you. You should feel free to ask your movers about the sizes of storage units Denham Springs. They will also explain everything better to you, so you can understand it before you decide.

Once you know the size, you need to figure out which type of storage solution you need for your purposes

In the same way, there are different sizes of storage options, there are types. You can’t choose just any storage that is available at that moment. You must know where you are storing your belongings. The main thing you should worry about is that you keep those items safe while they are stored. For this reason, not only choosing storage is important. But the way how you store items is important too.

When it comes to types, there are also several:

  • Indoor storage units
  • Outdoor storage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • On-site containers
  • Drive-on storage
  • Vehicle storage, and so on

They are all made for different purposes. For sure, no matter what you are storing in your home, climate-controlled storage is the best solution. You can control the temperature and the air inside, so you will know that your possessions will last for a long time there. Without any damage. Outdoor storages are usually for some huge items and vehicles, so you can skip that one. On-site containers are a good option because you can put them wherever you prefer. If you want to have them in your backyard, on the next street, or next to your work, you can have them.

Now that you know which storage units Baton Rouge exist, you need to chose what is the most suitable option for you. When you figure out this, you need to prepare for packing, if you want to prevent damage to your items.

Packing supplies in a cardboard box.
Get the packing supplies and prepare your items.

When you want to store items to create additional space in your home, you must pack them properly

Packing for a relocation is for sure not a hard thing to do. But when you need to pack your items to store them, you need to know-how. Sometimes, if you don’t do it properly, you can easily cause some kind of damage to more sensitive things. For this reason, learn how to pack, to prevent such things from happening.

Firstly, you need to get proper supplies. What is advisable, is that you either make or buy shelves for storage units. This will help with the space and organizing the whole unit. You will also need either plastic boxes or cardboard ones. But for sure, the plastic ones are better for this option. You will need some styrofoam balls and bubble wrap. And don’t forget a marker so you can label boxes.

Once you have everything, you can start packing. First, get the heaviest items and pack them at the bottom of your boxes. And those boxes store on the bottom of the shelf. The higher you go, the lighter boxes should be. It is very important that you properly clean and dry everything. Remember not to overfill the boxes, because it can get to some breakage or damage. Also, sensitive and easily breakable items wrap with bubble wrap and secure with styrofoam balls. Label each box so you know at every moment where the specific item is.

Leave as much free space as possible in your new home

You probably already know this, but the more space in a home, the better. Now that you already are using Louisiana self storage options, you can do more. When you are decorating and rearranging your home, you should make it look minimalistic. The fewer items you have around, the bigger your home will seem. And for sure, there will be much less clutter each day. You should leave only some decorations in specific places. And plants, for instance.

Also, if you have too many furniture elements, store some of them. You don’t use everything, for sure. And you will have more free space if you store them. In case you might need it again, you can always take it from your storage. Now is the perfect time that you redecorate your entire home.

Minimalist designed home.
It is better if your home is spacious and designed minimalistic.

Get extra security

All storage units are mostly safe. But sometimes, you can’t depend on that saying. Just in case, to be completely sure, you should get some extra security for your storage unit. You can either buy a lock or some security cameras. Whatever you prefer more.

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