How to make more space in your Ruston garage

When it comes to storing items in your household, let’s face it – there are more than a few places where you could do this. However, as time moves on, you’ll find that you have less and less free space available to you. So, how can you solve this issue? Well, there’s one thing that you can do – and that’s to make more space in your Ruston garage! Apart from finding the best storage units Ruston LA offers, that’s certainly the next best solution. And we’ll be happy to provide some tips on doing it right!

Can you use a garage for storage?

Sure, the garage is primarily the place where you’ll store your car or motorcycle. However, in reality – a garage is like a tiny extra house. And one you can use for plenty of different things besides keeping your vehicles there. Chances are that you’ll have room to store other stuff there as well; which means it’s a great alternative to finding the storage units Bossier City.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of throwing stuff into your garage. That’s definitely a surefire way to ensure that you don’t actually have enough free space for your car there. However, if you play your cards right, you will be able to use this space for both your vehicles and the other extra items you have no room for in your home. And as you’ll see, it’s quite a convenient solution for keeping other parts of your household tidy and polished.

Power tools next to a floor plan.
If you make the proper floor plan, you can easily make the most out of your garage!

Garage cabinets are a handy solution

Many people who keep things in their garage make one mistake – they don’t have any system of organizing their things. And if you want to make more space in your Ruston garage, that’s just not going to be acceptable. Now, if you want to keep everything neat – you will need some of the best packing supplies New Orleans has to offer. Naturally, we’re talking about stuff like cardboard boxes – and proper labeling as well.  

If you intend on being more serious about downsizing your house clutter; you can also consider putting in some storage cabinets in your garage. Yes, in the beginning, it will seem like they take up more free space than they provide. But in reality, these cabinets will let you organize all of your stuff at a glance; without resorting to stacking everything and creating messy piles of things.

A man drilling a wooden table.
Ensure that you’ve got enough room for your DIY projects too!

Wall organizers are also great

If you have a spacious garage, you can even divide it into smaller sections where every inch of square space has its use. For instance, you can separate the old electronics from seasonal clothing. And in order to navigate this room easily, some wall organizers may be just what you’re looking for. However, be mindful of space while you install these; you need to ensure that you’ve still got some space for your vehicles as well.

Think about ceiling storage

If you truly want to make more space in your Ruston garage, you will have to be more creative than ever. And among other things, that means spotting free storage space in locations where you never considered looking for it before. For instance; once you have no more space in your walls and floors – it’s time to look to the ceiling! You can find racks that get mounted to the ceiling and provide more overhead storage than you ever had! Most people who have overhead storage use it for stuff that they don’t reach for constantly; which is only logical, because it’s the most difficult part of storage to navigate.

Also, you need to ensure that anything you store here won’t be able to hurt you if it falls down; no heavy stuff in the overhead compartments! At the end of the day, that pretty much leaves seasonal clothing as the perfect candidate for this storage area. However, seeing as most of us have quite a lot of it – this is still an excellent space-saving solution. With all of the clothes in the overhead compartments, you’ll be able to make better use of floor-level storage space. 

A pegboard with an assortment of wrenches.
Hanging up a pegboard will make your garage a lot tidier!

Try mobile work areas

One of the things that people love to do in their garages is DIY projects. And considering that, it’s no wonder that DIY stations are definitely one of the things that take up the most room when you try to make more space in your Ruston garage. However, you shouldn’t try to remove your workstations; you simply need to make them more versatile. In other words – why not try putting wheels on them? Having a mobile work stations means that it can be in any part of your garage in an instant.

In turn, that leaves you with a lot more room to work with when you start working on new crafts projects. There’s no need to have a single designated corner while everything else is overflowing with stuff. Plus – this mobile worktable can also double as a small storage surface, where you’ll keep all of the tools that you use most often!

Hooks and pegboards

Lastly, we’ll leave you off with a couple of more tips on how to make more space in your Ruston garage by maximizing your use of wall space. There are plenty of additions that you can make to your walls in order to ensure that there’s no square foot left unused. And when it comes to storage space – there are plenty of tools laying around that create clutter. You can solve that by hanging up a pegboard and some hooks and keeping all of your stuff there! 

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