How to declutter your Lafayette condo this spring

Spring is coming, and you know what that means – spring cleaning. It is a task many people dread and put off. But with some pieces of advice from Louisiana moving and storage professionals and a little bit of planning on your part, it should be a breeze. By following this short guide you’ll be able to declutter your Lafayette condo this spring just in time to enjoy the warmer weather.

Why is spring cleaning important

It’s no coincidence spring cleaning is a thing. Spring cleaning is meant to declutter your home after winter to prepare for a warmer climate. Winter can get quite dirty, especially when it’s snowy or rainy. You drag in winter dirt, and the differences in temperature can easily create mold in your Lafayette condo. Studies show that people thrive in clean and decluttered areas. You can find your items more easily, and you know what they say – messy house, messy mind.

A mop cleaning hardwood floors
Your first step in decluttering is cleaning, of course!

How storage can help declutter your Lafayette condo this spring

Storing your items in a storage facility can help you declutter in many ways. If you have items that you can’t part with, but no longer have space for them – storage is the sure way to go.  One of the best options is to use self storage Lafayette which allows you to keep all your items on a flexible basis. The best part is t climate-control which is important for that Lafayette summer heat.

How to declutter your Lafayette condo

The first step in doing anything should always be cleaning. Clean all your possessions and sort them into separate piles. Choose what you want to keep, throw away, donate or sell. You can sell online all the items that are in a good condition or you could even organize a yard sale. If you want to donate, Goodwill organization is always the best option.

Shortly, some important steps to declutter your Lafayette condo:

  1. Clean  all your clothes and furniture
  2. Decide on what you no longer need or want
  3. Store it, donate it or sell it

To declutter like a pro, always go one room at a time. In the end, you will have decluttered your condo, but without making an unnecessary mess. After looking at all the things you no longer have space for, you can decide whether or not you will need on site storage containers to safely store your belongings you still aren’t ready to throw away.


A Goodwill store you can donate after decluttering your Lafayette condo this spring
After decluttering your Lafayette condo, you can donate things you don’t need.

Decluttering is especially important if you are moving in the spring. The unpredictable weather and traffic can make your move much more stressful. You can ease some of that stress by contacting Louisiana movers to help you with moving. However, our advice is to declutter first, because you don’t want to be taking stuff you don’t need with you on the move.

There are a lot more steps you need to take to declutter your Lafayette condo this spring, and these are just some of the steps you need to go through. Hopefully, the more simple it looks, the sooner you get it done and with less stress. Remember, the hardest step is always the first one.

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