How to plan your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans

Relocation can be very hard sometimes. The last thing you want is to get lost on the way to your new address, which is why you should plan your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans. In order to start planning, just grab a map and trace the most obvious route. That way, you will have a better overview of the area and a place to start. In case you do not have enough place in your new home, you should check the storage containers New Orleans has to offer. That way you can store your items and have quick access whenever you need those things. Just remember to include potential visits to storage in your route when planning it.

Make a plan of your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans

A good plan is a key to success! Not just in this particular case scenario, but also for other things you do in your life. Make a list of all tasks as soon as you find your new home. There should also be some storage units Marrero after you arrive at your new place. This is a good idea for all your belongings that you could not fit into your new place. You will need to plan your route accordingly to the regulations between Lack Charles and New Orleans. Considering your belongings, you will probably need a larger moving truck, which may not be allowed on certain streets.

Woman writing in her notebook.
A detailed plan will help you stay organized and focused.

Follow these steps when planning your route

The obvious route is a good place to start. But it’s best to consider other options as well. So follow these tips:

  • Use Google Maps to plan your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans – Google Maps can help you in your route planning as it will inform you which roads are riskier between point A and point B.
  • Plan when and where to rest – You will have more routes to choose from, and then according to those routes you can plan where to make stops for rest. This all depends on if you are moving between states because you might need 2 to 3 days to your destination. Check for cities in which you can rest and prepare for the next day.
  • Identify potential problems – Try to identify any potential problems that might come across your route. For instance, there could be a special event in the city you are planning to rest, and most of the roads will be closed on that day. There is also a possibility that you will go through high mountain passes where you need to be very careful or other environmental hazards that might come your way.

The important thing is to arrive safely at your destination, no matter if you are going to drive for 2 or more days. Whether you will have to do your relocation on your own or hire local movers Louisiana, be patient and plan accordingly. You want to relocate your items safely to your new location.

Declutter your home

This is the task that will probably take you the most time. Of course, it all depends on the size of your items, as well as quantity. You separate your stuff into two groups, keep or toss. If you have many items in the toss group, you should look for storage units Lake Charles movers can potentially rent to you. Use storage solutions just until you figure out what you should do with certain items. Remember to mark the location of your storage on the map while planning your route.

Man packing a box.
Gathering the right packing supplies is crucial for the safety of your belongings.

An inventory list will definitely help you to keep track of your items. On the other side, another benefit of that list is that you can accordingly get the right amount of packing supplies. Of course, if your budget allows, you can hire professionals so you can have more time to check out other things that are in common regarding the move.

There are some options regarding your toss group. You can either organize a yard or garage sale, which will potentially make you some money that you can use in your relocation. Another option is to contact local charity organizations so they can organize a pickup of those items. They will surely find someone who is in the need of some of your belongings. The last option is to just give unwanted items away to your neighbors, family, or friends.  

Check out your new neighborhood as you plan your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans

We understand that you will be quite busy with your relocation preparation but that should not stop you to check out your new city and neighborhood at least once before you relocate. This is especially important if you’ve never been to New Orleans before and don’t know the layout of it. Also, you want to check for reliable movers as soon as you know the location of your new home. When it comes to New Orleans, it is located on the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico. It is a lively city with lots of music festivals and amazing food. You will have plenty of restaurants where you can choose different cuisines, that are to your liking.

People walking in the street.
New Orleans is a lively city with good music and amazing food.

People in this city are functioning at a slower pace, which has its advantages. Your stress level will be much lower, which is really beneficial for your health. People are really friendly in this city, especially if you are new. The cost of living is also under the average, which means that you will have no problems finding the right place for you and your family. It is also one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US. Your dog will be welcomed in almost every bar. Most of the local stores will reward your dog with a treat if they behave well. There are plenty of parks where you can spend time with your family and pets, which is really great.

Every relocation is difficult in its own way. The key to success is to plan your route for relocation from Lake Charles to New Orleans on time. You have to consider various aspects and follow your plan to the end. Remember that maps only get you so far – it is best to see the neighborhood for yourself. Afterward, you can start to enjoy this lively new city!

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