How to organize a stress-free move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria, LA

One of the hardest tasks in your life is in front of you. Yes, we are talking about the relocation process. As you already know, it is a tiresome, expensive, and stressful task. One must cover it in hope of a brighter future and new beginnings. And before you can settle in and start exploring your new place, you must organize, find movers, pack, rent self storage Baton Rouge if needed, and cover legalities. So, let us help you prepare to move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria and organize a stress-free relocation. Let’s dive right in.

Create a plan on how to move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria

The first thing you shall do is to create a moving plan. If you want to move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria without any stress, you must stay organized throughout the entire process. It is possible to have a flawless relocation and we will help you organize one. So, inspect all your furniture, belongings, and the environment. You must pay special attention to the robust furniture because such items can create a lot of problems when relocating. Then, cover each room starting with the kitchen, bathroom, and all the way to your living room. Remember to cover your loft, garage, basement, and backyard as well. You will surely find hidden items there. Gather everything on your list and then start working on legalities and budget.

a woman creating a plan on how to move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria
Gather all the important info and list it all down on your moving checklist.

Aside from the moving cargo, your checklist must include the following as well:

  • Info about movers and moving services.
  • Packing plan with packing materials requirement.
  • Budget and legalities.

Essentially, you’ll need an inventory list and a list of moving-related responsibilities. Hence, inspect your home, and your items, and sit down and work on your moving date, budget, and errands you must run before the moving day. Lastly, once you have everything covered, contact your Zippy Shell Louisiana moving company and provide all the info you have gathered. They will ensure you are well taken care of. Besides, movers can’t organize a flawless relocation without this info. So, get right to it.

Let professional movers help you create a stress-free moving environment

Browse the internet in order to find a reliable moving company. It is the easiest way to do it and you can achieve this within an hour if you know what and where to look for. Hence, sit down, browse your local moving-related websites and pick your moving team. Simply narrow it down by implementing your search criteria and checking reviews, services, and prices. Compare movers between each other until you find a match. Or a couple of viable choices for that matter. And once you do, start calling movers one by one to confirm they fulfill the mandatory requirements.

Your movers must be licensed and experienced. Also, they must possess all the tools, equipment, knowledge, manpower, storage units Alexandria LA, and appropriate vehicles for the job. Lastly, you want to confirm their legitimacy by checking FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. There you can review their work history and read a bit about their business model. Of course, you can skip this process and simply check the social media groups. It is a good way to obtain other users’ experiences and confirm a specific moving company is up to the task. Do it the way you like just make sure to cover the entire thing.

Engage your friends and family to help you move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria

Ok, you with a reputable moving company, you are tucked in and good to go. But there is another way to make your relocation enjoyable and stress-free. If you find more helpers, your relocation can be even easier and even more fun. Therefore, ask your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and relatives to help you move. Yes, no one will jump with joy when they hear about it, but it is worth giving a try. Just having a single friend with you will make the entire packing process enjoyable and easier. At least they can keep you company while you cover the minor tasks around the house. Or if you are lucky, they can run errands, cover chores, and even pack with you.

coworkers talking
Present your moving plan to your friends and family and ask them to help you out with it.

All in all, relocating from Baton Rouge to Alexandria without any moving mishaps and stress will require a lot of help. And your friends and family can make it happen. Although, you must give them time to respond and think about this. And if they finally decide on helping, remember to reward your friends after moving. Take them to a bar or a nice restaurant and celebrate your new beginning together. They will surely appreciate the gesture and forget about the notoriously boring moving process.

Packing can drive you insane if you do it wrong

Packing can drive you insane if you are doing it for the first time. It is important to pack at least two weeks before the move and to do it slowly and gradually. Of course, unless you have a last-minute relocation. In that case, you must pack in a day or two. Luckily, you’ll have enough time to gather all the packing materials and do it right. Hence, start by obtaining all packing supplies from your movers, or local hardware store, or order online. Choose the best method for you but make sure to have enough cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, and blister packs. Of course, you can always purchase a bit of packing paper, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, or plastic bins. If your budget allows it, go for it.

Once you have your materials, start packing. Do it in the order you are most comfortable with and remember what we have said before. Pay attention to the hidden places in your home and pack stored items as well. And focus on fragile content as well. Wrap everything nicely in bubble wrap and label those boxes adequately. This way you will reduce the chances of moving mishaps and surely have a stress-free relocation.

Get rid of unnecessary items

One more thing, while packing you should set aside all items you do not need anymore. Do you still have the old TV in your garage? Maybe this is the time to get rid of it. And we are sure you have a bunch of old clothing, Christmas decorations, electronics, broken dishes, etc. Get rid of those and have an easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable relocation. Decluttering and downsizing are famous for making each relocation easier. Therefore, gather everything and organize a yard sale. Or simply sell online, donate to charities, recycle, store in one of the Louisiana storage units, or throw away. Choose a method to go with and get it done.

woman sitting next to a pile of cardboard boxes
Get rid of the clutter before you move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria and make your relocation much easier.

Take care of yourself while moving

The last piece of advice we have is to take care of yourself while moving. Moving stress does not come only from the physical aspect of the relocation. It comes from the emotional one as well. So, you must take enough sleep, drink fluids, eat better, exercise, and unwind. Or do whatever makes you feel better and that will recharge your batteries. As you know, moving is highly stressful and if you want to reach the other side in one piece, you must take short breaks. Take an hour between tasks to read a book, take a nap, or take a walk. It will do you good and you will forget for a moment about the hectic moving environment.

Now you are ready to move from Baton Rouge to Alexandria without any stress involved. If you follow the steps we have listed, you should be able to organize like a pro. Hopefully, we gave you a few ideas on how to do it right. Spice it up a bit and create a personalized moving plan. A safe and stress-free relocation is in your hands. Good luck.


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