How to organize a last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge

Organizing a last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge could pose some issues. First off, your stress levels are bound to go up as you rush to get everything prepared for the move. You could feel overwhelmed and like you have no idea where to start. That’s where Louisiana moving and storage can be helpful. At Zippy Shell Louisisana, we understand that not everyone has the luxury to plan out their move months in advance. Life is unpredictable, and there are many situations that can arise that no one saw coming. The key to a last-minute move is to stay as calm and collected as possible. And to hire the right help! You will need a lot of it and we are here to provide it.

A last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge plan

Hiring professional help

The absolute first thing you need to do when you organize a last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge is to hire reputable movers. You will need to search for last-minute movers, and be prepared for their bigger prices. Obviously, since the moving company will need to organize everything in a day or two, their rates will be a bit higher than usual. We always recommend getting moving quotes from 3-4 moving companies before making a final decision. Another amazing way to find the right movers is through word of mouth. If some of your family or friends have recently relocated to Baton Rouge, they might have good intel. Also, be sure to ask about all of the prices and watch out if the moving company answers transparently. You need to move with someone you trust!

Another amazing option when moving on short notice is climate controlled storage Metairie. You can pack up the necessities and leave the rest of your belongings in a safe storage unit. Later on, you will easily go to the unit and take what you need. But, if you’re moving tomorrow and hiring help today, it’s best to rent a storage unit. Place the items you might not need immediately in this unit and they will wait for you as long as you need them to.

Some professionals will give you packing supplies to take care of the packing process. But, many do not. So, now you need to make a decision. You can buy the materials you need and do everything by yourself. Or you can hire packing services alongside your moving services. This really depends on each person’s situation. Maybe you can’t get days off of work and need some additional help. Maybe you can take these days and friends and family can help out with packing. Just be sure to consider all of these different options before you hire your movers.

A moving company
For last-minute moves, it’s imperative that you completely trust your movers.

Pack smartly when moving on short notice

When packing for a last-minute move you need to be quick and smart about it. You can start off by following these three easy steps:

  • Declutter – While packing, or before packing, create some boxes for donations, selling, or throwing away. The perfect time to get rid of items you no longer use is when you move. This will make the moving load smaller, and your life more clutter-free.
  • Pack room by room – If you go packing room by room, you can easily label your boxes and know where each item goes. Also, go from least used to most used. Pack up your living room, dining room, guest bedroom, etc. first. And it’s usually best to leave the bedrooms and bathrooms for the end. Climate controlled storage Baton Rouge can hold your items until you settle in.
  • Essentials suitcase – This is a suitcase where you pack items you will need in the following days after the move. Usually, you will need a change of clothes, pajamas, hygiene products, electronics and chargers, valuables, etc. You’ll thank yourself for this essentials bag as soon as you arrive at your new home and see that you don’t need to unpack anything immediately! First, relax after the stress, and later you’ll set up your new home.

A lot of movers won’t move the following: plants, pets, food, cleaning supplies, flammable items, etc. So, if you want to move any detergents, plants, or similar items, you’ll need to do that yourself. You can create a list of items you own as you go about packing simply to make sure you won’t forget anything. It will be confusing and hard, but as soon as you move, you’ll feel relief.

Moving boxes
Cardboard boxes are excellent for moving, but plastic bins might prove to be more durable.

Some last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge hacks

How can you make the move as easy as possible for yourself?

  • Rent out plastic bins – Instead of buying boxes, assembling them from the supermarket, or anything like that, you can rent plastic bins. They are durable, waterproof, and cheaper than buying all the other materials. The best part? When you’re done using them, the movers you rented from will come to pick them up. Louisiana self storage can also come into play here! It’s easier to keep items in storage in plastic bins.
  • Pack items inside one another – For example, a lot of people pack their socks inside their shoes. This will keep the shape of the shoe as well as save space in the plastic bins.
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper – For fragile items like glasses, plates, and similar, you need to protect them. A protective layer of packing paper and bubble wrap is more than enough. But, remember that you do need to use both!
  • Keep clothes on hangers – Especially clothes that need o stay crease-free. You can simply place them in a dust bag and on top of everything else.
  • Ask loved ones for help – Even if your loved ones can come by only for an hour or two. It will mean a lot to you! Just imagine a few more pairs of arms, everything will be packed in record time.

Good luck with your last-minute move from Metairie to Baton Rouge! Baton Rouge is waiting for you. So just take a deep breath and start preparing for the relocation. Everything comes easier after that first step.

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