How to disassemble furniture for storage

When you are renting storage you have to be very thoughtful about how you use the available space. Of course, you can always rent a larger storage unit if you have too much stuff. However, renting a larger storage unit will cost you more. Luckily, there are ways to use your storage unit more efficiently. For example when storing furniture. If you disassemble furniture for storage, you will be able to out much more items inside your storage unit and, at the same time, lower your monthly storage costs. Still, dismantling furniture can be tricky. Therefore, the finest New Orleans moving and storage has decided to show you how to do it properly and avoid all possible issues.

The key is in good preparation

As we already mentioned, it is not easy to disassemble furniture for storage. There are many risks involved in the process, which is why the preparation part is crucial. That is why your first task is to go through your home and scan all furniture pieces that you own. If you can, make a list of the items that you need to handle. The list will help you determine the amount of packing supplies that you need to prepare and give you a better look at the task in front of you.

couple making a list
Prepare a list of the items you have to disassemble

Once you prepare the list take a good look at it and think well. Will you be able to handle your furniture without professional help? Because there are many professional moving and storage companies that can help you disassemble your furniture and store it safely in some storage units Marrero has to offer. Or wherever you are located.

If you can’t disassemble furniture for storage on your own you can always hire professionals

While you are inspecting your furniture and deciding how to tackle the whole process pay special attention to the size and weight of your biggest pieces. Those are the items that give you the most trouble and are most difficult to handle. You do not want to hurt yourself during this process. That is why, if you are not sure that you can dismantle your furniture for storage safely, maybe you should think about hiring professionals.

There are many residential movers Louisiana has to offer that provide furniture disassembling services. They will do it quicker than you could, you will avoid any risks, and they will also handle the reassembling. The downside of hiring professional furniture disassembling services is it will cost you.

Find some helpers

If you decided that you are capable of disassembling your furniture for storage on your own, then you have to start preparing. Of course, the first thing that you have to ensure is some helping hands. As we already mentioned, furniture pieces are most of the time heavy and large. And handling them and storing them in storage units Houma LA on your own, for example, is not the best idea. Ideally, you will need to find at least two people to help you. Preferably, people that are in good physical condition.

three friends
Gather a crew to help you with the largest pieces

Make sure that your kids are not at home while you disassemble furniture for storage

Disassembling furniture is a risky business not only for those that are participating in the process but also for those around you. Children are particularly at risk in this situation. That is why, if you have kids in your home, ensure that they are not at home when you start working. You can hire a professional nanny, or find someone who can take them out for a few hours at least until you handle the most dangerous parts of the job.

Prepare adequate tolls

Another thing that you will have to prepare in advance is the tools. Unfortunately, every piece of furniture is assembled in a unique way so we cannot give you specific instructions on which tools to prepare. However, most commonly, you will need a few screwdrivers of different sizes, a few wrenches, pliers, and a set of hex keys, also known as Allen keys.

If you are also planning to move your furniture on your own and load it into a moving truck, you will also need to find a moving dolly and maybe even a loading ramp for the truck. Thankfully, you do not have to buy a dolly and a ramp. You can rent them online for an affordable price.

unscrewing a bolt
You need to have appropriate tools in order to do this successfully

Acquire quality packing materials to disassemble furniture for storage

Before you start disassembling furniture for storage, you need to equip yourself with appropriate packing materials. Use the list that you prepared before to determine the right number of packing materials. You will need a lot of bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, moving pads, and similar items in order to ensure the safety of your furniture during the transport and while in storage.

Some furniture pieces are not meant to be disassembled

Those are the most important things that you need to prepare when you want to disassemble furniture for storage on your own. Now, how you will tackle the disassembling process itself depends on your furniture pieces, concretely, how are they constructed. Therefore, if you can, find instruction manuals that will give you an idea of how to approach them. Bear in mind though that there are furniture pieces that are not meant to be disassembled. Those are usually antique pieces that only professional carpenters can disassemble and reassemble.

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