How to pack and move your pantry for Baton Rogue relocation

Relocation is a process in which you will have quite a lot of obligations. From staging your home and finding a new one to packing everything, finding proper movers, and many more things. But, among all these obligations and chores, you will have to pack and move your pantry. Even though this sounds a little bit complicated, but once you read the tips, it won’t be. Also, don’t forget about the fact that you will hire some local movers. You will need their help, and it is not avoidable. However, they will help you out with the packing if you take those services. But still, there are things you should do on your own. It is better to research about a relocation prior to the moving day. Be prepared when the day comes already.

Pantry in a kitchen.
You will have a lot of obligations in order to pack and move your pantry, so be prepared.

When you want to pack and move your pantry you need to do it in a different way

Even though packing is more or less the same for everything, it is not always the case. Sometimes some certain things require a different type of packing. For instance, when you want to pack and move your pantry, you need to do it according to a plan. And you must be organized. It is the food you are dealing with. The most similar process is like for the kitchen. Dealing with food needs to be considered properly. You don’t want to end up throwing away food, do you?

However, if you don’t want to deal with sorting out all of these canned goods there is another solution for you. Since you will hire movers for this relocation, there is another option for you. You can ask your moving company about climate-controlled portable storage. In the end, it is definitely one of the most useful things. Maybe you won’t use it just for this purpose, but for other things as well. Having a storage unit always comes in handfuls. So think about this fact.

Don’t forget to organize everything according to a plan

Every packing process requires a good packing plan. It doesn’t matter if you are packing things to place them in storage units Baton Rouge has, or for other purposes. The rule stays the same. Especially when we are talking about food. Normally, people place canned goods and similar things in a pantry. But still, you need to make a plan, so you can proceed to the packing process.

Write down what you have in your pantry. The exact product and the amount of each. Next to that write the expiration date, because it is very important. If you have something that is outdated, you can throw it away immediately. Another thing that you should do, is to figure out what you want to keep, and whatnot. If there is some food you don’t want anymore, or you believe that you won’t use, you don’t need to pack it. There are better solutions for that.

For instance, you can donate that to some homeless and hungry people. Or to anyone that needs it. It will be easier for you to pack, and at the same time, you will do something very generous and good. Now, if you have things that are not food, or related to it, write them down on a different paper and put it aside. You will deal with that separately.

An empty pantry.
Empty your pantry completely, in addition, to cleaning it properly.

Now it is time to actually pack and move your pantry

When you sorted everything out, it is time for packing. But, one more thing before you start. You must find and secure yourself with proper packing supplies. Of course, you don’t need to buy new supplies. There is a huge possibility that you already have something that you can use in your home. But, pay attention to the boxes. Because you will need sturdy ones. Especially if you plan to place them in Louisiana self-storage for some time. Make sure that you have everything, so you can finally start.

Now, when you are packing, it is not something difficult to achieve. But it is important that you don’t overpack your boxes. Canned goods, oil bottles, and spices can be quite heavy. And if a box is filled with too many heavy items, it might break. Especially if it is not sturdy enough. So you want to pay attention to that. Another thing you should pay attention to is the layers. If you are going to make layers, you need to know what is a proper way of doing them. At the very bottom of the box you should place the heaviest items, and as you layer up, place only lighter. But once again, don’t add too many things. In the end, it is very important that you label all of your boxes with markers and stickers from each side, so you know what is in which box.

Now the things you put aside

Before you started, you made a list of the things that are not food or related to food. But they still are a part of your pantry. Those things should be packed separately in case of some leakage or damage. You don’t want your cleaning ingredients spilling out on your food, don’t you? Well, to prevent it, pack them in different boxes. People normally place all kinds of things in the pantry. So you should divide them into groups. For instance, one is for the cleaning supplies, another one is for cloths, the third one is for some utensils, and so on. This depends on the things you are actually holding in there.

The process of packing is more the less the same. Just organize it, and pack with caution. If you have some bottles that are not closing up very well, you should first pack them in plastic bags that are safely secured, and after that place them in the box. It is the same for the food.

Things stored in a pantry.
Organize your items so you don’t break anything when trying to access them.

Make your new pantry spacious and light

A lot of people struggle with the problem of clutter in their pantry. Because of this, when you pack and move your pantry, you have a chance to fix that. In addition, to prevent cluttering, you can make your pantry a bit more spacious and with proper lights. The best way is to purchase some metal or plastic storage shelves. And organize everything on those racks and label it. Also, it is preferable if you can get proper light because pantries can be very dark sometimes.

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