How to keep your storage unit free from pests

Whenever we need some space to put the stuff we do not need, we usually put those things in corners and try not to look at them as much as we can. But this should be the past. There are storage units and facilities that will give you the space for a reasonable price. You must need to find the most reputable moving company that is close to you and can give you the guarantee that your stuff will be safe. One of these companies is Zippy Shell Louisiana. But, do not fool yourself by thinking that just putting the items in storage will keep them in the same shape as you brought them. There are a few things you must do in order to keep your stuff safe and clean. And one of them is to keep your storage unit free from pests.

How to keep your storage unit free from pests?

This is not a hard job. It will take a minimum of your time. However, in order to take less time than you thought, you need to be very well organized and do some of the things weekly. There is a set of things you can do:

  1. Check the condition of the storage unit
  2. Wisely choose the boxes and containers in which you will put your items
  3. Clean the unit if you are not sure whether it is all done properly
  4. Do not place any food in storage units
  5. Check your storage unit regularly and make sure that everything is in the same shape as the last time you have been in storage
  6. Be careful how you protect and warp your items
  7. Try not to keep everything on the floor

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to keep your items in storage for as long as you like without damaging them. So, if you are ready to place some items in the storage unit, rent storage units Alexandria LA has. You will not be disappointed.

books next to the open box
Properly packing is one of the ways to keep your storage unit free from pests

Conditions in the storage unit

Every great and reliable storage unit must be climate controlled. This is why before you rent storage units Denham Springs has, make sure they are climate controlled. You will get the optimal humidity level. Also, you will be able to ask for some additional benefits storage units can have. If you want to have these conditions, it s important to tell the professionals what is exactly in your boxes. This way they can control the humidity level based on the items you have inside. 

How to choose the best containers and boxes for storage?

The best storage boxes and containers you can choose from are plastic ones. Basically, they do not need to be made of plastic, they just need to be firm. The plastic boxes will give you a sense of calm if there are any chances of floods and something similar. This way the package will not destroy or get damaged if there is any type of fluid around it. The other thing boxes and containers must be airtight. If you properly seal the boxes, you will not have a problem with them no matter what s inside.

Do not keep any food in storage if you want to keep your storage unit free from pests

Food is most likely going to go bad. This means that there will be some not-so-nice smells and you will most likely get some insects inside. They will chase the smell of the food. This way not only that your items will be smelly, but they will also be damaged by the animals and bugs that might get in there looking for food.

colorful bottles made of plastic
Keeping cleaning products in storage will make your cleaning more efficient and faster

Check your storage regularly

If you get some storage near you, such as the storage units Houma LA has, you will be able to go there daily and weekly and check if everything is alright. And even though this storage unit is covered by surveillance, and has alarms and smoke detectors, there is nothing wrong with checking your items. You can even make some arrangements in case you take some items out.

Packing your items properly to keep your storage unit free from pests

If you use boxes that are not firm, or you overload the plastic containers, it is most likely that the items will be damaged. Do not overload the boxes. You never know how long will the items be in storage. If you put too many for example clothes, you will get them from storage all stinky and folded in so many ways. This will make you some extra work because you will need to double wash it and iron it.

Finally, try to get storage with shelves

If you keep everything from the floor, you are in a chance to have zero damaged items in storage. There are some great ways to get everything from the floor. Building some shelves or getting some stools that will keep your items from the floor will prevent some small bugs and animals get close to other boxes. And in case there is a flood for example, as we have said, if the boxes are not on the floor, they will not get wet and items will not get damaged.

a vase on a shelf
If you get some shelves for your storage unit you will keep it safe from pests

Now that you know how to keep your storage unit free from pests you see that this is not a hard job. It means  that you have one more task on your daily list. But if you keep your storage clean and you are careful how the items are placed, your items and your storage unit will be in perfect condition.


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