How to declutter your garage before moving

Do you need to declutter your garage before moving, but you don’t know where to start? Zippy Shell Louisiana will help you have an efficient garage decluttering session. Declutter your garage before moving is not only cathartic, but it also saves money on moving services and storage solutions. Most garages contain items that we no longer use and that we should probably gift, sell, or throw away. Instead of bringing unwanted items into your new home, take the time to troubleshoot your garage before seeking quotes for moving services or for storage solutions.

declutter your garage before moving
Declutter your garage before moving by organizing items by type.

3 basic steps which will help you declutter your garage before moving

The organization is the backbone of every storage and moving process. Let’s dive in to!

Step 1

The first step to finding everything in the garage is to get a vague idea of what you have. Create four piles of items: 

  • Storage – Those are the items that go to some of the storage units Natchitoches LA offers. 
  • Disposal – Place the items that need to be dumped in the trash or placed in a landfill, in boxes to have them ready for disposal right away.
  • Donate/Recycle – Underutilized items available to people in need (try goodwill, salvation forces, or even local shelters that can even turn your old cell phone into a lifeline) 
  • Sale – Sell items that are in good condition online
  • Craigslist – Items you use regularly, or items of personal value

Step 2

The second step is to separate objects that can not be moved. By law, moving services cannot transport your hazardous materials for safety reasons. Storage solutions may not be suitable either, but you can ask storage units Marrero for help. Find a way to safely dispose of hazardous materials, for example on community gathering days.

Step 3

And the last step is to check if you have some unfinished projects. It is common for people to hold onto purchased materials for unfinished improvement projects. Decide if you want to finish or scrap projects before starting to declutter your garage before moving. If the improvements don’t improve your home’s sale or value or aren’t required by a sales contract, you can avoid stress and focus on all the other aspects of the move. Eliminating things in rooms like your garage can ultimately make unpacking in your new home easier. Also, it is not worth decluttering. It feels good to get rid of the items you no longer want or need.

trash can
Throw away everything that you’re not using at least once in 4 months.

How to declutter your garage before moving easily?

Depending on the size of your garage and clutter, choose to dedicate an entire day or a whole week to declaring and organizing your garage. Self storage Lafayette can be incredibly helpful in case you need extra space. Make your garage cleaning a family project. Include family members, relatives, or a few close friends. This will help speed up the process. Go through everything and sort them into four piles – keep, give, sell, throw. The best advice for deciding which items to skip is to ask yourself the only question: Have I used this in the past year? If your answer is no, it’s time to get rid of it. 

Don’t hold onto unnecessary items!

Don’t keep things you think you will never use. Wouldn’t you like to freely be able to walk to the place where these objects are now? The money has already been spent, so whether you keep the item (and never use it) or let it go, the money spent will not be returned. It’s best to just let go and make good decisions about spending in the futureDiscard or recycle items you have decided to dispose of. Pack donations in your car and leave them at the nearest donation center. Set aside items that you plan to sell at the next garage sale. If you are thinking of selling a garage, plan it now.

What about things that are left?

First, determine how much space your car is taking, then work with the rest of the space by placing items around the rooms based on their type and usage. 

  • Commonly used: Items such as shopping bags and pet leashes should be easily reachable – perhaps place them on a hook on the door. 
  • Shared objects: Create zones for groups such as car maintenance, gardening, and sports equipment and put similar items close to each other.
  • Bulk items: Use the two rear corners of the garage to store bulk items such as lawnmowers or snow blowers. 
  • Rarely used: Place rarely used items, such as Christmas decorations or snow tires, on the high shelves of sturdy shelving or install an overhead storage system. Make sure your garage door ceiling does not interfere with storage. 
  • Accessories and bicycles: Tools such as shovels, racks, and bicycles are best hung on the wall. 
professional movers
Get help from the professionals to avoid injuries!

Organize garage clutter after sorting items

Evaluate your garage storage space and begin storing items in your proper places. Here are some simple ways to create more storage space in your garage: 

  • Use the space you have, use what you have, or buy the right product and
  • Make sure dangerous items (chemicals, appliances) are stored in a closed cabinet 

When you’re planning to declutter your garage before moving, do not buy an organizing system and then install it and see if it fits in all of your belongings. Instead, adopt a cost-effective approach to storage planning. Start with some basic garage organizers, such as shelves and good step stools. Work with the basics and then expand as you deem appropriate. Since different types of items are stored in the garage, it is recommended that all three experts organize them in a different zone.

When you declutter your garage before moving, try to stay organized

Once you are done with unpacking, you will have a clean, organized garage. The next step is to work all year to make it happen. Keep the floor space as clear as possible. Periodically spray the insects to keep them away. Sweep and hose regularly to remove dirt. Decluttering your garage before moving should not be tedious. With these tips, you can tackle this problem slowly and reclaim your space within a week. If you need help with moving heavy items, whether when decluttering a garage, or relocating, give Zippy Shell Louisiana a call. Have all the heavy lifting done for you

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