How to declutter your Monroe home before moving?

The best way to get rid of all belongings you may not need when moving is to declutter your Monroe home. There are a few ways you can declutter and stay efficient, but you can also research and rent one of the quality storage units Monroe LA has to provide. Keep reading and find out how to make sure you get rid of your belongings efficiently before moving belongings to a new home.

Make a plan before decluttering

You may lose precious time and put too much effort into decluttering if you don’t make a proper plan. It is important you make a plan before you start this process. Many people dread packing belongings when moving. However, the packing process is quite easy after you declutter your Monroe home. The trick is to plan ahead and take time to complete the process of decluttering. Many people start but don’t finish getting rid of items they no longer need. On the other hand, others cannot part with items they no longer use. That is why it is crucial you have family members or friends helping you while you go through your belongings.

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Before you start decluttering, make sure to decide which items you want to keep.

The first rule of decluttering is that you stay realistic about items you don’t really need. The tricky part of this process is rooms that may require special attention like your kitchen, your pantry, etc. Make sure to take time and declutter your garage carefully. These specific tools and items from your garage may require special attention even if you are packing them for transport. Also, you should remember that you can also consider renting some sort of storage unit for your tools if moving for a limited period of time.

Declutter your Monroe home using 3 –box method

Most people believe that to declutter your Monroe home before the move, you need a lot of time as well as nerves of steel. However, that is not true. Using a new 3-box method, you will be able to declutter your entire home no matter how big within a day or two.

What is the 3-box method?

The main rule of the 3 box method is that you use three bins or moving boxes. Consider using bigger size moving boxes or bins and label them with – toss, keep and donate. In case you wish to keep some of your belongings in storage, make sure to put those items aside and find the best self storage Lake Charles LA has to provide. When you already know you have a storage option in mind, you will sort out your belongings more quickly.

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Sorting out will help you find more space for each item in your home.

The next rule of easy decluttering is that you declutter room by room. Stay in one room until you sort out all of your belongings even those nerve-racking small ones before continuing to the next room. Go through your belongings without too much thinking and toss them into the labeled box. This way you will know which items go where after you finish with that room. On the other hand, the packing process will be much easier after you declutter your Monroe home using the 3-box method.

Packing your home before the move

The packing process is quite simple after you decide which items you will keep and pack after decluttering. To pack efficiently, consider getting the best quality packing materials. In case you will be leaving some of your belongings in storage, you should consider protecting each piece like a professional. When packing, make sure to also get some of the specific moving equipment movers to use to move bulky and heavy items without difficulty. Make sure to get packing materials like:

  • Moving boxes of all sizes. When packing your belongings for transport to storage, you should protect your belongings efficiently. Get the best quality moving bottom. In case you have to relocate heavy belongings like books, consider buying double bottom moving boxes.
  • Plastic wrapping bubble paper. Make sure to get a lot of plastic wrapping materials to protect sensitive and fragile items for transport. This is one of those packing materials you should have on hand if you are decluttering your Monroe home and packing items simultaneously.
  • Packing peanuts. This packing material is essential for packing art pieces and glass items of high value. Make sure to get a cardboard box bigger than the items, protect it with packing materials, and fill the box with packing peanuts. This way your sensitive items won’t move or break during transport.

How to find the best storage company?

Finding a storage company may be the best option if you are moving to a smaller home. In case you don’t wish to sell or donate some of your belongings, consider renting a storage unit. There are numerous options when it comes to storage units. You can choose an option of self storage Lafayette has to offer or you can choose an indoor storage unit with constant surveillance. Depending on your specific needs, research storage companies near you. You will find a reliable storage company if you check their online presence, their rating and contact the company in question. Quality movers and storage professionals will give you advice on the best storage option for your needs. Ask your movers for the best option after you declutter your Monroe home.

decorations on shelves
A tidy home is always easier to clean!

What to do with leftover items?

The most efficient way to get rid of all the items you don’t need is to organize a garage sale. This way you can earn some money for your belongings after you declutter your Monroe home. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to organize a garage sale, you may sell your belongings online. If there are leftover items you don’t sell consider donating to charity.

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