How to organize a garage sale in Louisiana

Our homes are crowded with items we rarely use. People tend to accumulate many unnecessary items over the years for no reason. Usually, they are reluctant to throw away the clothes they stopped wearing. Piling stuff up may leave you with very little space in your house. It may also be a burden when you are moving. It is therefore necessary to figure out a way to declutter. Louisiana moving and storage experts offer tips on how to organize a garage sale in Louisiana. Advice from professionals may encourage you to do the same.

Before you organize a garage sale in Louisiana

Having closets full of redundant items may turn into a lucrative activity. Organizing a garage sale and earning some extra cash while getting rid of unwanted items sound like a win-win situation. Alternatively, you may store your items away at one of the storage units Bossier City offers. But with the garage sale, you will permanently get rid of the unwanted things. When organizing a garage sale in Louisiana, be sure to follow certain steps to streamline your venture:

  • determine which items to sell
  • set up a space in the garage or in the front yard
  • determine the price and put price tags
  • advertise your garage sale
  • be friendly and well prepared
assorted clothes hanging in the closet
Declutter your home and earn some cash along the way by organizing a garage sale

Decide which items to part ways with

Decluttering requires a considerable amount of time and dedication to the task. First, you need to take time and go through all your stuff. Start with large chunks like furniture, clothes, and books. Make a list of all items you wish to sell. If you are having second thoughts about giving away an item, ask yourself when you last used it, if it still serves its purpose, and if it’s in a good condition. If the answer is “no”, then that item should find its place in your garage sale. Once you have the final list of items to declutter, put them in boxes and carry them to your garage. In case there is some stuff you wish to keep, consider renting one of the storage units Lake Charles offers.

Set up a space for sale

Before decluttering your house, make enough space in your garage to display all items you will be selling. Spend a day or two decluttering your garage and maximizing the space to put as many items as you can yet leave enough room for visitors to look around. The alternative is to put all your stuff on display in your front yard. Whether you are organizing a sale in a garage or in the yard, make sure to keep the surroundings clean and your items well organized. The garage seems like a better option because you can organize a sale in it regardless of the weather. Setting up a garage sale is a demanding activity, and it would be good to invite your friends and family members to help you out.

a house with a garage door
Clean your garage and make space for items you are putting up for sales

Avoid having things lying on the floor. Display your items on tables or hangers, so everyone can approach and inspect them more closely. Also, organize your clothes by size, item type, or color, so it is easier for visitors to shop around.

Determine the price of items if you want to organize a garage sale in Louisiana

If you have a lot of items to sell, determining the price for each one might take a lot of time. This is good to know in advance, so you leave enough time for all garage sale-related activities. Also, keep in mind that putting a price tag on each item is of extreme importance. This will encourage visitors to keep looking through the stuff, without having to ask about the price for each item. Remember that the prices you put are not to be set in stone. Be flexible about prices and willing to negotiate. This way it will be easier to sell your stuff, get rid of it, and earn some cash along the way.

Once you complete the sale and finally declutter, it will be easy for your residential movers Louisiana to conduct your relocation, in case you are moving house. Selling the items you no longer use is beneficial in many ways.

Advertise your garage sale

Informing people of your upcoming garage sale is an important part when planning this event. Put up signs around town, put posters on trees in your street, and on designated places downtown. The more customers you attract the more items you are likely to sell. Also, online advertising is a must nowadays. Utilize your social media to inform the town of your garage sale. Start publishing Instagram and Facebook stories and posts at least two weeks ahead. Ask your friends to share your posts and attract more audiences. Remember that every post needs to contain the exact time, date, and venue of the event.

a phone with app icons
Make use of the social media and publish posts and stories about your upcoming event

Another way to advertise your garage sale online is via Craigslist. Make use of any means of communication and advertising that will boost your sales.

Be friendly and well prepared

Having a kind attitude will help you attract more buyers and sell more stuff. Also, you may introduce a fun aspect to the event – play music, serve drinks and food, or organize games. Bear in mind that people usually use cash when buying in garage sales. Make sure you have enough money with you, especially change. Allow them to try out clothes and answer all their questions. Your garage sale event is also a great opportunity to connect with your community.

Whether you are moving house or just decluttering, it is always a good idea to organize a garage sale in Louisiana. Removing unnecessary things from your house will help your Zippy Shell Louisiana movers do their relocation job more easily. And you will be free of the items that no longer serve their purpose.

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