How to move long distance with a pet?

When it comes to long-distance relocations, you’d like everything to go as planned. This especially goes if you’re relocating with kids or your pets. All animals need proper care at all times. This specifically refers to special circumstances, such as moving. To have a stress-free move, you might consider hiring a professional moving company. Zippy Shell Louisiana has movers who are professionals whose only concern is providing you the best possible service with special care. However, if you’re here to find out more about how to move long distance with a pet, be sure to stay right here.

How to prepare for moving?

First of all, when it comes to moving in general, you should know that it’s not as hard as you’ve heard. The relocation process does take a lot of time, when including preparation. However, if you are a disciplined person who wants to get things done right, you’ll prepare for your relocation. Hence, preparation is the first step in dealing with moving. If you want things to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll start with it at least two months prior. Other things that go hand in hand with this step are:

Kitties sleeping
Make sure you don’t change your pets’ daily routines once you moved.
  • The fixed budget. You can’t prepare for moving if you didn’t set a budget before everything. That’s the first step toward handling your entire relocation.
  • Getting the right moving supplies. Well, you should be efficient when it comes to this. Look for free cardboard boxes online, and don’t forget to use old newspapers and linens for your fragile items.
  • Calling the right help. You don’t get to relocate properly without the help of residential movers New Orleans whose job is to take care of you and your things.
  • Going by the inventory. Before you start losing your mind over the meticulous process of moving, consider making an inventory. That will help you keep track of things.
  • Donating unwanted items. Being a humanitarian is a win-win situation for everyone. Donate things you don’t need after decluttering and make someone happy.
  • Squeezing in time to visit your future neighborhood. Even though it’s listed as the last thing here, know that it’s not the least important one. Take a tour of your future city and see what awaits.

Moving long distance – tips and tricks

One thing that makes long-distance relocations a bit different than others is literally it – the distance. That’s why you should start preparing as soon as you know you’ll move. Therefore, we can’t stress enough how important it is to start on time. One thing that alleviates that process by a lot is long distance movers New Orleans who will relocate your things in no time. On the other hand, you should consider some technical issues such as updating your driver’s license and voter’s registration. Furthermore, purchasing moving insurance is a must. This is very relevant since you should know what your insurance does and doesn’t cover.

Dog in a car
Your pet will be completely fine if you travel long-distance with it. Just make sure you remain close to them at all times.

Also, downsizing is one of those things that can come as a true blessing. That’s why we recommend donating, as previously mentioned. Still, if you feel like you want to earn some money as well, consider organizing a garage sale for stuff you won’t need. Moreover, when packing your items, bear in mind you will be busy with plenty of things. Therefore, label all your boxes and know where you put them.

One last thing that may matter the most when relocating long-distance is the time you move. For instance, if you decide you should relocate soon, but still have time to choose, go with the off-season. This means choosing winter or early spring. That’s the time when the demand for movers is the lowest. Further, avoid moving at the end of the month and in the afternoon hours. All of this costs more. This will save a nice amount of money.

How to move long distance with a pet?

Whether you have to move locally or long distance with a pet, you have a serious task ahead. Your furry buddies need to relocate safe and sound which is your only concern. In that case, you’ll do your best to mitigate that process for them. First of all, you should know that regardless of anything, your pets should travel with you. This means they ride with you. So when it comes to handling other things, it’d be better to let professionals handle it. New Orleans local movers can take care of that part for you, while you take care of your pets. Moreover, before you move, make sure you go to the vet and check with them if your pet is ready for relocation. Additionally, ask them if they know any new vets to recommend in your new town.

Prepare your pet for a long distance move

Firstly, you can prepare your pet for a long distance move by following certain guidelines. They will certainly benefit both you and your pets a lot. These tips are nothing complicated nor they require you to separate from your pets. Quite the contrary! However, you should be aware of some unexpected circumstances. If your dog, for instance, feels sick in the car, make sure you crack the windows open and keep it like that the entire time. There are some medications you can get from your vet you could give to your pets to prevent nausea. Also, if you’re traveling with your cat, keep it in its’s kennel as long as you’re driving. You could stop from time to time during your relocation, just to calm them down a bit. In any case, you should:

  • Your pets travel in your vehicle with you
  • Keep them inside until you’ve settled completely
  • Update their personal information
  • Relocate them after you set up your house
Cute little dog that winks at you
Just keep your pets safe and they will be very grateful to you!

Ready to settle in

After you finally had a chance to move long distance with a pet, you can settle in. Your best friends will definitely be very thankful if you followed these tips. Now, you can focus on how to make your home more pet-friendly for your furry buddies. Furthermore, you can go out with your pets and check out the neighborhood. Make them feel comfortable and familiar with the new surroundings. Also, check where the closest vet is and look for the nearby pet shops. After all, you are ready to start your life over with your little best friends.

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