How to pack for a move in one week?

Relocation is something that lasts for a longer period. Normally, it takes up to one, or two months to relocate. And no matter what kind of relocation it is, the packing process is the longest part. It is a process that is without a doubt the most time consuming one. It can last for every day while the move is happening. And sometimes, you don’t have that much time. But, if you know what you are doing, you can manage to pack for a move in one week, or even less. Professional movers do it in a day, and with a little bit of preparation, you can do it in seven days. Of course, you will have your long distance movers New Orleans helping you out, so try not to panic, because you will manage to finish everything in time for your moving day.

Moving supplies in a cardboard box.
When you want to pack for a move in one week, get the proper moving supplies first.

In addition to pack for a move in a week, you will need a good plan and organization

You already know that every relocation is different. Each one depends on the preferences and requirements of the person who is moving set. But, behind every successful relocation, there is one thing in common. A good organization, together with a good plan. Without having this, you can’t move successfully. So better start planning while you are still on time. You have only one week to pack, and in the beginning, it might seem impossible. But it is not.

Since you won’t have that much time for everything, you need to divide it well. Depending on if you are moving together with your family, or alone, you should make a schedule and choirs. So the packing and everything else goes even faster. And one tip, that can help you out a lot, is that you can ask your movers for storage units Houma LA has. This way you can prevent clutter, and you can store your packed boxes somewhere safe while you deal with others. Another thing you can ask them is to help you out with the plan because they know better how to do it than you do. And anyway, in the end, both parts will have to plan according to each other.

After you made your plan, it is time to get the proper packing supplies for the move so you can start to pack

Sometimes, not everyone realizes this until it is too late. But having all the needed packing and moving supplies ready in front of you is the thing that helps you make it in time. If you, for instance, forget to get some of the supplies, you will have to stop packing, go out and find it so you can buy it. Which will only take away your time unnecessary. That is the reason why you should make a list of the supplies you will need for this. That list should include:

  • Boxes where you will pack things
  • Scissors
  • Duct-tape
  • Wrapping paper for fragile items
  • Bubble wrap in both smaller and bigger formats
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Old newspaper
  • Zip-ties
  • Small plastic bags for the freezer
  • Marker

Once you have everything from the list above, you will be ready to pack. Don’t think you have to buy all of these things. You can get some even for free. Or you might even have them. Take a walk to the storage units Denham Springs if you have it then and see what is stored in there. Also, many stores are throwing boxes and papers each day, so you can ask to take them instead. And, don’t forget you can ask your friends and relatives if they have something on the list that they don’t need.

People carrying labeled boxes for the move.
Remember to label the boxes, it’s important.

Now that you have all the needed supplies, it is time to pack for a move in a week

If you never packed before, and you don’t know how to do it, it is your day to learn it. It is not that much different in practice from the theory. And it is not complicated at all. But some tips are quite useful and helpful. Both for the time and protection of your belongings. When you have only one week to pack, face that you should leave some things behind. You don’t have to take everything with you. And the less you take, the faster the move will be. Or, if you want to take all of your belongings and place some in self storage Shreveport, don’t think much, just pack. But packing like this can be messy.

The first thing you should be paying attention to is how many items you put in one box. You shouldn’t overfill them. Instead, try to leave at least 20% of the box empty, to fill it in with newspapers, or styrofoam balls. When you are packing, put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box, and as you add more layers, add the lighter ones. Fragile items such as fine china are easily breakable. So you must bubble wrap them for extra protection. For the cables use zip ties to prevent them from tangling. And some small items, no matter what they are, place in those plastic bags for the freezer, so you don’t lose them. Remember to label all of the boxes, both for the movers and for the later unpacking process. It will be easier.

Know in which row you should pack and where to start from

One of the most asked questions people who are moving ask is where to start from when it comes to packing? Well, not everyone does it the same way, but some things are more common than others. For instance, the majority do it room by room, and they divide them by importance. You have seven days, and you can do one room, or two for a day. This way you know exactly what you have packed and what is left. Which is important when you don’t have that much time.

Notes and to do list.
With to-do list and notes, everything is easier.

You should make a final check-list just to be sure you packed everything

Once all of your boxes are closed and sealed, it is time to check up. Go to each room and check on every closet, drawer, shelf, and so on. It can easily happen that you left something on the top of your wardrobe, or under your bed. So, before it is too late, check for that. It is also advisable to make a to-do list before you start packing, and while you pack, you cross out what is done. Having everything written down makes packing less stressful. 

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