How to pack your medicine cabinet

Packing your home may be quite a challenge. When you pack your belongings room by room, you may need more time to handle your kitchen or other rooms in your home. Also, when packing on your own, you may need more time to pack your bathroom completely. One of the challenging tasks will be packing your medicine cabinet. When the time for this task comes, it is easier to use some professional packing tips to make your packing process quick and efficient. Before you hire New Orleans moving and storage professionals to pick up or store your moving boxes, make sure to pack everything from your medicine cabinet properly. Here are some tips that you may use to pack your medicine cabinet and all of your belongings with ease.

Prepare to pack your medicine cabinet

Packing up all of your items and boxing them up may be the easiest thing to do. However, that is not the best way to pack your home. Packing your medicine cabinet and your bathroom belongings requires more attention. So, you should not skip preparation and organization ahead of this task. Whether you plan to hire moving assistance or not, take extra time to prepare in advance before packing up your home. In case you are planning on using storage units West Monroe LA has to provide, you should prepare all your items in advance. If you are using professional movers, keep a look at your moving timeline before you start looking for the appropriate packing supplies. This will help you figure out how much time your will need to complete everything related to this task.

A person thinking about the ways to pack your medicine cabinet while organizing meds
The best way to pack your medicine cabinet is by taking time for preparation and organization

Packing up your bathroom inventory is one of the most demanding tasks for most people. This is because you will need most of your bathroom items until the last day at your home. Whether it is about your cleaning supplies or medicines stored in your bathroom, you will need them handy although you have to relocate. For this reason, certain bathroom items and supplies will be packed last. Also, your bathroom contains many delicate items that could easily end up damaged during the moving rush. According to this, before your hire our residential movers New Orleans, you should keep in mind many things to pay attention to when comes to packing your medicine cabinet. Also, you should not skip sorting out your medicines before you start packing. So, let’s see what steps you should take.

Declutter before your start packing your medicine cabinet

Many people start to panic right after they find out they have to move home. Since there will be so many time-consuming tasks, they are afraid of how to cope with all of them on time. One of the things that can come to your mind is simply getting all your items in boxes and moving them out. But even if you are hiring local movers in New Orleans, this is not a good idea. This strategy is wrong in many ways. Firstly, it means you will move many items that you don’t even plan to use. It will add weight to your load which will increase your moving costs. Also, moving a lot of clutter with you will make unpacking last longer than it should. Instead, you should declutter all rooms in your home including the bathroom and your medicine cabinet.

Two women sitting on the floor planning to pack your medicine cabinet
Take time to organize everything before you start packing your medicines

Although this will take some time, it will help you settle down easier upon arrival at your new home. Also, it will help you complete packing your medicine cabinet more quickly. Let’s see what steps you should take to purge your medicine cabinet.

Organize your medicines before packing

Moving to another home is a great opportunity to organize your possession and decide what you should toss. So, let’s go to your bathroom and check should you pack all items from your medicine cabinet. Even if you use some of your medicines daily, your medicine cabinet certainly contains some medicines you have bought a long time ago. Do you still need them? Did you check the expiration date on your medicines? Are there any supplements you no longer need? To declutter your medicine cabinet, you will need a few moving boxes where you can put all medicines you want to keep. On the other hand, you should have a box or a bag where you can put all medicines you plan to get rid of. This will help you separate your medicines properly and get them ready for packing.

A lot of medications in pile
Now that your medicines are sorted out, it is time to decide whether should you pack all of them in boxes

In case you are using some therapy, you will need to separate the medications you use daily. Also, you should put aside bandages because it is important to have them handy during the move. Many people end up with scratches and cuts during the moving process and having bandages in your bag or purse will be helpful. So, take one bag and place there all medications you may need on your way to your new home. This will help you be ready when your movers arrive at your home. Also, it is an important step to take if you plan to place your box with medication in climate controlled portable storage. So, before you seal your box that contains items from your medicine cabinet, check if you need to take something more.

Make a list!

Packing your bathroom and medicine cabinet is not always the easiest thing. But with the right packing materials, it can be smooth and organized. Also, you should have a list that will help you manage packing your medicine cabinet. Proper packing supplies and a short checklist will make this task easy to perform. After you contact us and appoint your moving date, use your list and packing supplies for completing this task.

A person writing
Create a list that will help you pack your medicine cabinet more quickly

This will remind you of medicines you should pack at the end of the packing process. As we mentioned whether you are moving long distances or using on site storage containers, you may need to take some of the items from your bathroom with you. In most cases, you may be driving your vehicle to your new home. If you are moving to a new home and driving your car to a new destination, consider taking your medicine with you. On the other hand, if you are relocating long distances, proper packing materials and your reminder list will enable you to properly pack and protect items from your medicine cabinet for transport. Also, if you are not sure did you pack some of your medicines with the rest of them or if they are in your bag, the list will help you know where they are.

Choose proper packing supplies to pack your medicine cabinet

One of the most important things when preparing for packing is getting the right packing supplies. This will help you keep your items safe during transport. Also, using proper packing materials will make this undertaking fast and safe. Although most of your medicines are light and easy to pack, make sure to have essential packing materials. So, before the long distance movers New Orleans come to help you move, get all the needed packing supplies. Here are some of the packing supplies you should gather on time:

  • quality cardboard moving boxes
  • packing paper
  • zip-top bags because the liquids in small bottles
  • packing tape and scissors
  • markers and labels

If any of mentioned items missing, go to your nearby store and get the items you will need for packing. Once you gather all of the packing materials, free some space in your living room and start packing your sorted medicines.

It is time to pack your medicines

The first thing you should keep in mind when you pack your medicine cabinet, and your toiletries is that you may need to use specific packing supplies to pack everything properly. Keep in mind that most of your cleaning supplies may spill during your transport. To avoid damage during relocation, consider the following tips for packing your bathroom and medicine cabinet:

  • Use specific containers when packing liquids. Professionals advise that you consider using leak-proof containers for packing sensitive liquids. It is best to use these specific packing containers to pack your medicine cabinet when moving. In case you cannot find these specific packing supplies consider asking professionals for advice.
  • Avoid packing essentials. In case you are moving within a day or two, or traveling to your new home, make sure to pack essentials with you. Skip packing items you will need during your move. On the other hand, make sure to assess which medicine to take with you. It is important to take essentials and medicine with you while you travel.
  • Use professional packing service. Packing properly may be difficult if you are relocating for the first time or long distance. There are numerous packing rules involved. That is why professionals are here to make sure you pack properly for moving to another part of the city, state, or country. If you don’t know which items you shouldn’t pack, or don’t know how to pack properly consider hiring a professional moving or packing service to relocate with ease.
Different medicines on the table
Consider using leak-proof containers to pack sensitive liquids

Pack your medicines properly for moving long distance

It is essential you prepare all the packing supplies before you start packing. You may need professional packing supplies when packing your home. Make sure to get zip-lock bags along with other packing supplies. You may also need markers for labeling your boxes.

When packing your bathroom items and overall, your home belongings, make sure to get rid of items you will no longer use or need. In most cases we all have small trinkets in most cupboards in our homes we don’t need. This may also be the case when packing your medicine cabinet. Make sure to get rid of items you don’t need before packing. On the other hand, if you have products or cleaning supplies you need to use, consider not packing these items. Consider using them during your move and packing opened boxes with your essentials.

In case you are considering hiring a professional moving service when moving home, make sure to get a free estimate. The estimate will help you calculate your budget and prepare for the move. If you are considering a professional moving company, consider companies that specialize in packing and long-distance relocations.

pills in a glass
Make sure to organize your medicine cabinet before packing it

Consider items you shouldn’t pack

Most relocation specialists will let you know that there are items you shouldn’t pack when moving. There is a whole list of forbidden items movers won’t move. The list of items you shouldn’t pack may include some of the items in your bathroom. That is why you should double-check the list of items you shouldn’t pack when you pack your medicine cabinet. Consider consulting a professional moving company and ask them about the rules that might be related to your medicines. If relocating a long distance and your belongings are ready for transport, movers may need to repack everything for you. This may add extra challenges and additional expenses to your relocation. That is why you should prepare and be careful when packing your home.

With our tips packing your medicine cabinet is simple

Almost every household contains medicines and most commonly they are stored in your bathroom cabinet. When you need to move your home, you could easily overlook this fact and completely forget that you have to pack your medicine cabinet. You should take care of packing your medicines since this is something you should not let your movers do. Just like packing and moving your valuables, this is one of those DIY moving tasks. Luckily, we did mention vital things to keep in mind when packing your medicines. Now it is your job to follow our instructions and take all small steps to get your medicines ready for transport. Hope you will sort out and move your medicines seamlessly!


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