How to make a flawless moving plan

We are sure that even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, at least once in your life, you have heard someone complaining about the moving process and how difficult it can be. There are so many things to do and so little time. Moving is something that everyone just wants to get over with and in order to do so, you need to make a flawless moving plan. Louisiana moving and storage has provided a detailed guide on how you can make your move easier and do it without breaking a sweat. Be sure to read carefully so that you don’t miss something important.

You can make a flawless moving plan digitally

Before we get into details on what to do actually when making a moving plan, let’s talk about how you need to do it technically. We all have smartphones nowadays, so our advice is to use yours to make a plan. It’s much easier and we know from experience that you will forget something if you don’t write it down immediately. That’s when your phone comes into play. We recommend that you use “notes” or a similar app to write down your moving plan. Keep in mind that every item on the checklist has to have three things written next to it:

  • the exact time or the time frame of when it is supposed to happen 
  • the amount of money that you need for it 
  • the person who you need to do it with (or if you can handle it by yourself)

Setting a realistic timetable is of the essence. Be sure to leave some extra time in case you fall behind on another thing from your plan that you need to do. Writing down the price of a service is extremely important so that you can calculate the total budget that you need for the move. Listing a help of a friend or writing down a person you need to contact to achieve that part of the plan is also important.

A woman checking the calendar in order to make a flawless moving plan
Set the timetable and stick to it

A flawless moving plan starts with decluttering your home

The first thing that needs to be on your moving plan is the list of things to throw away. This needs to be done as soon as possible – you will feel better and the rest of the packing and moving process will be much easier and cheaper once you get rid of the things that you don’t need. Make a note in your plan and list things that you want to get rid of. This might seem easy but sometimes you need some help with this – you won’t be carrying your old sofa by yourself down the stairs just so that you can throw it in front of your building, right? That’s why you need to make a list of things to throw away and see if you need some help with it. You also need to find a place where you will dispose of that garbage.

Finding a storage facility can be an important part of your relocation plan

After you have gotten rid of the things you don’t need, you need to see if everything fits in your new home. In case something doesn’t fit, the most obvious solution is to find a storage unit for yourself. First, make a list of things that you don’t want in your new home. Try to calculate how much space those things require in order to store them. You might want to consider self storage Baton Rouge as an option. Most people do that because full-storage facilities are pricy.

You should measure everything and write down those measurements in your moving plan. Inspect the items that you have written down and see if any of them need some special care (like a climate-controlled storage facility). Storage units Houma LA are available to you as well just be sure to have a clear list of items before you contact the company. In our experience, throwing away the items that you don’t need and storing the ones that you don’t want to throw is going to make your moving process a lot easier.

A storage facility
You need to find a storage facility in order to make a flawless moving plan if you have too many things to move

Make a packing and labeling plan

Packing and labeling are important parts of your moving plan. Write down a list of things that you need to pack. Think about the packing process and who will you include in it. If you are moving with kids, this can be a great chance for them to help you. Everything needs to be packed, sealed, and labeled. Be sure to write down the things that you need for that. Getting the right boxes, labels, duct tape, and similar items need to be in your moving plan. Write down the price of everything and where will you get it.

A woman and her daughter packing
You need to pack and seal everything before you move

Contact the moving company and present to them your moving plan

After you have written down the most important parts of your plan, contact the moving company. Don’t be afraid to present them with your moving plan and ask for their input on it. They are professionals so they can help you with this as well. Pay close attention to the parts involving storage – you might need some storage containers Louisiana for example in the case that the items don’t find in the storage that you have chosen. Ask the company about the timetable that you have set as well. The prices of moving and the availability of movers vary during the year.

Keep it simple!

As we have mentioned earlier, moving can be a very stressful process. It is important to make a flawless moving plan and to plan according but also keep in mind that you don’t need to overdo this. Keep things simple and write down the essentials with the most important details in your moving plan. Stick to it and we are sure that everything will go smoothly.


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