How to organize a stress-free relocation to New Orleans

Most of the time we need help while relocating. It is a complicated process and if you try to do it alone, you’ll get lost along the way. So, one must create a moving plan, set aside the right moving budget, find professional New Orleans movers, and pack for the journey. And today we will make sure you cover all those steps like a pro and relocate yourself and your family successfully. So, here are the tips on how to organize a stress-free relocation to New Orleans. Let’s take a look.

Stress-free relocation to New Orleans is possible

There is no guide in the world that can tell you exactly how to pack and organize yourself. Simply because each relocation is unique and situational. But we can still provide with all the mandatory knowledge about relocation and the moving industry in general. This way you can apply the advice to your moving situations and make it all work. Although, some techniques are the same for everyone. But you’ll realize that along the way.

woman planning her relocation to New Orleans on her laptop
Inspect your belongings and list everything down on your moving checklist.

The first step is to create your personalized moving plan. It begins with an inventory list and a moving checklist. Inspect your entire home in order to figure out how many items you must pack. Pay special attention to robust furniture because your movers must know everything about it. List down all hard-to-handle pieces so your movers can bring an adequate vehicle and all tools required. And remember to fill your checklist with all moving-related responsibilities, legalities, budget, and everything else you think is relevant for your moving project.

Find the best movers in the area and have a stress-free relocation to New Orleans

Now, the most important topic of our moving guide is to find a reliable moving company. No matter how well you organize yourself, if you hire the wrong movers, everything can fall apart. Therefore, start browsing the internet and compare movers across the field. You will find numerous moving crews out there but only a few are the right ones for you. To realize which ones, you must compare prices, reviews, and services, and read social media comments. Social media groups are amazing when it comes to confirming the legitimacy of your moving team. Simply ask previous users what they think about it and soon enough you’ll narrow your choices down.

Once you are ready, call your moving company and ask if they are up to the task. They must have all the right tools and equipment as well as licenses and permits. Of course, knowledgeable and experienced manpower is mandatory. Lastly, they should have a good reputation. This is something you can check on FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. Simply check their work history and you’ll know if they are legit or fraudulent.

Choose the right set of moving services

Ok, once you find movers, you must decide on the moving package. Along with the long-distance and local moves, you can purchase full packing service or rent New Orleans storage. It all depends on your needs and your budget. Some services are mandatory to keep you and your items safe. While others are a commodity. So, talk to your movers and together decide what is the best outcome. But you won’t know any of this until your movers provide moving estimates. Let us tell you all about it.

mover holding a green sofa
Movers offer a plethora of moving services. Figure out which ones are the best for you.

Utilize onsite estimates

This is something we had to include in our guide to moving to New Orleans without stress and remind people that they can ask for free onsite estimates. You know well that you can schedule your movers and obtain quotes online. But this is more reliable for sure. Ask your moving representative to pay you a visit and they will evaluate the situation on-site. This way movers from the New Orleans moving and storage company can establish a safe loading dock, inspect your cargo, and check out the environment. Then, they will provide you with the basic moving price and offer additional moving services. Some services are there to make it more convenient for you while others are designed to keep you safe. Guided by your budget, and preferences, you will decide if you want to invest more in a certain aspect of your relocation project or not. Remember, this service is free.

Pack with purpose

To pack properly was always a complicated task in each relocation. It takes time, energy, and money of course. Upon inspecting your home, you will know how many packing supplies New Orleans has to offer, you must purchase. This is something you should do well in advance to be ready to pack and complete this task before your movers arrive. Consider purchasing the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Packing paper.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Labels.
  • Bubble wrap.
woman and a man packing
Packing is important when you are trying to organize a stress-free relocation to New Orleans.

Order your packing materials online, purchase from movers, or obtain everything at the nearest hardware store. And while packing, decide if some items should stay behind and consider renting one of the Louisiana storage units. Pack for storage in the same way just make sure your boxes are air-tight. Renting a storage unit while moving is especially good if your new home is a bit smaller. Think about it.

Make it all a bit easier

One of the most valuable tips when organizing a stress-free relocation to New Orleans has to do with decluttering and downsizing. People do not sometimes understand, how valuable this process is. If you manage to gather all your unused items and get rid of them, your relocation will be much easier. And much cheaper as well. You won’t have to spend many hours on moving or enlist 5 movers instead of 3. Of course, if you have a piano with you then you’ll have to go with 4 movers or proper equipment to do it.

Nevertheless, you should definitely find time to downsize a bit. As we have said before, you will inspect your entire home to realize how many things you must move. While doing that, set aside all broken, old, unused, or not-needed items. Recycle, donate, sell online, or give them away. Do whatever you think is the best just make sure you get rid of it.

Hopefully, you will organize a stress-free relocation to New Orleans. Now you should know how to organize, appoint the right budget, find movers, and pack like a pro. Now all you must do is sit down and contemplate for an hour and all will settle down. Create a moving checklist and start clearing all moving stages gradually. We are sure you’ll relocate safely. Good luck!


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