How to pack your collectibles for storage

Your collectibles collection is probably one of the things you are most proud of. Surely a lot of years and hard work went into getting everything. And chance is, it is still growing. Whether they are worth a lot of money or almost nothing, collectibles have such personal value as well. It can become so much more than a mere hobby. But the time sometimes comes when you need to store them somewhere. You should see some tips on how to pack your collectibles for storage so you don’t damage them. You are definitely already careful with your collection, but you can never be too careful about something you care about. Getting a professional storage company Louisiana to help you take care of your collectibles is a good idea. No matter the reason you have for putting your collection in storage, they are ready to help you out.

Prepare to pack your collectibles for storage

You might have different reasons to put your collectibles in storage like maybe you are moving places. Maybe you are lacking space on where to keep them. Or you might want to store them until you find a good place to display your collection. All of these shouldn’t make a difference in preparing and picking a storage unit. What is the most important part is to protect your collectibles the right way. Different collectible things need different handling. And if you have been doing this for some time you might already know the best way to preserve your items. If not, get familiar with the best way to keep your collection in perfect condition. We will show you some general tips on packing your collectibles for storage. And there are options for on site storage containers if you don’t have time to drive to a storage unit.

Before you just put your collectibles in storage, it is advised that you prepare them. Depending on the material this may be different for everyone. If you have items that are kept in their original boxes, simply dust the box. If they are out of the box, like figurines maybe, gently dust them everywhere. You can then place them in regular packing boxes so they are ready for storing. Try to avoid placing too many items in the box, and instead use boxes that are the most similar size to the item you are packing. Fill any holes that are left with some material, maybe towels or blankets for bigger items. You can also wrap your antique furniture in blankets in order to protect it from dust.

boxes to pack your collectibles for storage
Collectibles should be kept in a safe place so they won’t damage

How you pack your collectibles for storage depends on why you might need storage

Maybe you are transporting your collection or you need to get it out of the way while you remodel. And if this is the case, maybe the idea of storing them somewhere temporary came to your mind. Having a big garage, lots of friends and family that can keep your things for you short term might seem nice. But, this won’t necessarily be the best solution for valuable collectibles. Honestly, we can say that the sun is the worst enemy of items. Direct exposure to the sun will slowly destroy any material. Paper, if you are collecting magazines, comic books, and similar will fade much faster from the sun. Also, paint the plastic items, and everyone knows that the sun fades wood as well. So keeping your collectibles on regular shelves in a nice sunbathed room is the wrong thing to do.

And the garages can seem like a dark, cool place ideal for these things. But the garage also holds other items and some things like paints, gas cans and similar can also badly affect the collection. This is why it is best to pack your collectibles for self storage Lake Charles LA. So, how do you actually pick the best option for your collection?

Avoid setting your collection in direct sun

Picking the right storage for your collectibles

Choosing the right storage in which you will put your collectibles is a very important step. If you don’t know anything about different storage units, check them out. Something to know in advance is that you will need the most secure unit because you are storing something of great value. You should also consider the conditions in the unit. Climate controlled storage Lafayette LA storage offers, as the name says, an option to keep the temperature that you need. Which is super important for keeping valuable items protected. Different items will need a different temperature set for them. So you should do your research on the best climate conditions for storing the type of collectibles you have.

A controlled climate can do wonders for different types of material. Wooden antique furniture, paintings, or plastic collectible items. It will also ensure that no mold will show up after some time. So, it is a highly recommended option when picking a safe spot for your collectibles. Pick storage big enough so that everything fits without having to be stacked on each other. You can also rent storage long-term or short-term, depending on your needs. And, as mentioned, if you want something short-termed and close to home, there are options. On-site storage units that a company will rent you are a great choice.

person standing in front of storage units
Pick storage that will meet your needs

Displaying your collectibles

And if you don’t need to pack your collectibles for storage anymore, you can display them in a suitable room. As we said, make sure that they do not stand in direct sun. A way to protect them from dust, temperature, and other things that may damage them exists. And can look really pretty. Get some of the display cases for your collection that can show off everything you worked on. There are different types of cases, so you can pick which suits you the best. They are however used for smaller items, not big things like furniture, which can stand on its own.

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