How to move from Shreveport to Marrero in less than a week

Relocation can be interesting and fun, and at the same time stressful. Especially if you want to move from Shreveport to Marrero in less than a week. It is a short amount of time to prepare for this kind of exhibition, but you can do it. It all comes to your organization, and in case you lack it, you do not need to worry. This article will give you tips and tricks so you can prepare for your complete relocation within a week. Just grab a pen and start taking notes. First, of course, you have to check Zippy Shell Louisiana as your trustworthy mover. Since they have enough experience and will take good care of your belongings, without damaging them. Also, they will make sure, that everything arrives within the scheduled time, and put the items where you want.

Make a plan in order to move from Shreveport to Marrero

Although you have less than a week to prepare and organize everything, you have to make a plan even for that period. It is crucial, and it will help you in these tense couple of days to have a better overview so you can stay focused on the tasks. You should also check options for potential Louisiana self-storage, just in case you have items you want to store after the relocation. You can never know, so better to be prepared.

Woman writing a plan.
Grab a piece of paper and make a list of tasks, to start your relocation journey.

Of course, you want a make a list of tasks that you need to do, so just put them on a piece of paper and it should look like this:

  • declutter your home before you move from Shreveport to Marrero
  • check for packing supplies
  • look for reliable movers

These 3 tasks are the major ones, you can also create a more detailed checklist around each point. This will help you stay motivated, since you finish a task you can just cross it off your list. The satisfactory feeling will lift your spirit, and that will give you more energy to continue finishing tasks from your list. We will also give you an overview regarding all those additional tasks, to make your job a bit easier. You have to also check for storage units Marrero residents recommend. That all depends on the number of your items, of course. In case you cannot fit them in your new home, this is a great option. You will have access whenever you need those certain things.

Try to  also create a timeline for each task, so you can organize better your time. Since you do not have that much in this case. Of course, you have to start firstly with packing your belongings. Afterward, you can look for movers, that will handle your relocation.

Prepare for packing and getting rid of unwanted items

This is really crucial but it can also be a very tricky one, due to the lack of time to make detailed preparations. You have to gather some packing materials, but in this case scenario where time is important, you should just focus by using the items you already have. Such as, boxes, containers, blankets, markers, etc.

Man meditating between boxes.
In case you lack of packing materials, check for a professional packing service.

You want to make sure to sort your belongings quickly by several categories, such as keep, sell, donate. Of course, the ones you keep, you take with you to your new home. And those items should be packed and secured for the move. Make sure to check for moving companies which also offer a packing service. This will be a massive help to you, and it will make it a bit easier, considering that you won’t have enough time to pack your belonging on your own.

You can organize a quick garage sale, or sell your belongings online. Each method can be profitable for you, depending on the time you invest in it. You might also want to contact the local charity organizations so they can pick up your stuff. In order, you don’t find buyers for your things, you can rent a storage unit to keep your items safe until you find a spot or a buyer for them. The self storage Shreveport is going to provide the best option that suits your needs. So you can put your items there, until you relocate, or even take them with you and store them. Maybe your friends or family members can find usage for some of your items, so in that chaos, try to get in touch with them and see for possible options.

Look for reliable movers

This is probably the first thing you should check as soon as you got the information that you are moving. Finding reliable and trustworthy movers in such a short notice can be a real challenge. But on the other hand, it is not impossible. Of course, we are going to share with you some key pointers so you can quickly find the right movers for the job.

Man and woman checking the boxes.
Hiring a reliable moving company on such a short notice can be challenging.

Make sure to look for more options, as in, check more moving companies, at least 5. This will give you the best overview of their services and prices in such a short time. Compare the results and try to look for the best possible option that suit your needs. Go through each company’s webpage in order to get all the information that you can. Another crucial fact that you should look for is insurance. In case a company does not offer it, do not waste your time with them. You always want to opt for that option in case your items get damaged during the whole relocation process, and with that insurance you will be reimbursed for your belongings.

To organize a move from Shreveport to Marrero in less than a week can be challenging. But on the other hand, it is not impossible and you can organize the whole relocation in that short period of time. You have to try to stay calmed and focused, because only that way you will be able to follow your plan through to the end.

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