How to organize a move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice

Organizing a short-notice move is pretty straightforward, as the process is similar to when you have lots of time to do it. Virtually, you only need to do the moving tasks swiftly but other than that it’s all very similar. This is especially true when you need to move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice. As these two are pretty close to each other, with less than 4 drive hours from each other – you are already off with a good start. This means that you can do a quick DIY move if you cannot find a moving company. However, if you do want a moving company, consider hiring Zippy Shell Louisiana. Professionals know how to handle last-minute relocations the best!

Deciding between a DIY move and hiring a moving company

This is the first thing and question you need to solve. Lake Charles is super close to Shreveport, meaning that a DIY move is a logical solution. It will probably cost a lot less to drive there than to hire a moving company. However, you also ought to consider that when moving on short notice, time is vital. Chances are that Louisiana movers will probably relocate you a lot faster than you could on your own. That’s because such companies often have lots of experience, expertise, and knowledge about how to do something both fast and well. If you cannot spare a minute longer, consider hiring a company.

A couple preparing for a DIY move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice.
There are both pros and cons to either a DIY move or hiring a moving company – choose whatever works best for you

How to make the final decision between doing a DIY and hiring professionals for a move to Lake Charles

On the other hand, if you’re confident you can manage everything by yourself – doing a DIY move is probably a better option. There’s no clear answer whether a DIY move is better than hiring a company or not, since it depends on your situation. You might also want to consider hiring a company in case you have lots of things to pack. In that situation, their packing services are going to be helpful. Packing a large home by yourself and then driving to Lake Charles is going to take lots and lots of time, something a moving company can probably manage to do in far less time.

How to quickly pack for a move to Lake Charles

You need to start packing as soon as possible. The best to start packing is to pick a room and pack it fully, then move to another one. You also need to gather some moving supplies, such as boxes, bubble wraps, containers, and so on. This is also a good time to think about whether or not you need any self storage Shreveport offers. These will greatly help you store all of your things before your move from Shreveport. Another great idea is to call any family and friends that might want to help you. With all the extra help, you’ll have more time to deal with any remaining things you must do.

A half-packed suitcase on the floor.
The best thing to do when packing is to start from a single room and pack everything from there, then move to another one

Packing an essentials box for your move from Shreveport to Lake Charles

It’s also a great idea to pack a single essentials box you will need straight away. This is even more important when moving on short notice. The things you need to put in this box are stuff like some plates, cutlery, a WiFi router, and so on. Simply, it’s all the things you will need immediately after your move. This will require some brainstorming and thinking ahead in terms of what to pack, but the results will be great. You will be able to start unpacking a lot sooner.

You can also choose a similar box with some clothes for a day or two. This should give you time to rest after a short notice move. Just because you couldn’t afford any free time when packing and preparing for the move, doesn’t mean you can’t take a lot more time to unpack. The great thing about a box with all the essentials is that you can unpack it first and have most of the things you need.

Make a checklist to make sure you won’t forget anything for your move

Making checklists is a great organizational tool and you should use it, too. While it’s mainly used to plan things in advance, you can use it when having a move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice. You should take an hour or two and write down all the things you may need to do. This might include the specific things you want to pack in your essentials box, remember to buy some gas, etc. By making a packing list, you will actually think of everything you need to do making sure you won’t forget anything. When you’re close to your moving day, you’ll have a solid list of things to do. You won’t waste any time thinking about what you should be doing next. This way, you’re saving both time and energy.

A checklist with some things written on it
Creating a good checklist will really help you plan out your move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice

Planning a move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice

Planning this specific move is similar to many others. You just need to get a really good grasp of what you need, how much time you got, and so on. After that, it’s just a matter of making a really good plan. Another thing you should consider when planning a quick move is all the paperwork you need to get done. This includes stuff like voting registration, insurance policy, changing schools for your kids, etc. It’s also the best time to consider renting self storage Lake Charles LA has to offer. That makes it a bit harder, as you need to get everything done in a shorter time frame – but with some good organization, you should be able to cover everything.

Sometimes a move from Shreveport to Lake Charles on short notice might be more or less stressful.  To avoid stress, you should start planning early, the sooner you start the better. As the saying goes, if the Sun is up, you should be too. That way, you should be in Lake Charles in no time.


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