How to pack rugs and carpets for storage

If you are moving out from an apartment or house, you might need to pack and move your carpets and rugs too. During the move, keeping these items in storage can be a smart idea. However, these items are often difficult to pack because of their size and weight. Take a look at the following guide to learn how to pack rugs and carpets for storage.

Why should you keep rugs and carpets in storage?

Just like many other household items, rugs and carpets can require safe storage. During the move, these items are often unnecessary to move into a new home right away. While you are moving and unpacking other things from your home, carpets and rugs might not fit in your new home decoration style.

colorful rugs
Before packing rugs and carpets for storage, make sure to clean them thoroughly.

There are many reasons why you should keep rugs and carpets in a storage unit. On one hand, they are usually big in size and can take much space in your home. On the other hand, these items are sensitive to moisture and temperature changes which often happen during the move. If you decide to rent a storage unit for these items, you should choose storage wisely. The best option would be to look for climate controlled portable storage solutions, or any other convenient unit that suits your needs. No matter which option you choose, you should look for quality units with good air venting systems and climate control.

Preparing rugs and carpets for the move

If you decided to pack rugs and carpets for storage, you should prepare these items first. Without cleaning them and using the right packing supplies, you might not protect them the proper way. Here are some tips for preparing rugs and carpets before storing:

  • Clean your rugs and carpets in detail. If they are massive in size or made out of delicate materials, consider dry cleaning.
  • Before packing these items, find the right moth repellents. Small bugs are usually the worst enemies for different fabrics people keep in storage.
  • Once your rugs and carpets are clean, you should roll them and secure them with a wide packing tape. It will keep them in place and make it easier to move them around. If you live in a small apartment, you could place them vertically against the wall.
  • Find a suitable storage unit and organize transportation for your rugs and carpets.
small white rug
You can pack smaller rugs together and bind them with packing tape.

How to pack rugs and carpets for storage?

Once you clean and prepare these items, it’s time to pack rugs and carpets for storage. This process is not usually complicated, but you should make sure to handle it the right way. Improper packing of these items might cause damage during transportation or in a storage unit. Here’s how you can pack these items like a professional:

  • Roll smaller rugs into rolls and tape them together. If they are small enough, you could place them in a cardboard moving box.
  • Before you pack rugs and carpets for storage, wrap them in plastic wrap. This material is water-resistant and will keep your carpets dry and safe.
  • Transport your rugs and carpets to a safe and dry storage unit.
  • If you’re keeping them in storage long-term, check these items for potential moisture or dirt every couple of months.

Even after you safely pack rugs and carpets for storage, you will still have to find a quality unit. For keeping them safe, you will need to look for climate-controlled units. For example, if you are moving to Covington, you should ask your movers if they provide quality units in this location. Once you find the best storage units Covington LA has to offer, your movers will help you transport your carpets and rugs safely.

Where to find reliable storage solutions?

When it comes to reliable storage units, you can usually find them in most bigger cities in the US. If you plan to rent a unit short-term (during a move), it’s better to find a unit near your home. You could look for storage units West Monroe LA has to offer, if this is the city you are moving to. No matter the location, it’s important that you look for climate-controlled units. Carpets and rugs are sensitive to moisture, especially if they’re made out of sensitive materials. If you have any trouble finding storage, make sure to ask a moving company for advice.

Will you need moving assistance?

Once all of your rugs and carpets are ready for storage, you might need to hire professional movers. While looking for a reliable moving company, you will have two options to choose from. Movers can either just transport your inventory, or you could choose a professional packing service. For example, if you are moving last minute and have plenty of rugs to pack, it’s better to let them do the hard work. Although it might not seem like it, moving carpets and rugs can be difficult, so you should be aware of potential moving injuries. Professional movers have all the right equipment and supplies needed to handle your oversized inventory.

rolled red carpets
Moving last minute? Make sure to hire professional movers.

Protect your rugs and carpets in storage

If you need to pack rugs and carpets for storage, protecting them will take more than just some plastic wrap. While your inventory is inside the storage unit, a lot of factors will affect its safety. While storing items made of sensitive fabrics, you should keep attention to the quality of the storage unit. The storage unit you choose should be clean, climate-controlled, and free of any moisture. The best way to find a convenient storage unit is to ask your movers to recommend one. After all, movers can also help you pack rugs and carpets for storage, and safely transport them.

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