How to downsize when moving to Sulphur

Decluttering is never more important than during a move. This is because moving things you will end up getting rid of in this case implies more stress, added costs, and time. So, to help you with decluttering, here are a few ideas on how to downsize when moving to Sulphur.

Why you should downsize when moving to Sulphur

Before reading Zippy Shell Louisiana guide few tips on how to downsize, here are a few reasons why it should be the first thing on your mind when moving:

  1. It saves you money – moving can be costly, but if you get rid of stuff you don’t need it saves you space. Added bonus is if you organize a garage sale and even earn some money which can finance the whole move
  2. It saves on space – in your new home, in moving vans, and even storage
  3.  It can help with moving anxiety and help you focus on things you actually need
  4. It helps save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and moving away from overconsumption

Declutter and clean before moving

Your first step to downsizing should be cleaning and going through your things to see if there’s anything you haven’t used in a long time or don’t plan on using. This can include thinking about whether your new place can fit your furniture and appliances. Before donating or selling your items it is also important to clean them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure can only go so far. Residential movers New Orleans can help you with storing those items you don’t use often, but still need every now and then.

A woman holding cleaning supplies
The first step should always be to clean everything

Organize a garage sale

You can organize a garage sale of stuff you no longer need. Make sure that the items you plan on putting for sale are cleaned and in relatively good condition. Try to price according to both the condition of the item and the interest of potential buyers. To make your garage sale more successful you can try listing online to attract more customers. It goes without saying that you should do this before moving to avoid taking unnecessary items with you. And if you don’t sell everything you can safely keep it in storage units Sulphur LA. Remember, the goal is to downsize before moving to Sulphur.

A yard sale to downsize when moving to Sulphur
Yard and garage sales are the best way to downsize before moving to Sulphur

Use creativity when moving to Sulphur LA

You can easily find packing supplies New Orleans that you can buy. However, you can try being a little creative with this. Renting supplies is a good way to downsize when moving to Sulphur because you won’t have to worry about storing the supplies or throwing them away after the move. Another you can do is repair everything that might be broken and sell it for a lower price.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you downsize when moving to Sulphur. You can always ask for professional help to make sure everything is done right. You can do this when cleaning, decluttering, and organizing garage sales, but especially when deciding between storage options.

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